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  1. tunafish

    Gymea Bay Baths for Landbased

    Thanks for the reply, whenever you go there, is the place normally crowded?
  2. tunafish

    Gymea Bay Baths for Landbased

    From my first post, I had posted asking for a good landbased spot in Sydney. The responder suggested that I should search on Google for a spot since there are plenty of spots to choose from. After some research, I decided on Clifton Bay Baths, but it’s too crowded. I further researched and have decided to go to Gymea Bay Baths to fish. If you have fished there before, what bait works best, what fish did you catch, and is it as crowded as Clifton? Sorry for the long question. -tunafish
  3. tunafish

    Clifton Gardens for Fishing

    Thanks for the response
  4. tunafish

    Clifton Gardens for Fishing

    Is Clifton Gardens a good spot to fish for landbased? I have been there once and saw that it was crowded with people. If it is, what bait should I use and when should I go there (least popular times). If it isn’t, any other spots to recommend? Thanks, tunafish
  5. tunafish

    Sydney Landbased Fishing

    Okay Thank You! I will try the spot you suggested if I have the time, but thanks for the advice.
  6. tunafish

    Sydney Landbased Fishing

    Hello this is my first post. Nice to meet you all ?! I was just wondering if there are any landbased spots in Sydney that isn’t rock fishing. I have tried Pier 2 and caught nothing but I have found out whenever I fish in Tom Ugly’s Bridge I normally catch some decent size flatheads and trevally. Any other landbased spots to recommend in Sydney? Thanks, tunafish.