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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am trying to target the pelagics so guess float is yhe way to go. Maybe i thrwo out a live yakka and strip squid boyh under floats. Do u use just the one hook? What kind of hook do u use?
  2. Hi All I have had some success on live rigging yakkas but have some questions and see how i can improve. Basically i fish off wharves and use a 2 snelled rig (using 2 3/0 circle hooks with one pinned just before the dorsal fin and the other lower down the back) under a float. (1) I see most people seem to use octopus hooks rather than circle hooks. The reason I use a circle is because its under a float with about 5-10m of slack line. Most times I only know the fish is on when the rod bends which hopefully means the hook as already set. Should I consider using octopus hooks? (2)
  3. WIll try my pot next week (picking it up from bigw). Do you catch slimy mac the same as like yakkas? Never caught slimy mac before.
  4. Hi Ron, i am trying to get yakkas. Sometimes they are there but sometimes nowhere to be seen. I prob dont do it consistent enough as i forget to chuck in the berley. When u chuck in 5 min apart is the strike rate pretty good in getting yakka to turn up? Just white bread with water so its kinda of like a thick paste? Edit: by the way where is the workshop area?
  5. Ok thanks for the tip. I just got myself a berley pot and gonna try next tjme i am ok.
  6. Thanks Dave. That all makes sense. I havent tried freezing everything to make the burley before......usually i mix everything together then chuck it in. Let me get a berly pot and try that! Also how deep do u have the berley pot? Do u try and keep it closer to the top, middle or at the bottom?
  7. Hmmmm guess either i should chuck in burley more often or put it in a bucket. Prob easier in a bucket as i sometimes i forget to chuck in burley!
  8. Thanks kingie. For bread bait do u also use a berley pot as well? If u do how deep do u have it in the water? For the frozen log what do u put in them? Sorry for so many questions! Just trying to learn more!
  9. I have tried berleying a few times but i must be doing something wrong as it doesnt seem to have any noticeable difference. Here is what i do. I generally fish off a wharf. I generally have two rods, one is a heavier rod with a float and the other is a light rod usually to catch yakka or leather jackets. Berley is half a loaf of bread crumbs usually with some leftover fish. I chuck a couple handfuls straight down from thw wharf every 10 or 15 min or so. Then i fish my lighter rod in the berley trail. (1) how much berley do you chuck in and how often? (2) i sometimes mix in a pra
  10. Thanks mate for sharing. Talking about leaders my 30lb fluoro leader got smoked as a fish grabbed my pilchard on 2/0 circle hook. Should have used my 50lb but i feel theres less bites on my 50lb.
  11. Thanks mate, will have a look around next time I am there!
  12. Never been to pier 8 or ives step before. Is parking easy or get over crowded? I usually just use two 2/0 circle hooks on a live yakka. I have seen a live bait hook before but never understood what the advantages are.
  13. Thanks mate. Will try but need to get my hand on a sabiki first. Hopefully find time to get one this week!
  14. Daiso sells sabiki rigs? Didnt know that!
  15. Guys i really appreciate all the advice and tip. Guess all the brands of sabiki rigs are about the same? I will try the hayabusa one but cut it in half as 3 hooks will do. I will try a small piece of squid as some suggested and see how that goes. I also read about using a heavy sinker, how heavy should i go with 3 hooks? Will a size 1 star sinker be enough? James, i am in the gladesville area. Usually i find some yakka but not always. During summet i try to get there early and use them for the kingies. I know squid are better but havent been very successful with squid jigs.
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