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  1. Very nice bag as always mate! Well done Adem
  2. Hey mate, Sydney harbour has great squidding when in a boat as I've learnt, I haven't been land based in Sydney harbour but I'm sure there's squid all throughout the harbour. Just try and find weed bed and places around rocks if land based and or boat based. And as you can see on my pic, you can catch squid up along the beaches as well! My preferred jigs is yamashita, no particular reason why, but dads been using them forever and I guess it runs in the family. Casting out and letting it sink and then a flick or two of the rod is my preferred technique for squidding, after one flick, wait a coupla seconds and then do another. Good luck Adem
  3. Nice fish mate! What did it come in as? Well done Adem
  4. Well deserved fish mate! Well done Adem
  5. Good work guys. Most likely gonna come up there in 2-3weeks or so, maybe I'll see you out there! Well done Adem
  6. Happy new year raiders! Stay safe all and have an amazing start to 2020! Adem
  7. Amazing fish mate, as always! Well done Adem
  8. Nice size kings, and squid mate Well done Adem
  9. Some nice fish as always! Well done Adem
  10. Thanks Mate, very informative! Adem
  11. Hi all, Just wondering what all boaties use for their weather app. I've been using willyweather and BOM weather the past couple of months but I don't think I've been getting accurate readings. Keep in mind I don't have the paid versions of the app. Today I installed seabreeze, and the weather report look more accurate than both BOM weather and willyweather. I once checked willyweather a day before I went out for kings at long reef and the swell said 0.8m but it ended up being about 3m. I need answers! Any info will be appreciated. Adem
  12. Nice photos mate and catches. Well done Adem
  13. My dads gotta stradic fk and he really loves it. It's been dunked under Saltwater many times and my dad isn't the best at looking after his reels, but the reel stills works as if it was brand new! Adem
  14. Nice job mate, some nice fish there! Well done Adem
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