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  1. Hey I’m new to fishing would like a mentor to help me I don’t mind travelling around Sydney or up the coast or down coast within the 150km range I’m really interested in lure fishing for bream and flathead
  2. hey man nice fish ! im not up to any means catching a jewy yet even tho i really want too, do you have any spots i can land fish with lures at hawksburry
  3. Hey guys I’m new here and kind of new to fishing, I’ve been fishing with my dad my whole life but only really went with him and he was doing all the work now I’m starting to do it myself and learning all of the in’s and outs i planning on wadding the Hawkesbury river when the time is write it would be of great help if I can find out where the best places to wad would be and what tides and if flats or channels or deep spots