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  1. I had a 15ft tinny with a 30Hp 2 stroke Mercury all the gear, bait tank, 2 anchor sets ect , would launch at Roseville fish the Harbour all day with plenty of moving round, and would use 11L on my own (88kg) or with 2 (160kg) and use 15L. As the others said it all depends on if its a 2 or 4 stroke, weight of boat, gear and people inside. I doubt you would ever use 22L in a day unless you went outside. PS. I ran it pretty it much flat out when moving spots, and coming and going from the boat ramp.
  2. Hi, I've been a chef for 20+ years. The number 1 thing people do wrong with squid is over cook it. I almost always cut mine at home into finger strips like beef stroganoff as i like to stir fry it for maximum flavor. Keeping it all cut the same size is also very important to keeping tender. It Never Ever Needs milk, kiwi fruit or anything else to tenderize it, if you don`t overcook it it will always be as soft as butter. The best way i can explain is to think how thin a piece of squid is either in a ring or a strip, it doesn't take much time to cook such a thin piece of seafood. What you are looking for is the squid to turn from translucent to white. As soon as the squid firms up in shape ( isn't soft and floppy ) its done. As a guide: Squid strips stir fried - 2 mins no longer. Rings deep fried at 180c - 1 1/2 to 2mins, no longer. Cooking in a tomato based sauce, there is 2 ways: First is to have the sauce 90% cooked/reduced to desired thickness then add the squid and cook for 2 mins only. Second is once the sauce has started before reduction, add the squid and cook for 45 mins as a minimum up to 1 hour, with the lid on and stirring occasionally. This is the classic way that Italians and Greeks cook their squid which gets spooned over pasta. Hope this helps you all to get your squid tender!
  3. Great article Sam, this will help a lot of people refine their drifting and to catch more fish. Ill add that when i drift fish off the northern beaches that ill do it anywhere from 40M to 20ft. many people don`t realize how many fish there are in the shallower water (just think of all the flatties, pinkies, bream that are caught from our beach shores) in 15ft of water. Ill drift as close as i can to the beaches just behind where the waves are breaking. I love the traditional paternoster rig with 2 droppers and mainly use Mustard Wide gap hooks in 4/0. I find with these i very rarely miss fish and fish will catch themselves 99% of the time. My go to baits are 1 or 2 whitebait hooked through the eye and squid strips or flesh baits on the other hook. I find these stay on very well and can be reused if even after a 1 hundred meter drift hasn't been productive. Investing in the offshore maps like Sam is showing will help you get a very good understanding of lies below.
  4. Thank you for that, i will follow your Winter times for sure. In summer i fish for the same as you do. You cant beat a good kingie secession or a great feed of flatties in summer!
  5. Thank you for the info Sam i appreciate it very much. I will use whole pillies next time i go with renewed enthusiasm thanks to you! Problem is i see a 42cm as not very big compared to a lot of the photos that get around of 4-5kg+ snapper caught off the northern beaches. Maybe they are very far and few between? Can i ask Sam if you fish for them right through winter or do you wait for the current to start running south again? I will have a look off Blue fish point and see if i can find the reef structures that you are talking about.
  6. After having 4 different boats over the years with each heavier than the last i had to find a new way to single launch each of them when needed. With my first 2 tinnies i used to have a long piece of Telstra rope tied to the front and pushed it off the trailer and guided it with the rope to where it needed to be. It worked but wasn't perfect. Problem was carrying so much rope and if the wind was up or i couldn't get a spot next to the wharf. With my latest boat i devised a very simple way that most people could do to single launch. Simply i put a stainless steel Hose Clam around a U Bolt thats on the wench post. I then put a stainless steel Snap Hook through the Hose Clam. Lastly i used a Cambuckle Tie Down put it through the snap hook the over the bow, inside the rail. All i do to launch is have the cambuckle very tight, unwind the wench strap slowly until it tights the cambuckle which now holds the boat from moving back anymore, undo the safety chain then unclip the wench strap, i climb on the boat get the engine in position/ started then release the cambuckle and away i go. I use this on my 5M Trailcraft Plate boat, all weighing around 1 ton. It works every time perfectly. I had looked into the whats available to buy such as boat latch ect but just love how simple this is and it all cost less than $25 all from Bunnings. Please see photos below, if you have any questions please ask. I hope you find this helpful.
