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  1. Thanks for the info. yes I did see that brand and it seems good quality with a few extra features (USB, light, etc.). GOOLOO brand was another I was eyeing off. I also have a 100 Series 4.2 Diesel Landcruiser (with a 750CCA car battery) so it would be good to find something that would also kick that into life when needed. Any thoughts on whether the Aussie iTech one's are any good?
  2. I'm looking to add an extra level of redundancy to my dual battery system by purchasing one of those small Lithium power packs to be able to jump start my motor if necessary. Does anyone have an idea of the minimum capacity CCA rating for these units I would require to jump a 1999 115HP 2 stroke Yamaha? Also, any recommendations on good quality brands would also be appreciated.
  3. In the absence of installing a hardwired monitoring system, I'm looking to install one of those bluetooth monitoring systems that can provide me with battery health information (voltage, charging, current flow, etc) and alerts while out on the water. Does anyone have any experience with these and can recommend a good quality solution? Any pro's and cons between hardwire and bluetooth solutions?I'm assuming that with a dual battery setup I will need to purchase two of these bluetooth sensor systems to avoid having to swap across to each battery when I wish to get information on each battery, i
  4. Does anyone have one of these older Furuno LS-4100 sounders laying around they don't mind parting with?
  5. Help with a dilemma. I have this old Furuno LS-4100 monchrome sounder (see photos), still works fine but LCD screen has discoloured making it harder to read. Heading up to Forster in mid January for 3 weeks and just looking to swap in another one of these sounders as an easy fix, short-term solution. Does anyone in Sydney metro (or failing that perhaps elsewhere) have one of these old units laying around (fully functional & in good condition, screen etc.) that they don't mind parting with that I could acquire? regards, Richard, Menai NSW
  6. Thank you everyone for your comments, they help me build some confidence that things are basically okay with the setup (but maybe add a VSR) and I can manage the isolator settings to preserve maximum available capacity on both batteries. One clarification please, the advice includes switching from battery 2 (crank battery) to battery 1+2 after starting the motor. Is it okay to switch like this when the motor is running? Also, if I'm underway with a 1+2 setup this presumably means the current draw from equipment (instruments, radio, sounder, GPS plotter, etc.) is being shared equally
  7. Back in January 2017 I purchased a second hand boat (1999 Cruise Craft Rival 500) with a 1999 115 HP 2 stroke Yamaha. At purchase the motor had 170 hours and I immediately had it given the once over with a 100 hour service by a Yamaha dealer up on the mid north coast of NSW, cost a bomb but it was all done, spark plugs, impeller and water pump housing, gear oil, fuel filter, etc.) Since that service I've only added about 50 hours (total engine hours of 220 now) in 2 years. I'm about to go on our regular annual holiday for a few weeks up to Forster where the boat gets most its use from year to
  8. Looking for some advice Some background first… I’m a first time boat owner, a 1999 Cruise Craft Rival 5m runabout with a 1999 115HP 2 stroke Yamaha. The boat has a dual battery system and I replaced the cranking battery with a Century 730CCA 100Ah (Wet cell Flooded) at purchase in Dec 2016. I have purchased a Ctek 5amp smart charger which I have recently used to recharge the cranking battery out of the boat (all 8 step process okay). When a tried to recharge the deep cycle battery the charger reported an error at step 5, meaning that battery won’t keep a charge and therefore
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