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  1. So I’ve had all my runs on rods with 8lb mainline but I set the drag a little looser than usual to avoid I popping off and to tire the fish out. However yesterday the fish made a run for cover and me gently palming the spool was enough to snap the line. I’m rigging a baitrunner that I have with 12kg line and I will be fishing a 30lb trace with a double snell rig 4/0 and 5/0 hooks. Hopefully that will be better for the bigger livies which were a little harder to cast on the lighter rods and I hope I can land a fish
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s the main line breaking. I need to use some heavier line with bigger reels
  3. Nice fish mate!👍🏽 Looks like you had a great day out on the water
  4. Keep busting off. I need to get a few heavier reels for Livie fishing and a few heavier rods that are two piece so I can carry them around easily on my bike.
  5. Yeah I’m using suicides. Got the flathead to the wharf and my mate went to net it from the front and it broke the line in the process.
  6. Not missing the fish they just pop off
  7. Hi all I have gone out to a local spot for 3 weeks in a row now fishing live baits for Jewfish and flathead and I have started to find a pattern. All my action weather it be death rattles, baits bitten in half and runs have been an hour either side of the tide change. So far out of the 4 runs I’ve had, I have lost 2 to human error, lost 1 to leader strength and my 4th run produced a stingray. The fish that I know of so far have been a stingray and a flathead that would have been over 70cm that was lost right at the wharf. Heart breaking to lose fish that put up such a good fight and after I’ve waited for 4 hours for just one run but I know it’s all part of livie fishing. It’s definitely worth the wait as a fish hooked on a big live herring is usually a good one. I’m planning to go out again as soon as I can and hopefully on my 4th attempt at a big flatty or Jew I can land it, take a few photos and release it again to grow some more. I’ve started to find a pattern to these fish and soon I know I will land one. Tight lines SaltyGreek
  8. Hey Admis My family and my cousins used to go up to Port Stephens every year during the marlin comp in February. We used to fish for Garfish from the wharf at shoal bay as well as from the boat ramp at soldiers point. I’ve heard Stockton beach holds some big whiting although I never tried beach fishing in Port Stephens. You could try fishing break wall at the marina during Easter for long tail tuna and kingfish Hope this helps
  9. I’ve heard of a bonefish caught inside the port hacking river before. Ive also read something about a sailfish caught just outside Botany Bay heads in the late 70s if I remember correctly
  10. May need to invest in one of these for when I’m traveling around on my bike. It’ll be easier to carry around than a 7’6 long cane rod.
  11. Hi all Tested a bamboo/cane rod that I made today. I Made it specifically for fishing a Sabiki rig. It is a very simple setup that was inspired from a few Asian fisherman. Just around 70-90cm of 8lb line tied to the the tip of a 7’6 bamboo/cane (not exactly sure which one it is) rod with a snap swivel and a Sabiki rig. Ended up catching 3 little silver biddy which were all released and 5 or 6 herring. Kept 2 herring for Jew bait in the future. Very effective and simple set up for jigging up baitfish from a wharf or pontoon.
  12. Nice bream! Bet he put up a good fight
  13. Definitely will upgrade my leader strength for next time and yes the georges seems to be fishing quite well atm.