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  1. Great report Neil good to see you have been getting out and into them!
  2. There’s still water in the main pools but starting to become very warm. Hardly worth the drive to be honest which is sad to say.
  3. So sad to see Rick. I’ve nearly warn the bottom off my kayak from the few trips I’ve had to the Macquarie River. The lack of flow and water temps sky rocketing is a worrying trend. Only leaves me with the question of will any of these fish get through?
  4. In summer on windy days you can fish wind lanes for them similar to you do for trout. You can see them with their mouths out of the water sucking in insects like Neil says.
  5. Great stuff Neil good to see you found enough water to get a few.
  6. Hi mate in the dams I fish for carp first and last light are definitely peak times to catch them but this may be more to do with the amount of boat activity in the area during the day. In saying that I have caught them all hours of the day especially in water with enough clarity to sight fish for them. I have never taken any notice of the barometer when targeting them.
  7. @TAZ I was back home in Western Vic recently and it's great to see how green it was with rivers flowing looking healthy a stark contrast to the country I had to drive through getting there. I hope lack of oxygen levels don't become an issue. I've seen the local rivers get pretty ugly in times of drought and the fish survive somehow so hopefully that is the case again. Seeing the recent fish kills on the news has me more concerned this time around though.
  8. Hi Neil, The Macquarie river was a similar story with very poor fishing last year compared to previous cod seasons. Hopefully We see an improvement this season. As far as the weed growth goes we see a similar result with considerable weed growth in times of low river levels and flows only to see the weed disappear after the first half decent flooding event. I've seen many cycles like this and have never seen a negative affect from the weed growth. I Have seen smaller streams totally choked up and become unfishable due weed growth from lack of water flow so hopefully your river doesn't get that bad. The rain we received was very welcome. Far from drought breaking but enough to settle the dust for a few days. Here's hoping for a good season of rain and fishing ahead. Cheers, Trav
  9. Looks like a beautiful spot, shame the fish didn’t play the game for you guys.
  10. No worries mate hopefully that gives you the results your after
  11. Try keeping the black lead on negative of the battery and moving the red lead to different places to see what voltage you get.
  12. Hi Jebro When testing was the red lead from the multimeter always on the positive of the battery? If so that would explain always getting 12.6V as the multimeter is only picking up the potential difference between the two points you are testing.
  13. Hi Frank, Golden Classic is this weekend, next weekend an AYC event has been moved from Wyangala to Windamere and Australian Freshwater Masters is the 8-9th of November. I am unaware of another event the weekend you are planning on going but I may have missed one. Best thing you could do to know 100% is ask when you call about a cabin. Cheers, Trav
  14. I'm looking forward to it as well mate hopefully the weather plays the game for us. Orange is a great town but definitely unpleasant in winter.
  15. Hi @solarbear88 there are plenty of fishing options around the Bathurst area. I don't know of any guides in the area but I live in Orange and fish the area a lot and would be happy to show you a few techniques/ spots that I know. Send me a PM if you're interested. Cheers, Trav