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  1. I was fishing for flathead and bream when I caught that mullet. Man I thought I hooked a huge flatty or little jew
  2. This is the mullet I caught on a lure. Great fun on the light rod. You can see where it was hooked just in front of the dorsal fin
  3. Been fishing a spot close to home for mullet lately for bait and for fun. There are always fish around with many of them being thick large mullet. I have only ever caught 1 mullet here which was on a soft plastic which got snagged behind the head. There are so many there but they don’t like to bite anything. They don’t eat bread or dough even with burly. Same story with a little creek nearby, never caught one even with heaps of them around. Even tried a trap and none of them go in again even with burley. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong as the technique I use works well for me on the south coast. Any help or tips on how to get them would be great.
  4. Great report and nice fish 👍🏽 Fish like those are why I spend hours waiting for a fish to pick up my live baits Hopefully I can get out for jewfish soon before school holidays end.
  5. No. I got poddy mullet in the trap but there’s also a few smaller fish that go in which are the silver biddys. I usually put them back but I wanted to try using them.
  6. 3L juice bottle trap with bread
  7. I was very surprised too! The bait was only about 2.5-3.5cm long
  8. I was fishing on my kayak on the crooked river again for flathead and I tied my Pb whiting at 40cm. Caught him on a live silver biddy. He put up a good fight as all big whiting do. Unfortunately I didn’t get any flathead but I was losing baits. I also caught a little tailor on a silver biddy which I didn’t know where in the river.
  9. Can’t wait to get back out on the bay. Last time it was very slow fishing
  10. I’m sharing my goals for the year with the fishraider community because I know I’ll get the “Damn bro that’s crazy but I don’t remember askin” replies from most of my friends lol. Anyway I’m gonna get a job and buy myself a kayak for Sydney as my other one stays down the south coast. Not an expensive one at first but by the end of the year I’m hoping to sell it and buy a hobie pro angler 12 with the money from my job. From my kayak I’m going to mainly fish for jewfish with livebaits and sp drifting over the holes and spots etc. I also have to do good in school which isn’t going to change until my final minute in a classroom. My goal is to not get a single c and hopefully more A’s than b’s (4:5 A-B ratio last semester no c’s) I also play soccer and after choosing not to play reps this year (which I sort of regret) I’m going to make it my goal to score at least 1 goal every game and to be extremely fit for the season. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be in a reps team. This was a goal I set 3 years ago for 2020 and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take the chance. Those are my goals for the years. Wouldn’t mind hearing what you guys have in mind either
  11. There are a few deeper holes which I’ve caught flathead out of on live mullet and I’m sure there’d be bream as well.
  12. My dad has caught some good fish from shoalhaven heads in the past. I know the shoalhaven has good fish but I’ve chosen the crooked river because I’m 15 and can’t drive and I don’t want to be constantly asking my dad to drive me to the river and even though he enjoys fishing for Jew I feel like I ask him way too much to take me out. That’s why I ride my bike or walk to my spots in Sydney. The crooked river is a 5-10 minute walk from my house which is why it’s a convenient spot to fish. I can’t wait until I can drive lol
  13. I may be a bit mad about trying to catch a jewie but I have looked at the mouth of the crooked river at Gerroa a few times and there could be a possibility of some jewfish. Btw they don’t have to be 30kg fish just after some to catch and release. The mouth of the river is one of the deepest parts sections ( not a very deep river probably 1.5-2m maximum depth) and it has a channel that runs out towards the headland. The river itself holds a lot of mullet and whiting for food which filter in and out of the river as the tides come in and out. I’m thinking that’s as the tide comes in and out the fish would sit inside the channel and wait for the food to come. It’s sort of like a beach gutter because there are breaking waves around the channel But I do have my doubts. The river is mostly very shallow sand flats with a few deeper channels and holes further upstream. It gets so shallow that you can’t even kayak through it. Also the river has a bit of human activity. Surfers, swimmers, kayakers, boat launches and paddle boards all take place around the mouth. The water is very clear and the sand is always shifting. Some sand flats that are present one time are sometimes gone the next and the channels can also change too. This doesn’t apply too much for the mouth where it stays the same most of the time but the channels running out of the river can sometimes change. My main concern is that the river is too shallow for jewfish but all the other factors seem to be in my favour. The food source and channel should work. If there is a Very slim chance at a jewfish I’ll stick with live baiting upstream for flathead. All information is greatly appreciated
  14. I get my poddies in a trap. 3L juice bottle with an X cut at the top then fold the flaps down. Drop two heavy sinkers in or something that will keep it on the bottom and throw in some bread. In the river some of the mullet are a bit big for the trap and there are some fish which look like tiny herring that go inside in plagues. Keep persisting through the tiny fish and eventually the poddies will go in as long as you keep them around with bread burley.
  15. Filleted and skinned. Can’t wait 😋