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  1. Nothing wrong with using heavier braid like 20lb+, but 6lb braid on baitcasters is less than ideal, as lighter line tends to dig into the spool. I've also always been a big fan in flurocarbon, I'm sure mono will achieve the same results however
  2. I wouldn't suggest running light braid on a baitcaster as that usually spells disaster , rather something like 8lb flurocarbon straight-through. Fluro is also a lot more forgiving with backlashes.
  3. Wondering what this fish is, caught it on the Gold Coast. I think it's a queenfish but I am not too sure. Thanks
  4. I used to catch live Herring around the prawn trawlers at Jerseyville using sabiki bait jigs and then drift them along the northern breakwall on the run out tide to very good success a few years back. Hardest part was keeping the Herring alive
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