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  1. jnrfinatic

    Circle hook or J hooks

    Duo to all the replies I'll be sure to try circles next time I go out.
  2. jnrfinatic

    Circle hook or J hooks

    Debating to stay with J hooks or switch to circles as I'm not very good at setting the hook and dads always been with Jhooks so I'm wondering what u guys think of the two. Should I switch or should I stay?
  3. jnrfinatic

    Nice Northern Beaches Red

    Excellent feed of fish there, and well done on the snapper and flatties👍👍
  4. jnrfinatic

    Kingies for a kiddie

    Small but tough, nice report, well done.
  5. jnrfinatic

    Sydney kings going off

    Yes they do, still waiting for a metre kingi
  6. jnrfinatic

    Sydney kings going off

    It's a vision design custom boat
  7. jnrfinatic

    Sydney kings going off

    He introduced me to fishraider so I'm assuming he is but he told me he isn't soooo I wouldn't know
  8. jnrfinatic

    Sydney kings going off

    I'm fishing on my cousins uncles 6.2m center console that was custom built and is called finnin after finning around, my dads name for all his boats and has old garmin electronics, hopping to change to a furuno decked boat
  9. jnrfinatic

    Nice surprise Dollies 1st fad botany

    Nice work, hopping to get out there next weekend
  10. jnrfinatic

    Sydney kings going off

    Left the ramp at 5am for 1 mission and 1 mission only, successfully hook a kingi and get it in the boat for my cousins first king(and let him fight it). Grabbed some Pillies on the way to the ramp and as soon as we got there we headed to spot x and gathered some squid, one decent squid in that spot and off we were to another spot, got 6 squid out of that spot and 3 were humungous so we had enough baits for the day. Fished for more squid cause there was still 2hours till high tide and nothing. 2hours later headed to the kingi spot near north head and as soon as we got there every boat was hooked up, dropped a bait in 14.2m and BOOM the rod buckles like a freight train hit it and unfortunately lost that fish as my cousin wasn't that experienced with kings he didnt know they ran straight to the bottom and he got cut off. Next fish was a massive ray and maritime came near us and took a pic of us fighting the machine on the end of the rod and posted it on facebook, hook pulled and off it goes. Next bait was a hard fighting kingi and the rod almost slipped out of my cousins hand😄😄. Pulled it up and this was the result. 58cm was the length and released it. Next bait dropped and if we hooked up it was my brothers fight and we did, quickly tought him how to use and overhead reel and 2mins later we had a king in the boat. 57cm was length and released it. Next was my turn and always save the best for last and landed this 60cm rat. Fishing was quiet soon after and headed to one white drum in the harbour and bait was dangling from the boat and a king came topwater and we were on.. for 1 second. Kings were everywhere on the sounder and 1king soon after. Called it a day as we had no more bait and actually forgot about the pillies so we left and headed back to the ramp.
  11. jnrfinatic


    For a yakka I put it through the cartilage in front of the nose on a single hook or I would bridle the yakka
  12. jnrfinatic


    Will do @mrsswordfisherman thanks alot
  13. jnrfinatic


    Thanks mate just posted my jewie photo on my other report much appreciated
  14. jnrfinatic


    I'm asking how to post pics and I'm only new to fishraider I'm trying to learn new things
  15. jnrfinatic


    Left rose bay boat ramp at 5am,picked up live yakas in no time and headed the boat north past the heads. 37 kilometers later found a private fad that we were looking for first bait down 77cm dollie and then triple hookups, landed 27, best going 85cm and smallest 50cm. Dollies disappeared after a striped marlin appeared in the mix and wouldn't touch a live yakka. Love to show pics but dont know how to post pics. Dollies are thick, get out there while u can