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  1. Hit the Cooks solo as all my so called mates gave me the ass. The plan was jewies but no one home but got a nice consellation prize with a decent Kingie on the gobbler lures as well as a nice Trevor and bream with a few flatties thrown in🤩
  2. The chromed toothy critters are still around in Jerusalem bay on live yakkas and whilst not thick they are good size
  3. Donna actually smashed it all afternoon and caught her bag limit
  4. Great catching up with Jimmy and what he knows about fish and fishing is a masters degree in its self
  5. Cast out about 10 mts and the current will go the rest
  6. We just add a pea sized sinker tie on a 5 or 6/0 and cut the strip around 6 inches and one inch wide and pin twice so it flaps around
  7. We got them on 30 lb spin sticks with 40 lb leaders
  8. Headed out early with Swano in the hope the water had cleared enough for some kingy action. On the squid straight away before light and with a dozen or so in the tank we headed for the point for a slow troll but was very slow so we spot locked the poly and sent some fresh strips of squid and that did the trick with us both getting + 80ss and I got smoked by a real monster 😡 and pulled the hook on another good fish. Great day out Deano and congrats on your PB Kingfish
  9. Awesome Pete and you are such fun to fish with
  10. Ok after seeing a few guys getting busted off decided to go with the heavy artillery and the 50 saltiga short rod and big daiwa reel loaded with 24kg braid and a 1 and half mt trace of 60lb fluro with snelled hooks of 7/0s. This was needed to get down to around 8 or nine meters so a swivel between the trace and leader with a small length of 25lb mono perhaps 30cms and a 1/4 lb snapper lead and troll really slow or as slow as the 50 yammy would go around 700 rpms. Yamashita squid jig in GU 2.2 with egi spray catches the squid and must be kept alive. top hook in point of hood and bott
  11. 60lb and snelled 5/0 s and yes 24 kg braid
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