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  1. A jews a Jew. You’ll always remember your first one even if it’s 25cm long like my first one 😂. Congrats
  2. Here’s one of my flathead that I have landed land based on a live herring. It went over 60cm (ruler length is 60cm) I’m estimating 65cm. I spent 7 hours every weekend for 2 months fishing live baits off the wharf with @JamoDamoand like he said before I have lost some huge flathead. I lost one fish that would’ve had to be at least 90cm flathead or a Jew. I’m still not sure exactly but it’s first run was huge and the power it had was incredible. To finally land this fish after so many fish lost felt so good. It gave me a feeling that I actually am doing something right.
  3. Felt so good to finally land a fish off that wharf lol. Out of 5 hook ups on big live herring, we have only landed 2 flathead both over 65cm. Congrats on your pb
  4. Yeah I always see them before dropping a trap in and when I drop it in they just seem to ignore it
  5. This may sound stupid but I’m struggling to catch poddy mullet or any mullet in the Georges river. I have managed to only catch 2: one on a sp (35cm) and one on a sabiki jig while jigging for herring (my alternate to mullet). Truer burley and everything and they just don’t like to eat. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong since all my usual traps and float fishing techniques work down south.
  6. Hard to decide between my biggest flathead (80cm) and my first legal Jew (70cm). They were both milestones for me. The flathead was caught on 4lb line and a small squid strip in January 2018 and the Jew was caught in January 2020
  7. I’ve caught a few pike eel while fishing for Jew and wow they put up a great fight even on the heavier setups. I noticed that when I went out for Jew, the pike eels were biting in a very similar way and until i felt the dead weight when i hooked one, I thought it would’ve been a Jew. However I would never try to even attempt to unhook one even if I was desperate. Everybody gangsta til the pike eel bites your finger off.
  8. So that’s what that clicking sound at low tide is?
  9. I’ve had lots of success on nippers. Caught my pb whiting at 40cm on a nipper and I’ve also caught some nice flathead on them. Great bait
  10. It wasn’t caught in a protected zone. I released it as well
  11. Is it really a nipper? If it is it’s a very dark one. The ones I catch are Usually much much lighter. Maybe it’s because this one was caught in mud and the others I’ve caught in sand. But it had more of a prawn like body.
  12. I found this yabby looking creature under a rock yesterday at low tide on the Georges river. Can someone tel me what it is and if they’re good bait
  13. I know I know but I do really need to respool. I didn’t realise I had such little amount of line left
  14. Btw the bait was servo prawns. Last minute stop for bait 😂