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  1. first crack explanation was the person welding must have made a mistake and humans make mistakes... second crack explanation was the people that fixed it the first time must have done a bad job..
  2. Hi, first post for me, i would like to get an opinion on a cracked boat hull and anyone that has had experience with it. i purchased a new aluminum boat a year ago and about 6 months into using it i noticed a crack in the weld on the bottom of the hull, i had it repaired and the manufacturer paid me back for the repair.. it cracked again opposite the original crack and its the same kind of crack in the weld. i only realized that it was cracked both times when i put the boat back on the trailer and there was heaps of water coming out when i removed the bung. water was pouring out of the bung for approximately 10 minutes each time. the crack is a hairline crack about 5 cms long. i would not want to name the manufacturer at this stage as they have been helpfull and want to repair it themselves this time. i am just worried that it will crack again.. and it will become an ongoing issue, it is a 4mm offshore plate boat, i went to the boat show and in terms of space this boat is awesome, with plenty of fishing space i didnt see anything with as much space in the 6 - 6.5m range i have never hit anything and have always been careful with transporting it etc.. has anyone had a brand new aluminum boat boat with a crack in the weld and had it repaired? Is this a fairly normal thing to happen with aluminum boats?? 😢
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