  7. Buying a second hand Electric motor can very cost effective as new Minn Kotas with Ipilot are well over $2.5k. I went down this route last year and paid $1350 for a second hand 6 year old Ipilot, 55lb, 54" shaft. All looked great and i tested it working on the boat it was from, it did everything it was supposed too. I used it around 6 times and loved it, (they are the best and i would never be without one now). I decided that it was time to clean and lube the release control area, which was as simple as screwing off the side covers, cleaning up all the old grease and reapplying knew grease and white lithium grease to other areas. It worked super smooth after doing this, it was much easier to deploy and to stow. I recommend doing this. The prop was the next thing to come off, i thought a quick clean and grease and away we go. Hmm was i wrong, what i found shocked me, meters and meters of braid and mono wrapped around the back of the propeller shaft, the only way to get it off was with long nose pliers and a stanley knife, it was wound on so hard it took 20 mins to remove it all. In my case i was very lucky that the seal was intact and had no wear which i was so happy about. A clean and grease and it was all good to go again. I would suggest that if anyone is looking at buying a second hand electric motor no matter what brand to ask if the propeller can be taken off to see whats behind it. Its a 2 minute job and could save you hundreds or more. If the seal was damaged and leaked it would have meant salt water was getting into the prop motor which would kill it very quickly. They are not cheap to replace either well over the $500 mark! Anyway here are the photos and i hope this bit of information will help many.
  8. Hi Sam, Can i please ask if you use Bait or SP`s off Blue Fish? Im asking as Snapper has been the one fish that i haven't been able to master, biggest is only 42cm 😞 Ive tried many times mainly off Long reef with both bait and more recently SP`s but with little to show for the time and effort put in. I am so frustrated with snapper that its becoming a mental battle just to fish for them, when i know i can get catch other fish for a feed or catch and release. This whole post has been great and ive learnt a lot. Thanks to all. Terry
  9. With 20cm hooded squid, i would get around 6-7 baits from it. First i slice the head off. Its gets a 7/0 Big Red through it about 10mm deep. I then slit the hood lengthways from where the top of the head was and avoid slicing the guts, ink etc. Once open i put 2 fingers underneath the the meat that the guts sit on and pull it upwards getting it all in one piece. This is the first bait to go down (with the same 7/0). Just hook it 5mm down through the meat that holding it all together. Remember Kings dont pick the take baits in one hit! Once the ink sack is broken by a king it keeps all the others around very interested in finding more squid. It can really turn a gentle bit into a hot bite. Then with the open hood i cut triangle shapes (same as 61 crusher) and cut around 5 slits, starting 15mm down from the top point of the triangle all the way to the bottom of the triangle. This which makes moving fingers in the water, which kings are super attracted to. The hook is put through the top point of the triangle once only 5-10mm down. I would get 4-5 triangle baits from the hood using this method. The wings i like to send down on their own pinned once from near the top edge and also 5-6 cuts down to make "fingers" I learnt this method on a charter over 20 years ago from someone i consider to be Sydney Harbours best king fisherman, who still guides now.
  10. Thanks Ken for such a comprehensive write up. This will help many an angler master the lakes which do hold so many fish. I've fished it for 20+ years, always wading, never from a boat. I love it its so peaceful, and no matter which way the wind blows you can always find calm water. I mainly fish it with hard bodies, the lure that has caught me more fish than any other is a Dan Mcgrath Attack Lure in Tiger pattern. I've caught Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Blackfish, soapy Jew and a few more species on it. I fish water from 50cm to 2.5M deep. This lure dives down 1 1/2M and is easily worked close to the top water by keeping the rod high for Bream. My best session was when the lake was closed and the water is very high, on this day over 30 Bream where caught and released , just above the weed beds. I would encourage all to try fishing the lake as Ken has laid out in his article.. Its a magnificent fishery that will surprise you with the number of fish and the quality to be hard. PS. I only practice catch and release but the fish do eat well out of there i have been told..
  11. Well done, fantastic catch. Great report and love the photos! Im so surprised that you didn't encounter any Jew at Flint and Steel? Even soapies? I presume the Snapper we caught on livey fillets?
  12. Thank you for this informative article. I've caught most fish in the bucket list sizes but Not snapper, the big ones have always eluded me. This article has taught me a few more things so hopefully this year i can get one over 2kg!
  13. Thank you for a great report, im heading out tomorrow and expect a lot of traffic with the weather being so perfect. Last week the squid were really on, but as you said the yakkas are really hard at the moment. I dont know why they are very shy and not in the usual spots i get them, strange one.. Were any of your kings keepers or were they rats? I know you got busted off on the light gear but just wondering if you could have had a feed if you wanted. Cheers
  14. Nice report and photos, you had a nice calm day by the looks of it, i wasn't so lucky. I went out on Friday and it blew offshore horrible plus very choppy swell with the wind changing direction many times. I couldn't get anything offshore but in the harbour 2 kings and the squid were playing ball for a change.
  15. A great report and photos as the others have said. Being a chef myself its a different way that we look at food especially different fish species. which many throw away but like your friend did turned them into great dishes! I would have kept the Trevs as they are great for Sashimi. Try one next time you'll be impressed. Nice firm flesh for slicing too. Again thanks for sharing such a great report!