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  1. Killer

    new toy

    We had a 25ft Trojan for patrolling Port Hacking back in the '80s. Started off with a diesel inboard and then twin 115hp outboards. It did sink in the berth, three times :). Eventually found that when they replaced the Johnsons with Yamahas they left bolts in the old mounting holes and put the timber transom cover over them. They eventually corroded and let water in. Took a few days (and the boat didn't go out every day back then) to fill enough and then down she went. The boss at the W.P tried to put the blame on me, but it was found to be the dealers who fitted the outboards. Whew!!!
  2. Great photos Jon. Here's one of his SW Rocks cousins.
  3. Here's a pic of a good ramp I found to practice on. I saw this on the G.O.R. when I went there a couple of years back.
  4. One of the best I have seen, also at the hole in the wall at Sylvania, was 4 eastern European guys roll up in a nice, big, new boat and equally nice car. Backed onto the ramp and proceeded to unload the gear from the car into the boat, holding me and a couple of others up. All done, they backed further into the water and one guy hopped in while the other one manually unwound the hand winch. The third bloke started yelling to stop and pull the boat back in. Water was almost sloshing over the transom. The bloke couldn't wind the boat back onto the trailer as it was now 1/4 full of water. They th
  5. Maybe we are both getting older Frank? Yet another age related condition Sea sickness
  6. I was misinformed I think. You are correct Yowie. The only boat limit at present is for gemfish.
  7. Yes they are but also a limit of a total 20 in possession. ie. 20 for the boat
  8. Went out for a fishing session this morning in a mates Haines 580F, with the intention of getting some flathead and then venturing further south out of Port Hacking, to a spot where I used to catch plenty of snapper. It was a nice morning and the conditions were expected to improve. A bit of a SW was blowing, but the surprise was the swell and sloppy, choppy water conditions. Got to our spot after some 30 minutes and got immediate hits for all three of us. In no time at all, we had our 20 flathead limit and there were a couple of big girls amongst them. The part 2 plan didn't eventuate, as one
  9. Just sold my boat, which lived in the driveway of my house, but can understand the frustration of not being able to park one where you live. My mate has a caravan parked in the street outside his house. It belongs to a guy who lives one street away, who says he doesn't want to take up parking space in his street and annoy his neighbours!!!! What the. I guess if you own a house and someone parks their boat outside for weeks/months/years on end, it may become an annoyance. Just another perspective.
  10. Lovely fish and great spot. Only blackfish I have been able to get close to these past weeks, are when I put my coffee cup down.
  11. Fantastic!! What a glorious looking day and the water is clear. Love your work.
  12. I saw a marlin swimming along with a lure hanging off it, in Nth West Arm years ago. Often see a turtle surfacing in Sth West Arm and when I worked on the Hacking, saw many big sharks. Remember two Yellowfin swimming along the edge of the sandbank in S.W, Arm as well.
  13. Good work Rob. How hard is it to get the ink out of the textured deck of the yak?
  14. Killer

    Members Boats.

    Sad day for me last Monday. Stormy ll has gone to live at Moruya with its new owner. I was looking at a 17ft Viking but the boss said, "don't you dare".
  15. Killer

    Members Boats.

    Here's mine. Quintrex Cruiseabout, undoubtedly one of the best models ever made. Out of the Kirrawee factory. Great, solid boat. Currently selling,, but am in two minds.....
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