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  1. MacLon

    Port Stephens trip

    Thank you i will concentrate on the squid and the Kings should happen. When slow trolling do you find they strike on one direction?
  2. MacLon

    Port Stephens trip

    hi all i am heading to Port Stephens for a weeks fishing. Any tips for Kings early around the heads, inshore reefs or breakwall? All help much appreciated.
  3. MacLon

    Central coast

    Regan Great shots under water looks amazing. Where did you get the Kings?
  4. MacLon

    Patonga Bay

    Yes a few white caps soon turned out to be waves i could surf! Thought i had a nice flatty as the shark pulled a few times. Oh well next
  5. MacLon

    Patonga Bay

    Hi all Not a successful trip but i thought i would share some dangerous moments with other raiders when trying to hit the water for a late afternoon fish during summer. The goal was to troll Lion Island and the joey late aftetnoon but the weather gods were not happy. I launched solo from Patonga ramp and rounded the point into the Hawkesbury river and very soon i was crossing large pressure waves as the tide ran out and the Nor Easter blew. A few bigger waves broke up the little 4.5m runabouts windscreen so i knew it was time to turn around. Not an easy task when the waves were peaking and crashing but i got behind a big one and followed it back to safety. I decided to kill a couple of hours drifting Patonga bay for a small shark with wiskers (no idea what type of shark) and a large Occy that i had to let go after he eye balled me. I normally fish day break and will head up river next time i fish another Summer aftetnoon coinciding with a low tide!!!!!!!! Happy fishing Matt