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  1. I found the invoice where I got my bolts from - Fuji Fasteners, M6 x 16 Weld Stud with PP. Part #XCM1616
  2. I use these. The flat heads don't dig into your feet. I have about 16 left over.
  3. You can still see the path it took, along the coast trail at Jibbon. Looks like a scythe has cleared the bush at a width of around 100m for almost 1klm before heading off across Bate Bay and then, of course, hitting Kurnell.
  4. I was off Kurnell in the Police launch one time and a huge waterspout kicked off about 200m away. I most definately wouldn't want to be in its path. Lots of power to suck up that much water.
  5. Great days fishing. Do you miss the kayak? I just bought a new 360 drive for mine.
  6. How are you going to divide your time if you need to support your kids at all their various activities. 😄
  7. My mate lived in a waterfront in Nth West Arm (Port Hacking) and one day when we had a teacher free day (jigging school) we were sitting on his lawn fishing for bream and a marlin cruised slowly past. There used to be many marlin, spanish mackeral and like species hooked around Jibbon and in the mouth of the Hacking, back in the days of my youth. I have seen loads of marlin on the surface within 1 klm of the mouth and in Bate Bay over the years. It is a rare thing but happens more often than you would imagine.
  8. Went out fishing off the rocks in the RNP yesterday. It was a glorious morning and the seas were almost flat. Took a nice pic on the way out to the coast. It has been almost 6 months or more since we have had a chance to get out, so despite only having a couple of hours, we managed an early start. I was using an old rod and a Tempo reel and it was a bit soft to put much pressure on the fish, but managed to land a few. The biggest fish I have hooked in a long time, took around 5 minutes to coax up onto the ledge. Every time it would come close, it would power off back to the deep. I was using 6lb line so couldn't do much about it. Finally washed it up with a small swell, but the backwash allowed it to tear off once again and this time the line snapped. Regardless, I would have released it, as I prefer the smaller ones for the table. Had a great time and looking forward to the next one. I found the Tempo reel didn't run as freely as my Avon's, but maybe that is because it is new. Good times.
  9. My mate's dad (and two sons) was the importer/distributor for Mustad hooks. DP Whitton and sons. The moved premises to Shell Point/Taren Point many years back, from Sydney CBD and have since sold the business. My mate Ian has boxes and boxes of 'new' Mustad hooks. Was selling some of the rare patterns to collectors a while back. He has a LOT of fishing tackle stored away.
  10. Killer

    Bird watching

    Female Koel, Frank.
  11. My Sportex rods are "yellowish"
  12. Killer

    Bird watching

    Female Koel. Took this in our backyard.
  13. They did make the Sportex 662 and 663 in 2 piece. I bought a 662 and my mate bought a 663 from Nivens back in the 1960's, both 2 piece. I swapped mine to L.A. several years back. I assume he still has it. I have a "new" (only ever been fished with on one occasion) one piece 663 in the garage.
  14. Killer

    Bird watching

    That's a female Koel cuckoo, Frank. The male is a glossy black/blue.
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