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  1. Hi fellow fisho’s, I plan on heading out to Pittwater a lot in the coming weeks. I have a boat and was wondering if any one has any advice they could share with me. I am wanting to catch flathead, bream, snapper, kingfish, squid and some bait. Any advice would be great. Tight lines and happy Fishing, Thomas - Jew_Master06
  2. Hi Guys, I am going fishing soon and was wondering if anyone has any last minute tips. I was hoping to catch something good. I an Fishing Berowra Creek, Bar Point, Laughtondale, Berowra, Mooney Mooney, Brooklyn Bridges & Mullet Creek. Any tips would be great Happy Fishing, Jew_Master06
  3. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone is willing to share some of their Kingfish tips and spots. I can fish anywhere in the Hawkesbury river including Pittwater. Any advice would be appreciated. Happy Fishing, Jew_Master06
  4. Hi guys, This is a recipe from Miller Wilson, a Australian Youtuber. I use this recipe when I cook Flathead and Bream: You need corn flake crumbs, eggs, milk, flour and olive oil You dip the fish into the flour and then you put it in the egg and milk. Then you put the fish into the cornflake crumbs and shallow fry them in a frying pan until golden brown. Here is a link for Miller Wilson’s Channel - https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCsQ7HxUm6dOG4T3SKUnoHgw Here is the video for the recipe:
  5. Hi FishRaider Members, Does any one fish the Hawkesbury River? If so I have been catching a couple of fish. Some flatties just under 40cm and some 35cm Bream. I was just wondering if anyone could share some of their tips on where they fish and what bait/lures they use. I would really like to catch a Jewfish or a Kingfish. I have a boat which can travel anywhere in the Hawkesbury. Any fishing tips would be most appreciated. Happy Fishing, Jew_Master06?
  6. I don’t mind catching other bait fish as well
  7. Hi Guys, I have been having trouble finding bait in the Hawkesbury lately. I usually fish from Berowra all the way down to Pittwater. I am usually chasing mullet and squid but can’t find any. Any tips would be most appreciated. Happy Fshing, Jew_Master06
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