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  1. Yeah nice! Seems like shallow is the go, will just have to try some of these tips out to see what works and then rinse/repeat 👌
  2. Ok cool I hadn't thought that tides would be a big aspect but I guess they are like fish, feeding when the water is slack to make things easier for themselves - will keep that in mind for the next session
  3. Had a couple of good hits on Hawkesbury prawns a little up from Little Settlement but only managed to get one on the boat. Been trying to use lighter lines and leaders to increase bites and it seems to be working for me. Got the Flatty Saturday morning on 6lb braid/4lb leader, pretty dicey but had the Mrs on the net which helped! Monday went out for my first night time tinnie session after fitting the boat with new electricals. Copped an hour of rain after anchoring just past the wharf at Estuary restaurant. Bagged a catfish and my PB bream going 43cm to the tip. I've bought a few witches hats and am trying to get into crabbing a bit more, does anyone know what structure/bottom/depths I'm looking for in the lower Hawkesbury? Usually see floats around Railway bridge and around Bar Point. Cheers, -PackedAFlatty
  4. When chasing Jew during and after the mullet run, do you try to use live or fresh poddy mullet and tailor? I heard they can be good Jew baits but I tend to shy away in favour of squid and yakkas
  5. Had a late night fishing session with a buddy of mine Wednesday night in Sydney Harbour trying to bag a big catch for the Easter weekend. Spent the first couple hours bagging some bait then a whole lot of waiting for something to happen to the fresh butterflied yakkas. Nothing besides pickers/choppers picking away at the bait eating everything but the head. 2:30AM when we got the one and only hit of the evening; felt at first like a jewfish hit and then even halfway through the fight with some decent headshakes I thought we had a decent schoolie on the end of the line. It wasn't until we had the fish close to the wharf when it started doing some aerial acrobatics that we realised it was a big tailor! Bled straight away and bagged for Good Friday dinner - smoked tailor with salt and brown sugar. -PackedAFlatty
  6. Hey fellow Fishraider family, here's my first fishing report so here goes... Started the morning at 6AM at Tunks Park boat ramp on Sunday morning with the old man and as expected the car park was jam packed while the boat ramp was actually relatively quiet. After parking halfway up the hill, we were out onto the water in search of bait. Was hoping to use the Lowrance Elite 5 Ti I had recently purchased and installed to find some baitfish however this was not working due to an battery connection problem which was fixed later... No luck in the baitfishing after an hour of trying with a sabiki rig on a handreel and my dad with a small hook with bait on a rod - only managed to pull up the world's smallest luderick, a baby snapper and a even smaller bream after 45 minutes of fishing and burleying. Decided to change strategies and do some bottom fishing with circle hook patenoster rigs at a nearby spot a bit north of Sugarloaf Point where we have caught legal flathead and snapper before. A fun little part of the session here with a dozen or so ~25cm snapper and a couple of undersized bream. We fished here for the first hour of the run-out before deciding to try our luck past Spit Bridge. On route to the Spit, we noticed a couple of guys in a runabout with one of them hooked up to something that looked BIG. So, as curious fishos we went on over to see what was happening and yelled out across the water, 'What've you got on?'... 'Kings' was the reply and from that point it was all happening. With the sounder on, we were seeing massive marks in around 8metres of water with bait also being herded around underneath us. We attempted a couple of rigs but with no bait except frozen pilchards, we didn't fancy our chances of a hookup. I had tried some jigging on a very heavy rod to no avail and was starting to lose confidence after seeing two more kingies being landed on the now surrounding carpark of 5+ boats with many coming and going for the next hour and a half. However, my luck changed when I switched my brand new Sienna 4000 with 30lb J-braid and 30lb FC rock fluro setup with a 7'' Gulp! Nuclear Chicken minnow. Casted out for 5-10 minutes before I hooked up on a medium/fast retrieve with twitches. The fight was fun and lasted around only a few minutes but the memory of my first kingfish will last for many years to come I'm sure! Thanks for reading this far if you have, hope to have more to share in the near future! -PackedAFlatty
  7. Just sent through a very heartfelt opposition to the proposal, let's keep Tunks Park as it is!
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