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  1. noelm. Sorry I am asking quite a few questions. When you use a 7' rod at the beach, what weight rating are you looking for? My main rod is 2-5kg, is this going to be sufficient or do I need something a little more behind it? Is a 4000 reel with 15ish pound braid ok or should I be using mono? Thanks again everyone for the advice.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the tips. Now to find the time to test it out with the gear that I have.
  3. Thanks. I have a couple of 7-7 1/2ft rods with 4000 reel. Makes me a little more confident with using them next time I'm away. I have avoided hitting the beach because I thought I needed a 12ft rod and I can't justify getting one to only use once a year at most.
  4. Hey JonD. Any chance you know what his set up was, it looks smaller than everything I tend to read about beach set ups. I am hoping that something that I have will be suitable for the once a year I am near a beach and able to fish. Rather than buying something new that will rarely get used. Thanks
  5. Thanks Paddy I have been up and around the first bend just out of site of the marina. I have had a few big bites and a big flathead chasing the bait near my kayak on the right hand side as you head away from the marina. I have been mainly low tide and you get a good sense of what is around, the one time I went at high tide I was getting snagged because the nothing was visible. All a bit of trial and error at the moment, even when the fish aren't biting it is very peaceful and a nice place just to hang out.
  6. Paddy. One for the dummies. If I'm looking for a hole in that area, what am I looking for? Is it just a darker area of water? Sorry if this should be common knowledge I'm still new to most of this, when I was younger I fished in my dads boat or at grandparents on a river.
  7. Awesome thanks Scotty. I will check it out next time I head out.
  8. Sorry another thing, what would your bait of choice be? I generally flick plastics towards the shore as I move along. Is it worth putting bait out on the other side or stick with plastics? If bait what are the recommendation for the area?
  9. Thanks for the advice. I have been trying to avoid Apple Tree Bay as I was told that it can get busy with the boats. As a beginner I didn't want to get in the way or make the wrong move and end up in front of one. Scotty, how far up is that past the Marina? I have been up a bit but always got worried I wouldn't have the energy to get back. I guess coming back with the tide would help with that.
  10. Hi I started kayak fishing a year or so ago and I have mainly been heading to Bobbin Head. I launch down near the canoe/kayak ramp, head under the bridge and out past the marina. I have been getting a few bites without much luck. I pulled in a small bream near the paddle boats but that's the best I have got. Now that I am getting a little more confident, does anyone have any suggestions on spots around Bobbin Head. Prefer to launch at Bobbin Head as it's close to home and time is often limited.
  11. Thanks Squ!rt I might try and sort out some chicken, do you cut it into cubes or strips (sorry probably a silly question). What plastics would you recommend in the area, I generally use a 3 inch grub in pumpkin seed for flathead. I'm still only new to plastics so I have a few others that I am testing out. I have a sienna 2500 on a 7ft 2-4kg rod and also a diawa on a 6.6 rod.
  12. Awesome thanks for the advice. I will see how her attention span is, hopefully something is biting to keep her going. Definitely getting prawns on her line I will probably have a line in myself with prawns. I will also flick around some SP's as I am finding them fun and mainly use them from my kayak. I might have a look at Webb's Creek, it will depend on how much time I am given on the water.
  13. Thanks Berley We will be at Del Rio. Not targeting a jew at this stage but that may change as I get closer, if I was going to target them what is the minimum set up you would recommend? I assume from the bank I really want to get it out into the deeper water. At this stage its about trying to get something to keep and give my daughter a thrill of catching fish.
  14. It's been a while since anyone posted on this topic but I will reply here rather than start a new topic. I am camping at Wisemans Ferry later this month and looking to get some fishing in. I will have my kayak so I will head out on that when I can and I will also be land based with my 4 year old daughter. I will have my usual kayak set up which is 2500 reels on 6.6ft and 7ft rods, will this be enough land based or do I need something bigger. I would prefer not to take extra if I don't need it but I also don't want to miss out on giving myself the best chance to catch something (my daughter gets more frustrated than I do when we don't catch anything). Any other advice is appreciated.