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  1. Mate do you mean yabbying pumping should generally be at low tide but at Mareela I should only go after high tide?
  2. I have half given up on beachworms.......tried a few times with my stinkbag and managed to actually find some beachworms once but they were really small and couldnt catch any either with the special worm pliers or fingers.
  3. Hi mate, I was literally looking at that exact spot as other raiders have suggested that area and was going to work my way from the anderson's boatshed to Mareela Ave so you have saved me probably hours of wading through soldier crabs! I planned on going at low tide but read on another post that i should go just after high tide so those flats are really up high. At what time do you get the nippers in the yellow circle?
  4. Thanks mate! Low tide at Umina beach for nippers?
  5. Thanks for all the advice! Its been a busy easter so far but looking forward to trip next week! @DerekD you are an absolute legend for taking the time (and patience!) to show how to do yabby pumping last week and more importantly sharing your experience and learnings like pump maintenance and how to tell the male vs female so we can put all the females back! We are confident we can get some nippers up in central coast next week! PS finally landed a fish on the nipper! A good 42cm flatty from the lane cove river!
  6. I am hoping it's that easy in which case my nipper pump won't be a wasted investment! Anyway should be a fun activity and get the kids interested as well. Thanks!
  7. Ok will go with the 30 inch longer one then. Thanks! I have seen youtube videos of people catching the nippers so i think i know what they look like but just wasn't sure if they would be around that area. But from the sounds of it seems best to go at low tide when the holes are revealed. Also do nippers keep well overnight in case I have some left over and want to use them the next day? Just keep them with some wet sand and water?
  8. Heading up to Ettalong beach over Easter break with the kids and wanted to try catching some yabbies and beachworms. Never tried pumping yabbies but read on an old post here that there are yabbies near andersons boatshed but wanted to see if I will still find yabbies there? If not where would I likely find them? Also would you recommend the 24 or 30 inch size of the pump? Tried beachworming elsewhere but never caught one so hope to crack it this time. If there are any beaches near there you would recommend please do let me know. Of cos if any fishing spot you would recommend hap
  9. I googled for raider lures but it comes up with Spanyid raiders. Is that the ones you are referring to? They look like the Halco Twisties but with lots of colour. As for the Sea rocks lures they actually look very similar to the Samaki Torpedo i linked earlier so i might stick to that one cos the shop is much closer.
  10. Got it! Will try to get the pearl white one and perhaps a blue one as well. I never thought about colouring in permanent markers thats a good idea!
  11. Mate I appreciate the detailed response. I am still overwhelmed overwhelmed bit by the various different shapes, colours and size available in a tackle shop but matching the hatch allows me to hone in to what I want which is what u are using ie 7 to 10g in white or silver. I lost my metal lures last week so need to get a couple this week! Thinking of the samaki torpedo https://www.ottostackleworld.com.au/samaki-torpedo-v2-spinner
  12. From my limited experience I think it's definitely worth it! Good luck!
  13. Hey mate! Good to hear from you and thanks for sharing your experience. I also got myself a few vibes but not sure how they work yet. I might pm to learn more about spinning these metals!
  14. I can't agree more! The thrill of casting into a bust up is exhilarating but I am surprised we got fish spinning metal even when there was no bust up. Also when u get a hit u u r likely to still get a hookup as the hooks r right at the end.
  15. Sorry mate I forgot to limit my search to title only so got a lot of irrelevant results
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