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  1. Cheers, thanks for sharing! I only have a few days so great that I have the places pinned down. For settlement point, do you mean at Settlement Point Reserve just past the ferry?
  2. Hi all, am planning for my trip up to Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour and was wondering if anyone could share some location that is easily accessible landbased and relatively safe that I can take the kids. I couldnt see any obvious flats next to land on google map but did only find a post that says there are flats near the bridge at park street at Port Macquarie but again couldn't see any obvious flats on google map. Thanks guys!
  3. Mate absolutely awesome report! It's clear how much effort you put into to learning and also writing the report to share! I am in a similar boat to you after running into @DerekDonce and my skills have really improved. Unfortunately I haven't had much practice over lookdown but look forward to catching up with derekd for a fish over the summer! perhaps I can join next time u fish with derekd. Hoping to catch my first king on lures!
  4. @DerekD Mate another incredibly valuable session for me on Sunday and a real eye opener especially when we got to the slapstix. I remembered I asked why you need such a massive lure and was honestly shocked how incredible lifelike they were whether on the straight retrieve or on the bouncing retrieve. Unfortunately I can't quite remember all the different types of lures you used after the slapstix or the different kinds of retrieve techniques. Definitely need another session once I get my lines and have had a few casts with the 9 foot rod. The only downside to Sunday's session was that the fish weren't playing their part but we did see this red/orange flash from a fish that was following one of our lures. Not sure what it was but it seemed a good sized fish. Would anyone know what it could have been? Anyway can't wait for summer but until then i can start to get some of these lures you recommended and go out for a flick during winter and see if I find any salmons cruising around. Next time we can hopefully catch some pelagics together!
  5. Actually i have the same net also bought from ebay. The good point is that its light and compact but not the best quality but guess its why its cheap. In my case, the clip that flips the net is half stuck (even though i wash my net after every use) and one of the length of the pole has pulled completely out but otherwise its ok.
  6. Thanks for the responses especially derekD for explaining it over a call! Love this forum. I ended up getting the 9ft2in and actually picked it up earlier today. Look forward to using it on the beach and even in the harbour!
  7. Thanks for the responses especially derekD for explaining it over a call! Love this forum. I ended up getting the 9ft2in and look forward to using that on the beach and even in the harbour!
  8. Looks nice but unfortunately seems out of budget for me. Me looking at no more than $100. Just not sure if 9ft2in is enough for casting from the beach. Any thoughts on that?
  9. Thanks for the replies. Actually the abu garcia veritas is a 9ft2in rod so it sounds like its doable for not too rough wave conditions. Seems to be their higher end model but always hard to tell from the website description alone. Still not sure but maybe i would trade up to the 9ft graphite......
  10. Hi raiders, with my recent conversion to lures I have been thinking of giving beach fishing a crack. Never really tried it except using nippers on 7ft rods which is great fun but wanted to give beach fishing with metal lures a go. Maybe catch taylors, salmon, etc. Been just waiting for the right rods to go on sale! ha I recently bought a Penn Mariner II 10ft (composite, 6 to 10kg and 20g to 87g cast weight) which was on sale but felt a bit heavy. Then today noticed the abu garcia 9ft full graphite rod (6 to 10kg and 20g to 68g cast weight) for a good price. I haven't used the Penn yet so can take it back to upgrade to the abu garcia. However, I am worried the 9ft might be a bit short for beach fishing? Read previous posts but still not quite sure. Any thoughts/advice? Thanks all!
  11. I am another one of Derek's student! He has a wealth of knowledge and humbly shares his experience and time! I have been to a few sessions with him (the most recent being pumping yabbies) and definitely fast tracked my fishing skills!
  12. Happy to report that we manage to pump yabbies at the flats at Ettalong (to the right of anderson boatshed). There were a ton of solder crabs but we managed to find the yabbies after venturing further out at low tide. The kids also found these semi-translucent worm like thing which we weren't sure what they were. We tried putting these worms on hooks but they fell off pretty easily. Anyone know what they are? Anyway we got the yabbies at low tide and the next day high tide (around 10am) we went out to Ettalong beach at about 8am and went for a flick. The yabbies surely dont last long on the hooks but we managed a massive whiting at 43cm along with about 4 other whitings, flounder and couple of blue swimmers by catch. We left at about 11am. We did exactly the same thing the next day (ie pump yabbies the day before) and went for a morning fishing session at exactly the same place and other than a couple of small breams we got nothing. Guess thats fishing for you! We also went for a fish off ettalong wharf and got a small whiting in the evening but it was very windy and seemed to be a bit snaggy. We also went over to booker bay wharf but that place is tiny and there was already three persons fishing there. Would have wanted to venture out to a few other places to wet a line but unfortunately didn't have time. Anyway thanks for all the advice from all which ensured it was a enjoyable and memorable trip!
  13. Mate do you mean yabbying pumping should generally be at low tide but at Mareela I should only go after high tide?
  14. I have half given up on beachworms.......tried a few times with my stinkbag and managed to actually find some beachworms once but they were really small and couldnt catch any either with the special worm pliers or fingers.
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