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  1. Oz98

    Fishing breakwalls - mono or braid?

    Id go with Fluro especially if you think the line will rub against sharp and rough surfaces.
  2. Oz98

    Bellambi Boat Ramp Hazard

    Update: So the council acknowledged the issues that i wrote to them and only accepted that sand build up was a problem. This issue was also brought to them in 2016. But the other issues they did not acknowledge. I was told the issues i highlighted to them would be considered and if work is needed they will "consider" including it in their budget for maintainence. So as far as im concerned they don't really want to spend money on it. The only thing they do is clear the sand build up every now and then.
  3. Oz98

    Amazing underwater photos

    Wow some great shots there! Really liked the eel with the translucent teeth.
  4. ah fantastic, great to hear they've done one for the jewies. Kingies as well
  5. Oz98

    Bellambi Boat Ramp Hazard

    Update: I have emailed Wollongong council today and listed the problems and the practicality issues of the boat ramp as told above. Will also ask if they are aware of these issues, (they are). note: an article was made regarding the build up of sand against the Jetty in 2016, still an issue (2019). Just hoping to share the frustration of the recreational fishers and raise awareness of the issue as a community based story. 😊
  6. I think the Victorian fisheries do a great job in terms of stocking waters and id like to see more happen in NSW. (even though there's a fair bit of stocking done in the NSW freshwater dams). But most of the stocking is done in freshwaters so I don't know if there is a technical difficulty in stocking fish species that live in saltwater...
  7. Oz98

    Activity up the Parramatta River

    Yeah mate I was just wondering.
  8. Oz98

    Activity up the Parramatta River

    You can't eat fish from the Parramatta river right? or have I got my facts wrong...?
  9. Oz98

    Bellambi Boat Ramp Hazard

    Ah great yep was gonna ask if I could, Thank you!
  10. Oz98


    Yep I've seen the same thing happen down here in the Illawarra. I think next time im going to throw a urchin at their face and see how they like it lol!
  11. Oz98


    Throw the squid at them Rick! lol then make sure to get it back and enjoy yourself a nice salt n' pepper squid.
  12. Oz98


    Such a shame. god this boils my blood. I would most definitely report to the fisheries even if there is no evidence or ID. also rick try to get their number plate if you can. I would of lost the plot if I was there 😆 it's hard to be civil in circumstances like this, especially when people be ignorant.
  13. Oz98

    Bellambi Boat Ramp Hazard

    Thanks for the support guys! I will keep you guys updated on any responses I get and overall what happens.
  14. Oz98

    Bellambi Boat Ramp Hazard

    Update fellas, being a journalism student myself, I will be doing a story on this issue in the near future. Hopefully I can speak to the council and help expose the issue.
  15. Oh wow I did not know this, thanks mate. quite some difference there from upper NSW where most of us fish from. Well in that case, looks like they could massage the figures up a bit more lol. I like the, only 1 over 60cm per head. That's great as it keeps some breeders out there...