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  1. Nice catch. We had a similar experience. A good Morwong, flathead and a bag of plate size snapper. One rat king near Long Reef in close on a Pilchard tail!
  2. Heard it from a full time guide last weekend. Good if its true. More large fish and more fish full stop. Bag limit 3.
  3. Contraversial view Rick. They are some of the most fun fighting fish on light gear. Thanks all for thoughts. The other thing i heard was the tbe size on legal Kings moves to 70cm and there will be a bag limit. Happy with that.
  4. Last week I posted on the lack of large salmon schools. However they are around. Also some heavy Kings. On the weekend we got reefed with two big fish our guide estimated at over 1m. Just monstered the gear, unstoppable on 80lb line See attached shot from today at Darling Pt warf. Note not my fish! A good catch for the dedicated fisher this morning!
  5. Woodsy, they run very hard. The first couple of runs are very strong. I was worried initially it was a Kingfish and about to be reefed but so happy it wasnt. After the early runs they pretty much give up and its just a steady haul to the surface. Great thrill to catch a fish that doesnt fit the net haha.
  6. Have been out a few time recently and noted the lack of schooling Australian Salmon. Also lucky enough to have a guided trip with Fishabout the other day. The guides said NSW fisheries have allowed netting of Salmon at the Hawesbury and further up the Coast. Any thoughts on that?
  7. Thanks, no one more surprised than me. We have targeted Snapper but hadnt expected one of that size so close to Sydney. Its a great fishery.
  8. Last month visitwd Long Reef after a long break Perfect weather and a lazy start leaving Rushcutters at 7am First two hour very slow and then pickeduo a few large flathead and then finally a few snapoer This one really took off caught on light line, patternoster rig and a 1/0 circle hook with a pilchard tail . Didnt weigh it but terrific fish