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  1. jnrfinatic

    Whats your dream boat

    Mine would have to be a grady white 330 express marlin or a haines hunter 800 Patriot or a bar crusher 780ht
  2. jnrfinatic

    New king stick

    No thanks mate but thanks for the offer
  3. jnrfinatic

    Newcastle Beach fishing

    Nice little jew there and good report
  4. jnrfinatic

    New king stick

    Got a new king stick the other week and still deciding on what reel we should put on and what line rating. Any advice will help. It's a 70mh daiwa saltist, rated pe5, cast wt 30 to 95grm and it's a special blank. Looking for a reel about 8000 size and is in the 150 to $250 range Unfortunately not letting me post pictures otherwise I would
  5. jnrfinatic

    Squid again

    Nice session there and where were you located
  6. jnrfinatic

    Fishing trip up north.

    Nice fish there and nice mud crabs
  7. jnrfinatic

    Sydney fishing

    Nice report mate and good to know that the marlin are back and nice mako and blue eye
  8. Went to sydney harbour once again for squid and kings but also got a jew. Started the day off fishing for squid and even before we got to the boat ramp, my mate had already caught 8 squid at shark island. When we got there we headed to a beach not to far from rose bay boat ramp we ended up catching 10 nice size squid and kept it for bait. So we had 18 squid all together which was enough. After that we headed to watsons bay in search of kings and as soon as we got there my mate and i saw a school of about 10 kings that looked legal and some rats so my dad tied on a soft plastic and hooked up on very light line but my dad still managed to get the king in the boat and it was 63cm so my dad released it then my mate hooked up on a squid strip on 6lb line and got it in another rat 61cm then released it. Nothing after that but some snickers and twisties. Then we headed to two of the white drums in sydney harbour one being at clifton gardens and nothing there. Then we headed to the other white drum in the middle of sydney harbour and my dad my dad hooked up but he pulled the hook out of the fishes mouth. Then we headed back to watsons bay and started to burley some bread, squid and pilchards and it atrackted 2 little jews. I hooked up to a jew and it was an unbelieveble fight, it went under the boat and straight into my brothers line and got tangled, my brother hooked up as well at the same time but we failed to realise so it got off. This was my first jew and it was 72cm and about 2.5kg so we kept it and gave it to my grandma as she loves fish. Then we called it a day and headed back.
  9. jnrfinatic

    Grandsons catch

    Thats a nice size flathead mate nice job
  10. jnrfinatic

    Rock Rat

    Hey mate where were you located and nice report
  11. jnrfinatic

    PB by catch

    What a stonker. Nice to see that you released that beauty.
  12. jnrfinatic

    Sydney harbour squid and kings

    Went to sydney harbour today for some kings and we did ok. We started the day of fishing for squid and got one and the fishing was slow. About 1hr later it started pissing down rain but suprisingly we got three squid in the matter of 30min at manly, we also tried for yakkas on a sabiki rig and didnt catch anything. It was still pouring so we left and got out of the rain(kinda). After that we went camp cove and caught three more live squid in the matter of 3mins . We caught 7 live squid at this point and we still had about 6 to 8 dead squid so we had plenty of bait and we headed to north head as people have caught 30kg plus kingfish there so we got there and we instanly dropped a squid in 25metres of water. We rigged the squid with one treble hook and a single j hook. 10 mins later we left as it got rougher and our squid was gone. We headed to the cliffton gardens in search of the kings. We hooked up straight away with a strip bait as i wanted to have a challenge on the lighter setup. I ended up catching a rat about 63cm then let it go. My mate hooked up after that and another 60cm rat, released then bang the saragosa starts screaming and another hard fighting rat and my brother got that one. The bite slowed down but my dad dropped the whole squid down deep and straight away there was a hit, the saragosa was max drag and it was still pulling, had to be a metre plus king. My dad was even strugling to lift the rod up, but then the line got caught in the motor and the line goes slack, lost it. After that we caught a few more rats and the wind picked up so we went to get the crab pots back and called it a day. In one there was snapper and a blue swimmer crab, the other one was 2 big blue swimmer crabs.
  13. jnrfinatic

    Identify this fish!

    Hey mate do you want to fish landbased or boat because sydney harbour and botany bay are good at both as they have a good population of fish and sydney harbour has over 300 species of fish.
  14. jnrfinatic

    Sydney harbour squid

    Went to sydney harbour today for some squid and kingies (we didnt catch any kings😢). We went to shark island twice and the first time my brother and i both caught squid. I caught a squid about 20cm and my brother caught a 10cm squid it was 7:30 in the morning and it was middle of the tide. We fished for squid for 3 more hours and caught 6 other baby squid, nice live bait size. We caught most of them at shark island and near the rocks in 1-2 metres of water. 30mins later it was high tide and we headed to the kingfish spot. It was a bit tough getting there though because it was the sydney to hobart race and every time a boat came past us the waves would get bigger and it was more difficult to fish. So we got there and dropped the anchor in 36.9metres of water. About 10mins later i started felling like i needed to spew so we tried to head back but the anchor was stuck on a rock so my dad had to cut it. There goes $370 down the drain. Then we headed back to rose bay boat ramp and my dad said i felt sick cause i didnt have much water or fluids and the boat kept on rocking side to side. Btw im a kid hense why i mentioned "my dad" so many times.
  15. jnrfinatic

    sydney Marlin

    First reports of the season coming thru boys Boats getting 3ways ivan bennett got pack attacked and a few boys out in the 100ftm line got hits