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  1. Haha, appreciate the advice! I've only ever fished with soft plastics and want to try some surface and diving lures. What weights and features should I look for? Also, does anyone have any advice for weight on soft plastic jigheads? I'm using 1/6 and 1/8 oz at the moment.
  2. Hey, My father and I recently picked up a couple of decent fishing kayaks off gumtree to use in the Georges River system and had a blast yesterday testing them along the Woronora River. We saw quite a few bust-ups (not sure which fish though) and flicked soft plastics not to seriously for maybe 30 minutes. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for fishing the Woronora or larger Georges River (good spots for a day trip, gear or anything else) or just for kayak fishing in general. I want to look into surface lures or poppers but don't really know where to start (will probably ask at
  3. Hey, I'm new to fishing and live in the Salt Pan Creek area (just off Henry Lawson Drive) and I was wondering if there're any good fishing spots on Salt Pan Creek. I know the water is pretty festy, but I often see people fishing off the boardwalk recreationally. Would I be best off using bait or lures (I only have a few small soft plastics) and what times would be best to hit up? Thanks!
  4. Just a quick update, We went out tonight around low tide and managed to pull 3 bream--2 keeping size and 1 big enough for dinner (~40cm long). Also managed to hook and drag a very decent sized eel to shore which subsequently snapped the line (only using around 2 kilogram test line). Though all these were on mullet bait, the soft plastics that we were throwing turned no results (possible lack of technique?) Thanks so much for the advice, attached is a photo of our catch of the day
  5. Thanks mate! We'll be trying some of those spots tomorrow, and I'll get back to you on how we go!
  6. Hi everyone, My family and I are completely new to fishing but managed to pick up a couple rods and a bit of gear at a garage sale and Big W before heading off on a holiday in Arakoon (near South West Rocks). We've been out at the Rocks for three days now and have been having great fun trying our inexperienced hands at fishing. We headed out to the Macleay River at the Jerseyville bridge the first day with beach worm bait, fished the mouth of the river on Monday only to catch an undersized bream on prawn bait, and finally fished a tributary of the Macleay this morning, all no to no
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