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  1. jnrfinatic

    Central QLD Just WOW

    What a trip mate! Love the photos, man that sunset looks good! Well done Adem
  2. jnrfinatic

    Bate Bay flatties

    Wow, very very nice feed mate! Well done Adem
  3. jnrfinatic

    Snapper Off sydney

    Nice job. Damn, i really need to give plastics a-go. Well done Adem
  4. jnrfinatic

    The cooks go’s off!

    Sounds like an awesome day out. Fantastic photos too! Well done Adem
  5. jnrfinatic

    Winter on the central coast

    Nice stuff Mate! Some good size fish there! Well done Adem
  6. jnrfinatic

    1 PB Squid = 2 PB Kings

    Well done mate. Very nice fillets off of those two! Well done Adem
  7. jnrfinatic

    Persistence through the winter months

    Well done mate. Some good size lizards there! Adem
  8. jnrfinatic

    Sunsine coast of Qld

    Nice work Yowie! Awesome feed aswell! Well done Adem
  9. jnrfinatic

    Flatheads off sydney

    Nice. A coupla flatties for a feed, mmmm, Yum! Well done Adem
  10. jnrfinatic

    Quick flick at Rhodes boat ramp

    Hey mate, Nice report and fish! Hate phnumonia, had it about 6, 7 years ago when I was only 4 or 5 Get well soon Adem
  11. jnrfinatic

    Broughton Island

    Awesome work on that cracking monster! Might need to start using SPs from now on for Reds and all those other great species! Well done Adem
  12. jnrfinatic

    Budgewoi beach

    3 and a half kilo salmon?? Wow! Well done Adem
  13. jnrfinatic

    Botany Bay Fishing

    I caught a coupla tailors the other week in BB
  14. jnrfinatic

    Central coast kingfish

    Awesome read mate! Great sized kings to! Have a good one Adem
  15. Love it! Awesome video and very nice report! Well done Adem