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  1. Just don't promise them too much or you'll end up with no fish! Nah jokes mate well done, great haul.
  2. Im reaching the 10 month mark my friend its been a loooooong time. Lol can't wait till summer break.
  3. Oz98

    Port Hacking

    Yep sorry i should of clarified it a bit more, by smell i meant that the more off the fish is the better. But all to their own, as long as it works its all good!
  4. I eat them an encourage many fishos to do the same, they are a good eating fish and sustainable with plenty of numbers out there.
  5. Nice! yeah i saw a young boy use a crab pot in one of my local harbours, got a few leathers, don't know what else he was trying to catch but he threw them back in..
  6. Some beautiful looking flathead fillets there Zoran! Hahah i liked the whole leatherjacket head piking, if only fishos would target and catch them, then there would be less of them out there stealing our gear!!
  7. Oz98

    Wanda beach

    Nice man, yep im at uni too and i am itching for a fish but too busy with assignments and what not! Can't wait till summer break, ill be fishing as much as i can.
  8. Oz98

    Port Hacking

    Allot of fishos think that the fish they use for bait has to be fresh, but in fact the more off the fish the better as it smells more, a fisherman told me this a while back..
  9. Also if you are a pensioner you can be exempt from paying the recreational fishing license. If this is the case please call your nearest fisheries officer and they can assist you in figuring out if you are exempt from paying.
  10. No worries at all mate, i know i love scotty he is one of the best fisherman i reckon, i learnt all my stuff from him.
  11. Nice Rick! May i ask how you cook them? Ta, Oz.
  12. Hahah i like that one too Sratchie!!
  13. Thanks again everyone for your comments and suggestions, also great to this feed up and running again!