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  1. Ok thankyou. I think Ill stick with the 15 kg line then too. ive pmd you. Thanks mate!
  2. Thanks mate! I’ll trawl through those and see if they can answer any of my other questions. Thankyou
  3. Yeah that’s a great point Thankyou! I think I’ll stick with the 15kg. Appreciate it!
  4. Lightning

    First King

    Where abouts are you located mate? NSW north coast south coast etc
  5. Hi all, First of all I would just like to say thankyou to everyone that contributes to this site and makes it such a great source of information and advice. I have fished a lot of my life but have recently become more involved in lbg fishing and am after advice. I currently run a saragosa 10000 and saltist hyper 9’6” off the rocks as well as a smaller 9 foot setup. I am based in Lake Macquarie and fish at Tomaree when able and have also explored some of Hat Head in search of lbg ledges. My question is: Is livebaiting worth the effort to maximise results? I am looking at getting a tyrnos 30 with 24kg mono and a Shimano Dynamix lbg rod (15-24kg) rod for this but am unsure whether I would be better off solely using lures and saving myself the effort. I have never live baited before and have only fished off the rocks around tomaree and hat head for snapper and occasional rat king or big eye trevally. I am really keen to catch big kingfish and tuna this season around the mid north coast of NSW. Again I appreciate any input or piece of advice no matter how significant. Thanks, Lightning