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  1. Nice feed there @Scratchie! Always come back with nice results! Well done Adem
  2. Nice report mate! Nice photos too! Well done Adem
  3. You'd be happy with that any day mate. Well done Adem
  4. Great sized bream mate Well done Adem
  5. Nice bag mate. Decent size flatties there. Well done Adem
  6. Very nice fish mate, amazing report too! Well done Adem
  7. Beautiful Reds mate, yet again you always come back with great results! Well done Adem
  8. Hey mate, Copy the link and post it on the Web and it should come up. Adem
  9. Wowowowowow, amazing trip mate! Love the photos aswell! Well done Adem
  10. Great write-up mate. Well done Adem
  11. Wow, what a great 2 sessions. You'll be having seafood for dayssss! Well done Adem
  12. Awesome feed of flatties mate! Great report too! Well done Adem
  13. Wow, very very nice feed mate! Well done Adem
  14. Nice job. Damn, i really need to give plastics a-go. Well done Adem
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