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  1. Fishn50

    Something different Snapper!!!

    Love the Big red that was caught with the sun high! Great report and pics. Im yet to land a decent red on SP`s but am always inspired buy reports like this!! Thanks for sharing Terry
  2. Fishn50

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    Thanks Zoran for the great fishing report and the video. I've never caught a dollie yet trolling so its good to see how others do it and what lures are used. Thanks for sharing.. Cheers Terry
  3. Fishn50

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Great report and photos, thank you for sharing...
  4. Fishn50

    Big mahi off Sydney

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome Mahi, well done!!
  5. Fishn50

    Sydney Harbour Squid

    Hi going the other way ive caught both Arrow Squid and Calamari a bit past Roseville boat ramp. Nothing better than chasing squid i often spend a day just squiding from the boat. Great feed and as you pointed out the number 1 bait in the harbour is live squid..
  6. Fishn50

    Minn Kota Battery Cable

    Thanks for that, if i don`t get an answer on here then ill phone them.
  7. Fishn50

    Minn Kota Battery Cable

    Hi all, I have purchased a second hand Minn Kota 55lbs Ipilot. I have installed it on my boat now I am confused as hell about what is the correct wire to run from the battery to the connected Anderson Plug? I have to run a cable approx. 5.4m from the back of the boat to the front, I’ve looked online and Minn Kota say I need a 4 AWG rated battery cable to give the rated power needed. Problem is finding it? All I can find is B&S rating at Whitworths which is different and they couldn't advise the correct one. A 4AWG has a 21.14mm2 verse a 4B&S which is 20.26mm2. I can’t find anyone who sells marine tinned battery cable in 4AWG except in the USA? Please can you guys tell me what size cables you run and where you got them from? So long as they are a similar length to what I need. Thanks
  8. Fishn50

    Trailer Loader Pivot and Maintenance

    Thank you wrxhoon1 for the explanation. Ill use this knowledge to find the best seals like you have. Cheers Terry
  9. Fishn50

    Trailer Loader Pivot and Maintenance

    Hi wrxhoon1, My first comment, new to this, so i hope this is all ok? Sorry the photos are so big.. Im keen to try your ways as i hate changing bearings every year or so, plus its costly too. I use normal marine seals and do get leaks, which are these: Do your normal double lip seals look like this? And do you use the stainless steel sleeve from the marine seal kits? Thanks in advance.. Terry