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  1. Silver beach kurnell. Fish off one of beaches between the groynes with bloodworms and you should get some whiting and bream.
  2. I have a fly rod at home that’s never been used. No reel for it. I’m not sure what weight it is but I might try that
  3. Thanks for writing this on behalf of me Jamo. I was looking at the Jarvis walker aurora but they’re out of stock everywhere. They’re cheap and they’re good rods but I just can’t find any. @DerekD I only started fishing for blackfish this year with @JamoDamo and while I haven’t fished for them too often, I would like to have a cheap setup for the rest of the season when I can go out for them and for next season and so on. All the blackfish sessions we’ve done so far, I’ve been using jamo’s jimmy crane light and I feel bad using his rods and reels although I let him use my diawa laguna whenever we go lure fishing. My dad has a Snyder glas light surf rod but he won’t let me use it lol. Thanks to jamo, I’ve learnt a lot more about blackfish and how to fish for them and because estuary fishing in winter slows down, blackfish are a fun species to target. Having my own entry level set up would be great especially when jamo can’t go out. All help is appreciated and thanks again to jamo for putting this thread up for me.
  4. Well done that’s a very nice blackfish. Makes it even better that you caught it on a lure. Ive only ever caught 1 on a soft plastic which was only 23cm
  5. The banax took a full 275m of 20lb mono which is great. The power rods I don’t think is a butter worth but I’ll send you a photo of it bc I’m not too sure. Hopefully I can get onto some Jews even though it’s winter there still should be a few around.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has used a banax iso 5000 for Jewies. I recently spooled one up with 20lb mono and I’m planning to fish for Jews with it matched up with a powerods 12 foot mt7144 rod. Also would this set up suit for fishing for jews land based on the Georges?
  7. Very nice bag of blackies. Well done 👍🏽
  8. Where we get our weed isn’t fishable. Too shallow
  9. I’d fish them on a running sinker rig in the gutters. If they die, You could use them whole, strip the hoods or use the head and tentacles as separate baits.
  10. There’s plenty of fishing to do around Gerroa. Off the beach try and get some beach worms if you know how to and dish them for whiting, bream (if they’re still around). If not you could try pilchard on gang hooks for salmon and tailor. Off the rocks on the safe side there are some squid but be prepared to lose a jig or 2. If you manage to get some squid you could fish them in one of the gutters for a Jew. There’s also a little river there called Crooked River. You can pump nippers between the two bridges and fish them for whiting and flathead. You can also get heaps of poddy mullet using a poddy trap. Fish the mullet on a running sinker rig which could get you some flathead. Hope this helps
  11. Yes I had a lot of trouble using it. Never have I had so much difficulty casting a centrepin. I guess the frustration was getting to me as I didn’t have a very good weekend overall. Next time you hear from me we will have caught blackfish. Thanks for all the tips and replies everyone, really appreciate it.
  12. I found this weed in a small rock pool on the Georges on Sunday. It was long and in strands but it felt like cabbage weed. It was growing on a stick. I’ve found some similar weed before in the crooked river, Gerroa a while ago (can’t remember if it’s the same as this or normal green weed it was like 5 ago). Anyone have any ideas as to what type of weed it is?
  13. Morning sesh: I went out with @JamoDamo for a flathead flick at the local spot. After about 1 hour we only had gotten a few hits so we walked up to Oatley park. Tried off the wharf for a little bit with no luck still. Had a flick at a floating branch inside the nets off the beach where jamo got a small bream at 20cm. It was his first bream on a lure. I decided to tie on my cranka crab to see if there were any more bream around and first cast with it I landed a slightly bigger one at about 22cm, my first bream on my cranka crab which I’ve only used once before. Arvo sesh: We walked down to another spot locally after some lunch to try and get some flathead. First cast I got a very aggressive hit but missed the hookup. Nothing much happened for about an hour until I hooked about a 45cm flatty which shook the sp free at my feet. Nothing else to report after that. Day of firsts for both of us: first bream on a sp: jamo first bream on a cranka crab:me Hopefully we get some bigger bream soon. Lures used: -Squidgies wriggler 100mm bloodworm/ 1/12th jighead -Cranka Crab olive green 2.7g (can’t remember exactly what the colour is called)