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  1. 2freeq

    2008 Honda four 75hp water pumping issue

    Thanks, I'll give that a go tomorrow. I did pop the tell tale out and can blow freely back through the hose.
  2. 2freeq

    2008 Honda four 75hp water pumping issue

    This motor has pumped water instantly every time i start the motor (well except for currently) so i don't think it's a thermostat issue. Maybe i need to drop the leg and have a look at the impeller as you suggested. Thanks mate.
  3. Hi all, As the title says i'm having a issue with water not pumping out on my 75hp Honda Four. The story so far is i brought the boat 2 weeks ago and it has been perfect. Took the kids on the lake on Sunday and spent 2 hours towing them around on the ski tubes. Motor was pumping water out peep hole perfectly every time i checked on it. Upon arriving home i plugged the hose into the muffs to flush the motor as usual but no water was coming out top. Had a look and seen all the water was pumping out of a 10mm round hole next to where you can see the selector shaft just above gearbox (as seen on first pic and second pic of water pumping out). When i block that hole and my finger the water diverts to coming out around the selector shaft and a small amount makes it's way up the motor and barely dribbles out of top where it is suppose to be coming out (As seen in 3rd pic). Does anyone have any clue whats gone wrong and how do i fix it? Cheers