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    Small boat fishing

    you tried using blades or soft vibes there pretty easy to learn to use, u can cast them a decent distance, u can feel them working so u know if u have collect some weeds they can snag a little but u reduce the amount of loses with practice and common sense, you can also try around drummoyne boat ramp, hen and chicken bay, port hacking is pretty good there isnt much chop. i also have a small boat. other bonus with around drummoyne is the jetski's arnt allowed around there
  2. i have wired a 12V Waterproof Lighter Socket Outlet and mounted that onto the boat and use that for things that are portable when you make your livewell just put a Male Car Cigarette Lighter Socket on the end of it and you can plug it in when needed or use it in the back of your car if ur fishing from your 4wd or something or if u simply just want to be able to turn it on and off just put a switch across the active/red wire.
  3. Hi im currently looking for someone to fish with in my tinny or land based i have abit of fishing experience but very little on boat its only a small boat 3.5 meters . equipped with a decent sounder new motor also planning to get a bow mount motor towards xmas. im available most saturdays and Thursday nights as im a single perant juggling time on the water and taking care of two kids can be a bit of a mission. im from the south sydney area it would be good to find someone so I dont have to struggle doing things alone maybe teach me a thing or two. pm me if interested
  4. sorry i forgot to update, well as it turned out the motor was low raised about inch and half with a piece of alloy being welded on the back then bolted on, this allowed just enough movement in the handle to be able to tilt it to the highest setting and made the boat alot better in the water compared to the last motor, it dont feel like its going to go vertical when your planning lol. fish finder could be adjusted more but i havnt got to that just yet as the guy i got to do the work was not to concerned as he said it should be fine will the boat is drifting and trolling and thats mainly when i use the sounder at the moment im still learning how to use it correctly, the outboard support has been working tho ive got it so it cant slide out if the motor moves about and it seems to be doing the job. work was done last week and i had it on the water saturday at fivedock. my next post will be looking for recommendations of where to take a vessel of that size around botany bay as that will be my closest ramp. its only 3.5m and im not to sure how far i could push it and i guess that will also depend on experience, but this is amusing conditions are ideal.
  5. I remeasured and it is 50mm but that is what the honda wants i reckon i could rise it but then the motor would not be sitting flush on the stern and its only the 2 screw mounts holding it to that height. im now curious to see if i get the dealership to mount the motor with the instl kit which is 2 extra bots that can be secure abit more, if they raise it or leave it how it is.
  6. I didnt think of that there maybe a inch i could go ill check it out in the morning ans check what the manual says again
  7. Thanks boys, i think its on the correct way just not sure why they wouldn't think to design around a situation like that. will also get onto emailing honda
  8. Hi raiders A update for anyone who was following, i have called a few dealers one told me i would lose warranty the others have told me i shouldn't loose it. i have taken off a hatch in the mean time it has allowed me to at lest put a outboard support still needs abit to tilt higher but where id would like to bolt the motor in it would of conflicted with the hatch so it may remain off. if i was to get a guy to come out and take it off likely be around 150 if i take it there one said he would likly be able to take the handle off for free i need to go to a dealership at some point anyhow to get the oil and buy the installation kit which i find is really over priced like $134 for 4 bolts 4 nuts 8 washers. anyhow this leads to my next few questions as i have not much experience setting up boats ext this happens to be my first one. i got a few pics ill attached if you could tell me if the transducer appears to be at the correct height and if the outboard support looks like it should the motor sort of looks trimmed correctly the boat is on abit of a tilt in the photos . i put new carpet on the boat and installed the fish finder the other week. it works but havnt really tested it while the boat is planing as this seems to be where issues start happening if its setup wrong like i said i have very little idea in regards to this stuff. im pretty good on tools as i do a trade for work but this is a different to electrical work. the last image is of how it sits when the outboard support is connected basically all the weight is on the trailer so im assuming its doing its job
  9. yeah its what im thinking i will end up having to do its only 1 bolt but that bolt is holding the weight of everything so id need to take the motor off the boat or get someone to hold it up while i remove it but laying it down shouldnt be a problem motor still hasnt had oil in it. wonder if remove that thing if it effects warranty. dealer likely charge me abit to take it off ?
  10. Hi Zoran Its hitting the carpet at the moment if i remove the wood it will also end up hitting the stern brace its getting impinged by the handle when i try to tilt the motor higher that the max i can tilt it up its meant to sit flush like this other pic i attached thanks for the tip i plan on tieing it to the stern brace
  11. Hi There First time poster, anyhow this may be a stupid question but i seem to be having problems mounting my outboard the carrying handle will not fold all the way down and with this not folded down i can not tilt the motor to its highest tilt position. now im hoping someone with the same motor has encountered this or if i should remove the handle cut the slots it the handle so it folds down. i dunno i dont really wanna be angle grinding the handle of a new motor. pics attached any input would be appreciated