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  1. That hit the nail on the head for my three girls as well Jon
  2. I recall doing a patrol around Googoley Point one day and cutting across the shallows near the church camp, came across a dozen witches hat crab nets laying on the bottom. They were loaded with blue swimmers, which were all released and the nets confiscated, as it is prohibited to use nets in the Hacking. Don't know where the owners were or if they were watching, but they obviously knew the rules, as none of the nets had floats or any kind of I.D. on them. Good catch, Yowie.
  3. This guy was 20m away on the freshwater side of that crossing. Don't want to use Swordies thread to post pics. Last one
  4. Shady Camp is a few klms of gravel road off the highway and can get a bit crowded, but worth a run in just to see it, if nothing else.
  5. Don't know if you have a car topper or not, but we parked our van out at the Mango Farm caravan park at the Daly River and caught barra there. Lots of big crocs in the water so you need to be aware, especially at the boat ramp when retrieving the boat. Try not to park under a mango tree though - fruit bat poo is hard to clean off the van.
  6. Had to go fishing for my iphone a couple of days ago. Fell out of my pocket and into the toilet bowl (before I had done anything in it) and was only 1/3 under the water for maximum of 3 seconds. Took it to a repair centre and AppleCare only to find it is now an expensive paperweight. I have an Over Board brand bag for the phone when I go kayaking, but it doesn't float. Can make calls etc though, when it is in the bag. Also have a new phone now.
  7. Know what you mean Frank. Having worked on the Hacking for 8 yrs, I also saw and dealt with hundreds of fools, tragedies and also good times every weekend, but the "maintenance" days mid week were the best
  8. That'd be good Frank, but I have to be at Strathfield at 9am and then a grandsons easter hat parade at 10am I know where I would rather be.
  9. Frank, head up into Gymea Bay near the baths and try for squid, otherwise on the southern side of SW Arm
  10. James, yes it is - Other Names: African Pompano, Pennant Fish, Pennant-fish, Round-headed Pennantfish, Threadfin Trevally.
  11. Same for me Frank. We lived on the "waterfront" at Kurnell for a number of years and I just had to wheel the tinny across the road and haul in tailer, kingfish and trevally whenever I saw the birds working. Also the never ending schools of hairtail across the bay, before the container terminals went in, were unbelievable. Fishing the wrecks off the Marley area always provided the "rubbish" catch of huge trevally. There were some real bruisers back in the 70's - 80's and consistent 50cm plus fish were common. The big trevs more often than not, had flesh eating worms in their gut/spine area and were a little off putting, when filleted. Memories are what we treasure these days Frank
  12. Back in the '70's, we used to soak our mullet fillets and bonito fillets in whale oil, to increase the "S" factor and make the baits more desirable to snapper etc. It actually increased the catch ratio by about 60% compared to untreated baits. Ken Appel had a 44 gallon drum of whale oil in the back room and about that time, it was almost impossible to get, as the whaling industry was well and truly winding down in Australia. I still have a few jars left, but haven't fished in any club comps for a long time, so it gets little use these days. I also have a Sportex 663 one piece blackfish rod which is like new, built by Ian Whitton, of D.P Whitton and sons, another early days iconic business in the fishing industry. Good memories.
  13. That would have been Ken Appel Sports store. Moved to Taren Point/Caringbah where he stayed for a few years until the store was sold and franchised to Tackle World. The rod builder could possibly have been Greg Calvert.
  14. Yeah, great to have a daughter as keen at doing 'stuff' you enjoy, as much as you. I got my coxwains ticket many years ago and found it to be a bit restrictive compared to the Masters. Anyway, if she or you, are working on commercial vessels or charters, then it is a start. Did my test for Sydney Harbour and the night time lights test was a real challenge for me. Good luck and keep those reports coming.