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  1. Yes I have fished up the creek. Even bought a 10' tinnie to do so. Not much luck yet but I have only fished midday and not dawn or dusk. Will try an early trip once it warms up again.
  2. I give the Bream to our Indonesian friend who makes my wife and I traditional dishes in exchange. Best food I have ever eaten!
  3. While on leave I have been getting out with a new soft vibe and picking up a few fish. With an eye on the weather I have been fishing close to Patonga boat ramp and surprisingly finding a few fish on the new vibe. First fish was a flathead then a Bream from the rocks and then another flathead. Great way to fish and very active style of fishing plus fresh fish for dinner.....who needs to travell ! tight lines Cap N Mac
  4. Thanks Rob in 40odd years never caught one. Felt like it was made out of rock!
  5. His the water early Sunday morning. Tried for live bait off Hole in the wall Whale Beach. No luck just hordes of sweep and a strange fish I have never seen before. After sun up I tried to drift Bolton's but too quick to get to bottom on my great so I headed in. Trolled Barrenjoey and a school of fish appeared on the surface close to the bommie. Thought I saw some yellow tails but could only catch salmon. Back by 10am to start the household chores. Anyone else catch fish with the stiff breeze Sunday morning?
  6. Late report from last Friday. Caught 4 large yellow tail or Cowanyoug and decided to slow troll the bombie at Barrenjoey. Found some tight bait and slowly trolled past. First pass 50cm ish King then second pass a keeper just o high tide 11am then lost the last 2 x livies with definate strikes but no result. Tried the same strategy yesterday with 4 oversize Cowanyoung for nothng and in a 4.5m boat decided it was too risky to get close to the bombie so headed into Pittwater to target Flathead but no joy. At this stage i will target Kings on an early to mid morning High tide as bait is easier and safer boating. Tight lines Cap N Mac
  7. Evening Raiders, I hit the hawkesbury today keen for a fish or two. Despite the wind against the tide today i found a little cove just up river from Wobby Shore where i could throw a few plastics targeting Bream. After getting my plastic down below the tiny chopper tailor i snagged a couple of Flathead. One just legal and one at ~ 60cm all within 20 casts or so. Also caught a small Jewfish. This time i kept it in the water when taking the hook out to ensure a safe return.
  8. Hi everyone I am having some trouble working out what prop to buy to replace a damaged plastic prop. Everone keeps asking me to find the pitch but i only have a serial number on whats left of the prop. No dealer will help they just ask for the pitch and diameter. I have attached a photo of the prop will the only detail available and worndered if anyone elae had been down the same path. Please help!!!!! Regards Matthew
  9. Hi all Just a quick report on a trip even if the kingfish was undersize last Wednesday. Left Patonga boat ramp about 7am with a smooth ride over a moderate swell straignt past West head due to the swell and safe boating fishing solo. I decided to head for Palm Beach Ferry whalf to get a squid for bait. After a couple of casts I found a small squid and decided to slow troll mid water around the moored boats. Half way through the mooring my rod bends over so I drag it into open water and start playing the fish. Short fight on heavy line produced a 60cm King with amazing purple hues down it's side. After a quick photo and a swim release and cam back to the Wharf and scored a small cuttlefish who also got a mid water tour of the mooring. No luck in Palm beach so whalf I headed to Careel bay and tried to find the wreck off the Tomahawk but no much. Decided a quick trip to Scottland Island for one more slow troll before the bad weather hit without a touch. No bait and no signs of any life so I started home but the storm caught up and passed me. An interesting trip down the Western side of Pittwater and with cold rain bUcketing down and a rather hairy crossing of the hawkesbury saw me safe and back on dry land. Looks like the wind will stop me from getting out thus weekend but you never know. Cheers Matt
  10. Thank you i will concentrate on the squid and the Kings should happen. When slow trolling do you find they strike on one direction?
  11. hi all i am heading to Port Stephens for a weeks fishing. Any tips for Kings early around the heads, inshore reefs or breakwall? All help much appreciated.
  12. Regan Great shots under water looks amazing. Where did you get the Kings?
  13. Yes a few white caps soon turned out to be waves i could surf! Thought i had a nice flatty as the shark pulled a few times. Oh well next
  14. Hi all Not a successful trip but i thought i would share some dangerous moments with other raiders when trying to hit the water for a late afternoon fish during summer. The goal was to troll Lion Island and the joey late aftetnoon but the weather gods were not happy. I launched solo from Patonga ramp and rounded the point into the Hawkesbury river and very soon i was crossing large pressure waves as the tide ran out and the Nor Easter blew. A few bigger waves broke up the little 4.5m runabouts windscreen so i knew it was time to turn around. Not an easy task when the waves were peaking and crashing but i got behind a big one and followed it back to safety. I decided to kill a couple of hours drifting Patonga bay for a small shark with wiskers (no idea what type of shark) and a large Occy that i had to let go after he eye balled me. I normally fish day break and will head up river next time i fish another Summer aftetnoon coinciding with a low tide!!!!!!!! Happy fishing Matt
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