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  1. Ended up going to north narrabeen on sat morning about 7am just after low tide. There were no visible gutters within casting distance but found a small deeper around where a couple other fishos were casting. Unfortunately there were too much weeds. Ended up moving around and there were some bites on the pillies but still hit weeds everytime. Called it quit after about an hour or so. Not sure if weeds is a common thing or how to avoid? Hopefully better luck next time.
  2. Makes absolute sense! Gonna try and report back!
  3. Thanks for sharing. I didnt manage to get out last weekend but should be able to this weekend. Only problem is that the high tide is at about 1am or 1pm. I could do evening or early morning but its gonna be low tide. I presume tide is more important than time of the day? If i went say 8pm would it be too dark to see where the gutters are?
  4. Thanks for the tips. I think I know how to find the gutter so lets see how it goes!
  5. Sure can use a paternoster rig. Sorry but what do you mean by a popper? For running rig I normally have mainline to swivel to leader with sinker then hook. For paternoster rig I normally have mainline to swivel to leader with dooper loop (to which the hook is attached) and then sinker at bottom. Thanks!
  6. Thanks guys for the responses. Seems I am on the right track. Also will swing by the Narrabeen B&T before I head out. I am planning on taking my kid and go either at first light about 6am or evening about 8pm so hopefully that avoids most of the crowds. I will probably skip the berley. As for how far to flick out the rod does that really depend how far the gutters are? If I cant find any gutters should I just flick it where the lagoon flows out to the ocean? Not quite related to beaching fishing but I find that the line guides on my rods rust. Is there a way to prevent them from rusting? Would wiping the rod down be enough? Sorry for asking so many questions but just wanted to get as prepared as I can before heading out. Thanks!
  7. Hi All Have been doing mainly estuary fishing but want to try my hand at beach fishing and try and catch salmon etc. After many hours of reading online and watching videos i still have a few questions. I have a 12 foot rod with 20lb mono and 15fb flouro leader. Planning on going to north narrabeen beach around high tide near the entrance to the lagoon using a running sinker with half cut pillies on 3/0 circle hooks. (a) any things wrong with my plan and happy to take any tips. (b) what sinker to use? Thinking of getting a size 1 star sinker (c) Should i still try find a gutter/rip or just where the water flows out from lagoon? I have never tried finding a guttter but spent a long time on youtube so hopefully its not too difficult to find there. (d) Need to berley? Thanks!
  8. I am a newbie at fishing but I want to take the kids (6 and 9) fishing as we are staying at the Entrance area next week. We have couple handlines and a kids rod combo but want advice on whereabouts to fish? Don't need to land any big fish (but obviously don't mind if we land a few!) but looking to try and get the kids to land some fish! Prefer a jetty/wharf if possible but also thinking of hiring a small boat to fish in Tuggerah Lake? Is it true that its a good time to fish 2 hours before high/low tide? Any advice appreciated! Thanks!