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  1. Toby_fisho


    Hey guys, I’ll be staying down in Narooma in November and I would be extremely grateful as to where to have a flick, I’ll be using plastics, hardbodys, vibes and surface but am willing to try with Livies for kings or a Jew. Have google earthed some spots already but any tips would be much appreciated, cheers 👍🎣
  2. Toby_fisho

    Winter on the central coast

    Thanks guys 😄
  3. Toby_fisho

    Winter on the central coast

    Cheers everyone. And to your comment @bookwa, the first 3 photos are EPS and the one with the bream inbetween it is a bass. The easiest way to tell the two apart for me is the concave on the head of the EP going towards its mouth/nose area. The bass also has a red eye
  4. Toby_fisho

    Winter on the central coast

    A 40 cm bream in there as well!
  5. Toby_fisho

    Winter on the central coast

  6. Toby_fisho

    Winter on the central coast

    What a winter it was. For me compared to last year, I caught a considerably more amount of fish, and had plenty of fun, even though my toes and fingers were numb! Perch, big bream, big bass in the saltwater and Luderick were majority of the fish caught. Here’s some pics.
  7. Toby_fisho

    The entrance

    Thanks guys @jnrfinatic @fragmeister. I wasn’t actually targeting the blackfish, I was going for some bream. This season however me and heaps of my other mates have been getting heaps more on the plastic. I believe it’s them hitting it out of aggression due to them spawning, but you never know. Could just be some carnivore blackfish 😂.
  8. Toby_fisho

    The entrance

    It’s been a fun period of fishing the past 2 days. blackfish were smashing the soft plastics and at one stage we had a triple hook up! Couple of breambos getting around as well. Love seeing the blackfish put out in numbers, I for one love eating fish but it’s always a case of every fish you catch they kill down the entrance. Not a big problem just really saddens me to see guys killing everything.
  9. Toby_fisho

    The Entrance perch

    Thanks guys
  10. Toby_fisho

    The Entrance perch

    I finally got one, well two! I was flicking down the entrance early this morning around 4:30, and picked myself up two perch, my first perch at the entrance. Here’s some photos.
  11. Toby_fisho

    Perch, perch and perch - central coast

    Ps I know I don’t look to happy in the photo, i just wasn’t feeling the best on the day. But you have to fish through the sickness!
  12. Just like to share this photo of my Pb estuary perch. Went 41 cm, was caught on a zman slim swim and was a good fight on 4 pound. This was one of many perch me and my mates caught over the a school holidays last year. Every session targeting bream we’d keep getting perch, until we could only catch perch (which is a good thing). I’ve done another forum on this before but I’d REALLY like to know some reliable perch spots in Tuggerah lake for soft plastics, surface or cranks. These perch were schooled up so they were very easy to catch, now I just want to catch one!
  13. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could give me some tips on snapper off the rocks, it would be greatly appreciated. Where to go and what to do would be a big help
  14. Toby_fisho

    My first jewie

    Thanks guys
  15. Hey guys, winters just hit and Tuggerah lake is quite boring at the moment ( accept for the blackfish, @Koalaboi😂) I have recently fished the rocks at crackneck and have had good sessions on bream, drummer, leatherjacket and trevally. One fish I want to catch off the rocks is some snapper! I’ve caught a few offshore but never off the rocks. Just wanting some tips as to what to do, where to go on the central coast. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Tight lines, Toby.