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  1. Hey mate, great vid. I went to the same place to have a go at my first bass and managed to catch 3! They were all caught on really small paddle tail lures rigged wormless. Like you I also managed to slip into the water although that was trying free a bass that had wrapped itself around a branch. Thanks for the tip, give me a shout if you ever want a fishing buddy!
  2. They will mainly be for flathead I anticipate as that's all I seem to catch 😅. I also hate trebles so keen to give it a go. I actually wanted to give DIY a go just for abit of fun. I'd prefer to get new braid just so I know what condition it's actually in.
  3. Do you think colour matters or will anything do since I'll be using the skirts anyway?
  4. Thanks for the reply, I bought some rubber skirts for a couple of bucks off ebay. I would have never thought to go that heavy but makes sense. Would you still suggest a name brand braid or would no name brand off ebay do? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I've recently bought some budget ebay blades for basic estuary fishing. Thinking about removing the (likely cheap) trebles and adding on some stinger hooks, similar to the ecogear zx blades. Has anyone tried this out and had success? What strength braid would you use to tie on the hooks, I was thinking about 15lb. Also does the braid you use to tie the hooks on need to be quality stuff? Was thinking about buying bulk multicolour braid off ebay so I can use it for different coloured lures. Thanks and tight lines 😁
  6. Thanks Green Hornet, will hopefully be able to give them a go soon. Thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks for the advice Green Hornet. Any thoughts as to colours? I could probably buy one deep and one mid.
  8. Also I've been looking into the atomic hardz crank 38 lures but I'm not sure whether I should go for the mid or deep. Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. Thanks guys, will give it a go. Any spots in Sydney anyone would recommend?
  10. Thanks for your reply guys. Another question is what sort of gear do I need? Currently using a 2-4kg rod, 2500 reel with 6lb braid and 8lb fleurocarbon leader. Is that too heavy? Thanks
  11. Hi Guys, Long time reader, first time poster. I had a question about some lures that my wife bought me for Christmas. They are the Atomic Hardz K9 Walker 60mm floating type in both "Tim's prawn" and "Ghost pearl tiger". I'm fairly novice and I've never fished with this type of lure before and I was wondering, how and when I would use them. I'm land based and mostly do basic estuary fishing for bream/flathead etc using soft plastics. Thanks heaps