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  1. Thanks for the input Sea Ranger, I like the reputation of the Lowrance as well, it was a sales assistant that pushed me towards the raymarine, thats my reason for asking has anyone had first hand experience with them. The 3D imagery of the Raymarine Axion is pretty impressive. Cheers
  2. G'Day, I'm refurbishing my boat, its a 6.8 m plate cat If been looking around at what electronics to put in it. I do a bit of everything fishing wise, drop a cray pot, bottom bounce in 30- 100 m water plus troll for tuna out fairly wide. I dont want to go all out price wise, so i'm thinking under 3k Originally I was thinking of a Lawrence Elite Ti 9" ($1500), then I moved up to the Lawrence HDS live 9" ($2700), but now I am considering the Raymarine Axiom RV 9" ($2400) Does anybody have any experience with any of these units, especially the Raymarine, or any other suggestions of current model units around these prices? Cheers
  3. feralcat

    Tuna hooks size

    Im a newbie too, so more seeking advise on this topic than offering.......but a 6" skirt seems pretty small for 80 lb line or vise versa I have a few 5" and 6" skirts, Especially with the 5" skirts, I planned on using 15 kg pretest line, with 130 lb leader. I have actually rigged a couple (only 2 lures) with 80 lb fluro leader Any thoughts
  4. feralcat

    Braid line on roller tip game setups

    Thanks for the advice PaddyT. In the past I have caught a good few school fish in the 6-15 kg bracket.....it will be a whole different story if we manage to snag a decent fish.
  5. feralcat

    Braid line on roller tip game setups

    Gday JonD I have actually bought a fin nor offshore 7500 reel for my spin outfit......haven't used it yet but the reviews on them are great. I loaded it with braid and a 50m mono topshot. The one TLD50 I spooled, fitted about 1100m braid with close to 100m mono topshot, so your estimation would be pretty right running a shorter 50m topshot. I have decided to run a bit of a mix. A couple of outfits will be braid/mono....the others all mono....will see how they compare. Just have to find the fish now.
  6. feralcat

    Braid line on roller tip game setups

    I have spooled one reel up with braid and a mono topshot, the others are all mono at this stage, will have to see how it goes. I am targeting Tuna, so hopefully my gear will be ok. cheers
  7. feralcat

    Braid line on roller tip game setups

    Thanks for your thoughts, yes line capacity is a major consideration for me. Where I plan to fish the odd barrel is more than likely to turn up, so as my gear isnt "top of the range" I thought going a bit easier on the drag with the TLDs may be a reasonable option, especially knowing I have a bit of line to work with? That may be a naive thought??? Im pretty confident in my knots, I can only hope that a decent fish jumps on to test them. I have tested a few knots that I have tied, but that wont be anything like trying to subdue a big fish.
  8. A bit of wisdom please...... I am pretty new to game fishing. Target species....tuna. I have recently bought a couple of TLD 50s and a three TLD 25s Was thinking of pairing the 50s with shimano back one elite 24kg rods, either fully rollered or roller tipped. And similar 15 kg rods for the 25s. My main question is....... I was thinking of putting 50lb braid on the 50s with around 100m of mono.......similarly with the 25s using 15kg line. My thinking for doing this was as follows. Firstly line capacity. Secondly the thinner dimensions of the braid travel through the water better when you have a lot of line out. My concern is my choice or rod guides. Are the backbone rods rollers suitable for braid or should I go for non roller guides. Appreciate your help and feedback.....cheers