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  1. Just arrived in Nambucca this afternoon and had a look at the breakwall, looks good with lots of current. Just wondering if anyone knows of any kings being caught around there recently or Jews, I have my 60lb gear with along with some big stickbaits and slapstix. Where should I start?
  2. @wchh @masterfisho7 @Scratchie Thanks guys, it did put up a great fight, but not as good as you would expect, probably because of its old age, but still fun on 6lb line!
  3. Tell me about your best silver trevally story in the harbour. Down at Neutral Bay wharf one night (about half a year ago) I was using my light setup, with a small green luderic hook and a tiny piece of bread, then I noticed a bream looking fish swimming towards my bait, I was freaking out thinking it was big bream. After it inhaled my bait and I stuck it turned and I saw, a 64cm long silver trevally! Later released after some photos.
  4. @Despo4kingfish slap stix tend to work great for harbour and offshore kings, there are also multiple ways of working them, you can put a weighted jig head on them let it sink down to the bottom and jig it a couple time aggressively and then pause for a 5 second ish or you can go unweighted and just rip it across the surface
  5. Thanks for the feedback @big Neil and good luck with that king!
  6. Hi all! Just going to be running through some of the gear I use for inshore kingfishing. First off, my light setup. My reel is a Shimano Stradic 1000, a new addition, spooled up with some lower end (cheaper) 6lb braid and I usually run 10lb mono leader. It is a great little reel with a good amount of drag, just enough to stop those rat kings! This reel is paired up with an Atomic Arrowz Estuary 7 foot, with a 3-10lb line rating. This rod goes great with the reel, strong, light and it is stiff enough that I feel confident casting heavier lures on it without it breaking! Now to finish off, my heavier setup. My reel is a Daiwa AIRD X 4000, a friend had a couple of them so I would always give them a go, it is a great looking reel that performs great, is light and has a great drag system, I have it spooled up with 20lb powerpro braid and usually use 30 pound leader for it. The rod I have this reel paired up with is a Shimano rod made for Fish Outta Water, I’m not entirely sure on the name, but I know that it is 9 foot long, and is rated to 8kg line, and is very good for casting, it is a great rod that isn’t used enough. They are the rods, reels and line I use for kingfishing, just let me know if you would like to know about some lures I use and how to use them, and if this was useful to you. Kind regards. Oscar
  7. Thanks @DerekD, I will go ahead and change that then!
  8. @mrsswordfisherman nice, your first king is such a buzz, where and what are you getting them on?
  9. @Fish_More you certainly should some day.
  10. Yes he should defiantly up the leader size if he is getting bitten off by tailor, the biggest my friend got on 6lb braid was a 87cm king on his boat, and I have caught a nice 74cm king off land with similar gear, but unless your on a beach with no pylons around your odds are slim of landing them
  11. I tend to go very light while chasing kings, but I mostly target rats, I use 6lb braid with a 10lb leader, you certainly lose a few but the ones you get are well worth it!
  12. Thanks guys, I know it’s a long list but a friend owns a boat and rarely takes it out, I’m hoping for a good day on the water at long reef to get that snapper, and I recently caught my 20th king ever, so I would like to get to 35 by the end of 2019. Thanks! And good luck with your goals! Oscar
  13. - 45cm + red snapper - 19 kingfish - 5 legal kingfish - beat my current record silver trevally in the harbour (65cm) - 85cm + kingfish - catch a jewfish! - get into some more of the smaller tuna family eg. bonito, frigate mackerel, Mach tuna ect. Oscar