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  1. tunanocrust

    Before work Squid Session

    Great work mate, awesome catch!
  2. tunanocrust

    Port Hacking

    Great Work Mate, That's a Cracker Whiting!
  3. tunanocrust

    Plastic lesson and PB Flathead

    Nice work mate! I've been trying to learn the art of SP's aswell, great to see your results!
  4. tunanocrust

    Finally got the mystery fish...and what an anticlimax

    Great work mate! Glad to see you finally caught the bugger!
  5. tunanocrust

    Bait presentation for bream

    I prefer chicken thigh over breast, it has a bit more sinew that i find helps it sit on the hook better and not slide to the bottom. I cut the thighs into strips and add a bit o salt to help firm the meat up before I head out for the day.
  6. tunanocrust

    Newcastle - beach fishing

    Thanks alot for the advice guys!!!! Cheers
  7. tunanocrust

    Newcastle - beach fishing

    Thanks @DaveTheBoy & @Berleyguts for the advice! I grabbed a new 10ft light surf rod and some beach worms today and headed up to the entrance today to try my luck. Im still a novice at reading the surf but using the slow retrieve method I did manage to pull in this fella! not an elbow slapper like yours Dave but a good starting point. Just 1 more question, does the size of longshank hook make a difference? I was using size 6 hooks. Cheers
  8. tunanocrust

    Newcastle - beach fishing

    Hi Dave, great work with the whiting! I'm keen to get out and give it a go, just wondering if you need a light surf rod or will something a bit shorter also do the trick? Cheers!
  9. tunanocrust

    Good day on the hacking!!

    Nice work mate! that's a huge Trev!
  10. tunanocrust

    Rod set up for whiting on poppers

    Thanks dirvin21, I've made all the changes to the rig, fingers crossed the weather holds up this weekend to get out and give it another go!
  11. tunanocrust

    Rod set up for whiting on poppers

    Thanks alot guys for the advice! I run a 6lb leader at the moment but I up it to something heavier and give it a go, I was running a blood knot but I'll invest a few more lures maybe a few larger size ones and keep trying. I currently work the lures over grass beds on the sand flats, it's there any other tips on finding places that hold fish? Thanks again for the help!
  12. tunanocrust

    Rod set up for whiting on poppers

    Hey guys, Long time lurker first time poster, I've been fishing out at the sand bar at grays point chasing whiting on poppers but 2 sessions down and still no bites, My current set up is a Shimano Raider Bream Spinning Rod 7ft 2in 1-4kg with 6 pound braid and a small 4cm storm gomoku popper. I've read online the ideal retrieve is fast and straight for whiting but I can't seem to get the straight part sorted out. The vibrations in tip of the rod seems to cause the popper to dart to one side on the retrieve. My old rod is another graphite rod with a 2-7kg rating would switching back to a less sensitive rod correct the issue? Cheers for the advice!