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  1. 5am. Burley then got 2 Livies and sent out under balloons on 8.0 single hook in about 10m. Got 2 kingys one 100% legal the other not sure so returned it. Much more fun than off boat trying to land. Another bloke was there happening to do the same and got the same. Yakkas were much bigger then I prefer but it worked today back home 7am
  2. I’m up there always and I’ve found fishraider to be great for Sydney and Nelson so be great to have the Gold Coast one? If there is one?
  3. Thanks mate. If I had fresh squid 100%
  4. 5am. Targeting kingys. Didn’t have much gear apart from SP slugs and small metals. Put in about 1.5hours. One bust off by a rat on small gear 10lb line and metal. didbt see much activity or the other blokes catch anything. End of wall on runout
  5. Bait and dog food. Went for a dive this arvo and warm water, lots of bait, just not best vis to get wide enough
  6. Bonnie’s everywhere off rocks @ MAROUBRA yesterday pre dawn. Left em biting. Metal 65g raider.
  7. Hook pulled sorry I should have said. But was smoking me.
  8. Out this morning. Water cleaner. Small kings everywhere. Bommy had rats and trevs. Moli point had kings bigger ones deeper but smoked on 40lb and rats taking anything.. odd sambo and bonito. Run in tide high at 10.30 then went back. Should be good water day after tomorrow:)
  9. Ahhh yes scratchie mate you seem like a good bloke I never doubted you
  10. We r doing a Broughton trip 2/3 dec.. u fish it much?
  11. I pay my Hunter Council rates just like you mate I’ve got duel citizenship 😎
  12. Cheers mate heading to Broughton early December for snapper and kings hopefully there’s a few around it’s first time for us n we r camping there should be good I’ll check out ur spots
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