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  1. Lower your drag and fight it with patience. Still hook it up but take your time with it. I have lost a number of tailor from fighting it too quickly or bringing it in too quickly. They have a much softer mouth in comparison to kingies and bonito
  2. My backyard is the river, It is definitely mullet. I thought it was whiting or something else but looking closer it is mullet. Never tried targetting them but there are 30-40cm in there.
  3. I know you can't buy them because of White Spot Disease. Just wondering if you can still find places to pump them or if it is banned to pump them etc
  4. Interesting, I've tried tubes, i didn't find them as good as bloodworms from memory.
  5. Hey guys, A while back, maybe 6 years ago we use to be able to buy blood worms. Recently, in the last year or two. I found it hard to find bloodworms are stores. They all tell me that they haven't stocked them in years. Something about white spot disease. If that is the case, are still allowed to pump them? My mate use to pump them years back. If so, is there any recommendations to find them? Cheers
  6. I was just seeing if any follow up or recently any reports on bonnies and kings in Jervis Bay
  7. I chase drummer a lot, usually i try Prawns with bread as burley. If the pickers start coming, i change to weed (find weed that is on your platform or around you) Blackies are less picky, they generally eat all types of weed as long as it is in the right area and time. If it is harbour blackies, i think you look for river weed.
  8. Entrance has prawns. Not a whole heap but they are there. Generally flooded with people though because of the proximity from Sydney Green Hornet helped me out at the basin, they are there but not in huge numbers and the prawns are bigger in the basin though.
  9. At this stage, i don't think it does. ( could be wrong however) There is a large community of us who use these life jackets. We pay over $200 for them. Some even up to $550 Our fishing store manager has been trying to push these jackets for a year now but they won't accept it. Turns out they don't meet international standards They want the big companies to do the testing which will cost hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, there is no way they will do them because they don't sell these jackets in Australia. Mostly because, i don't think the market is the same here. All the Shimano and Daiwa Jackets sold here are under $200 and do the trick. However, the ones we buy have heaps of pockets, holders, straps for the waist and thighs, accessories and additional safety gear. Like whistles and flashers on our jacket. Some with even neck buoyancy too. Edit: "leisure life jackets/ Floating vests" just don't qualify and there isn't a market for someone to do the testing for it.
  10. I think the WWW is very limited in information to be quite honest. The problem with fishing and targetting is that every location is always different. The most the WWW can do is help identify techniques, teach bare bones basics and keep up to date with the trends. As long as someone has the basics of targeting one type of fish, the rest will be up to them to see the habits of the fish in those areas. Hence, nothing beats someone actually showing you how to target a fish in a specific areas because that knowledge is only passed down from locals. I mean a good example is, using weed to catch bream. We know it is all possible BUT I have never ever ever ever had luck catching bream on weed in Sydney However, going up the coast. I have caught bream on weed on multiple occasions. Same goes with tides, some spots lower tide works better for different fish.
  11. Honestly, its kinda unfair I bought a $320 life jacket earlier in the year and it won't be compliant just because it doesn't meet Australian Standard but it meets Japanese standards. I understand the importance of Australian standards but if a well known brand meets Standards in a country like Japan which also has high standards, i don't see why they can't transfer it.
  12. Il be down there this weekend chasing kings. I will see if i can drop an update.
  13. Ah..! Thanks I didn't know they go bad so quickly. Is there any way to keep them longer? or would that be only freezing? Cheers
  14. This is why i hate fishing in busy areas. I hate shoulder to shoulder because people are so careless when they cast. 90% of the time i always look behind me before i cast but its just so uncomfortable when it is busy. Majority of those busy spots have a huge amount of inconsiderate people and think they are so clever. I'm quite the vengeance sort of person but in this scenario its easier to just let it go. You can't teach those people a lesson.. They are the type that think only think of themselves. If it was me, i'd make his fishing experience the worst. So he spends more time untangling and re-rigging. I was in Avoca one day(there was stacks of people shoulder to shoulder next to each other) and this guy took out 4 rods spaces 4-5 metres apart using float rigs. Trying to mark his territory and being snarky to people about "stealing his fish" I was spinning and decided to spin in between the widely spaced rods. This guy got mad and was acting like it was his territory and his spot. He gave me a death stare and said you better not tangle lines or im going to cut yours. P.S I have no issues casting in between people i was just floating around the ledges to see if i could tempt anything So me being the person i am was like. Alright you wanna be a wise crack, i purposely threw my lure and pulled his float into the bommies. Shook my line and went around his. Untangled my lure and walked away. Few minutes later i see him getting mad that he lost his rig. Sometimes you need to bring karma to them.
  15. I do keep my eye out on reels all the time. If you tell me what one you are looking for i can help you find a good deal What size, quality budget etc.. Normally, i stick to shimano for the smaller sized reels. 1000-4000 If i want bigger ones, i gear towards Daiwa a bit more however no prejudice if a good deal is a good deal. Also, i tend to stick towards the medium-high quality reels. Unless its a reel i don't mind thrashing on the beach truth is a higher quality reel is only for better handling and comfort. I tend to avoid second hand reels because its not a huge different in price for second hand reels. Unless you want an older generation reel which is usually discounted by 30-40 % In terms of tackle, i try avoid buying cheap stuff. I've come across some pretty shocking stuff and i spent money on better quality tackle. I'd rather a sharper quality hook than a hook is cheap and snaps. Same goes with line, i try stick to the better stuff so it casts better and more sensitivity.