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  1. Yeh nice one Brendo cheers, yeh my main go to is Avoca so I’m sure that’s up Gosford way
  2. I’m from Penrith and I’m used to the long drives to the coast. I’m happy to drive for a couple hours
  3. Hey fish raiders. im itching to get out fishing. is there any lonely fishing legends out there with a boat and can get us on some good fish and a good day out? im willing to ring in sick through the week or weekends are free. I’m good for paying my way. Also be good for learning the ins and outs of boating as I will have one soon. give me a message and we can catch up if keen. regards 🎣
  4. Hey guys yeh sorry for the brag with no info lol. basicly done a night session in Hawkesbury system on a sand bank. 3rd time fishing this location and between me and my mate 2 nice size Jew has been caught. I left my saltiga reel at home due to sand and opted for the Shimano bait runner. Boy did that reel run. Awesome reel. Took me a good five minutes to get this Jew in after a lot of runs. Great fight off the land. returned after a picture and swam away beautifully. The shark was also a great fight. I highly recommend them bait runners off the land. I was using 30lb braid wi
  5. Cheers guys it was 84cm and didn’t weight it.
  6. I assumed bronze whaler here’s a better picture
  7. Not bad for My first jewfish 2 hours before high tide on squid
  8. I have some experience on boat fishing but I’m new to Australia with very little experience on fishing Australia. Not much help but if you find a crew and have a space free I’m happy to join and pay my way. 👍🏼
  9. Cheers guys :) 5 rods either side is more than enough for me
  10. DIY rod stand. What you guys think of it?
  11. I had a few hours at Yarramundi spinning for bass. To be honest I prefer the saltwater fishing. I don’t Mind rivers if it’s high up in the mountain range tho. do you fish the Nepean?
  12. Kingie chaser where do you go and have you caught any kingfish this year? Seeing them big ones follow in my lure was thrilling.
  13. Headed to Avoca this morning and what a day. Spinning off the rocks and had a taste of something big. Screaming reel with 3 big runs. Then gone ?. Clean cut on my leader lost lure. What do you guys think it was.? We had a few follow up to the rock edge by kingfish and they looked near the metre mark. They were big. Couple lads brought in some nice big salmon. and to top the day off I seen a 5 ft bull shark surface within 2 metres straight in front of me with its gums and teeth gapping wide open. It showed its full body. Had my heart pumping. I bet that is not very common to
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