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  1. Toby_fisho

    The Entrance perch

    Thanks guys
  2. Toby_fisho

    The Entrance perch

    I finally got one, well two! I was flicking down the entrance early this morning around 4:30, and picked myself up two perch, my first perch at the entrance. Here’s some photos.
  3. Toby_fisho

    Perch, perch and perch - central coast

    Ps I know I don’t look to happy in the photo, i just wasn’t feeling the best on the day. But you have to fish through the sickness!
  4. Just like to share this photo of my Pb estuary perch. Went 41 cm, was caught on a zman slim swim and was a good fight on 4 pound. This was one of many perch me and my mates caught over the a school holidays last year. Every session targeting bream we’d keep getting perch, until we could only catch perch (which is a good thing). I’ve done another forum on this before but I’d REALLY like to know some reliable perch spots in Tuggerah lake for soft plastics, surface or cranks. These perch were schooled up so they were very easy to catch, now I just want to catch one!
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could give me some tips on snapper off the rocks, it would be greatly appreciated. Where to go and what to do would be a big help
  6. Toby_fisho

    My first jewie

    Thanks guys
  7. Hey guys, winters just hit and Tuggerah lake is quite boring at the moment ( accept for the blackfish, @Koalaboi😂) I have recently fished the rocks at crackneck and have had good sessions on bream, drummer, leatherjacket and trevally. One fish I want to catch off the rocks is some snapper! I’ve caught a few offshore but never off the rocks. Just wanting some tips as to what to do, where to go on the central coast. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Tight lines, Toby.
  8. Toby_fisho

    My first jewie

    My very first jewfish! Caught on live arrow squid in Lake Macquarie. Was about a month ago but I didn’t get the chance to put it up here. Went 87 cm and a very nice flathead by catch as well.
  9. Toby_fisho

    Rockfishing - Bateau bay

    Thanks for the tips @Koalaboiand @wazatherfisherman. Went today and got around 30 pigs, my biggest 42 cm and my mates at 45 cm for his first ever drummer session. I was using 8 pound line and got busted off a lot, mainly I think because i wasn’t giving the fish time to eat the bait and cruise off like @Koalaboi mentioned.
  10. Toby_fisho

    Rockfishing - Bateau bay

    Thanks guys, greatly appreciate the advice. I was using peeled prawns for bait @Squ!rt and I was burleying the same way you guys have stated (bread mushed up, cunji and prawn heads). I did use bread and got one fish but I had to leave so I didn’t have it time to use it. I think I may try the bobby corking technique.
  11. Toby_fisho

    Rockfishing - Bateau bay

    I could never seem to find any reports of bateau bay beach on this so I decided to fish it myself. First I got to the rocks up toward crackneck and it was calm swell and very little wind, Just that bit of wash which was good as it being calm let the burley stay in the area below us. I bought some cooked prawns form coles and threw some heads for burly just to keep the fish there. First cast I hook up to a little 28 cm pig (drummer for those that don’t know), very hard fighters for there size second cast I cast out further so the wash brings my bait in closer and my alvey begins to Spin as I’ve hooked a nice trevally. Was around 40 cm and was Kept along with 2 other 32 cm drummer for some nice dinner for me and the fam( only my parents lol). I’m total me and my mate caught 15 drummer, 1 trevally, to many kelpfish! And some silver drummer. If anyone could give me some tips or spots for big drummer or better spots I would greatly appreciate it. Regards Toby - Tight lines! The good old alvey! The trevally
  12. Toby_fisho

    Big eye trevally at the entrance

    You use the @ and then add there name in
  13. Toby_fisho

    Big eye trevally at the entrance

    They’d be still there mate.
  14. Toby_fisho

    Big eye trevally at the entrance

    Yeah I thought that. I’ve heard of guys a couple of decades ago catching mangrove jack off the entrance rocks. These fish would also be drawn to the Bommie of the entrance and in turn move in the estuary.
  15. Toby_fisho

    Big eye trevally at the entrance

    Hey fellow fishos. Caught this big eye trevally in the lake this afternoon on a live prawn. Didn’t think they’d come this far south. Put up a fun fight on 4lb line for the size of it. Has anyone else caught any unexpected species in the lake?