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  1. Djamba

    Northern Beaches Land Based Jewfish

    If you're near Narrabeen there is a little group of us who are targeting Jewies from the beach. Let me know if you want to join us.
  2. Buy a drone if you want to go out far. Kogan do refurbished DJi Phantoms for about the same price as an expensive long cast setup ($500). It has return to home feature and will get you up to 2kms our to sea if you really want.
  3. Great! I'll give you a shout. Keen to learn some more about getting flatties. So far I've managed to bag a few salmon (Biggest one this weekend about 6kgs), Taylor and a fairly large Dart. I should be out most weekends and am off work for 2 weeks over chrissy.
  4. Hey All. Got myself a surf rod last weekend and had a little crack near my house on Narrabeen beach but only got a little salmon. I'm going to have a go tomorrow morning and evening down near the pools to try and hit the gutter there. I've not really got much experience fishing but know the basics. Just wondering if anyone from here will be about tomorrow who can maybe give me some tips. I should be there from about 0830 until I get bored and then back in the late afternoon.