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  1. T_Bert83

    Copeton messing with the head

    Great work and persistence Dave that’s a cracker fish well deserved.
  2. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    @rickmarlin62 yeah it’s a bit of a worry. Hope we get some rain soon.
  3. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    Cheers @Scratchie was a great day. @rickmarlin62 was a great day but not quite as epic as your outing going by the photos. I only dream of landing one snapper that size in a lifetime keep up the good work.
  4. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    Thanks @big Neil just one of those special days when everything lines up and the fish are switched on.
  5. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    @Welster we definitely have some cool freshwater fish it’s defintely worth having a crack one day.
  6. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    Thanks @Blackfish was such a fun day. Thanks @nutsaboutfishing wish they could all be as good a day as that.
  7. T_Bert83

    Reds again

    Cracking fish mate great stuff.
  8. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    Thank you there is so much more I could of said but I thought that was long enough.
  9. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    Such a nice looking fish.
  10. Plan was to leave for Wyangala Dam chasing cod at 3:30am but by 2:30am I couldn’t sleep through a mixture of trying to get out of night shift mode and the anticipation of the day ahead. Little did I know I had a good reason to be excited. Arriving at the dam just after 4am I set up and head off slowly in the dark to where I wanted to start my mornings fishing. The day started slowly as I fished swimbaits as the sun came up with no sign of a fish. There were cormorants and pelicans everywhere a good sign of bait in the area so the fish shouldn’t be far away I thought. As I fished my way along the bank casting as I went I cast to a tree in slightly deeper water and a fish slammed my lure and no hook up. Twice more it hit and didn’t hook up. Across the river was another large tree so I made my way over and first cast bang I’m on then moments later that sinking feeling as the hooks pulled. The two previous missed opportunities showed me a bit of a pattern the cod were relating tight to timber no real surprise but it was the biggest of the trees that held the fish. From then on I set the electric motor on high and purely fished the biggest trees and that’s when the results came. It was 8:50am when the first cod hit the net a solid 72cm cod. After a quick photo and release I was back into it. I fished on and had a couple more missed fish before I hooked up again landing another solid 80cm cod. Again quick photo and release. 10:08am 2 fish so far and the water was starting to get shallow so I was thinking of moving back to deeper parts of the lake but I pushed on. Glad I did. 10:30am I found a group of trees where a drain led into the dam from the surrounding hills. It looked very fishy but I thought it may have been too shallow. First cast was stopped mid retrieve only to miss the hook up. Twice more the fish hit the lure and failed to hook up. I changed angle and cast back to the same area and this time the fish ate it properly boating a 70cm fish. Next cast into the same group of trees was crunched again. I thought surely not the same fish but it was slightly bigger coming in at 74cm. After that I returned to a tree I’d earlier missed a fish. First cast was on the money and it was still hungry only to pay the ultimate price for not retrying after the last fish as the leader broke must have had a nic in the line I hadn’t noticed. Gutted as it felt like a big fish. I fished a few rock walls after that focussing on the steepest sections that had timber on them. Landing another 70cm cod and missing a few more. I fished until dark and landed a 73cm cod on a jackall gigantarel. One of the craziest days cod fishing I’ve ever had. Not because of size just sheer numbers. Ended up landing 6 and lost count of hits and missed fish. I fished a few different lures but majority of the action came on Lucky Craft magnum crankbaits which allowed me to cover water quickly. I fished a shallow diving lure in water less than 4 meters and the same lure in deep diving in the deeper water. Cheers for reading, Trav
  11. T_Bert83

    Goodradigbee River

    Hi @Kaneo, I have never fished the river so can't help too much. All I can say is move slowly and quietly upstream casting as you go keeping an eye out for fish. A few of the lures I have had success with fishing for trout are, Shallow diving Jackall Chubby and pro lure crank both are 38mm . Shallow minnow style hard bodies in the 4-8cm range such as rapala x-rap or atomic hards suspending minnow. Any paddle tail soft plastics are another good option in the 2-3inch sizes. I use Kietech easy shiner or swing impacts and fish arrow j-shad. I fish plastics on as light a jig head the flow in the river allows even using resin jig heads in very slow moving water to really slow down a retrieve. Small spinners such as a rooster tails also work well. I mainly stick with natural colours and lures with no to little rattle especially in clear water but will go bolder colours and rattles in dirtier water. Cheers and good luck, Trav.
  12. Late notice but I'm heading for a day trip cod fishing Friday if anyone is keen to come along. Cheers, Trav
  13. T_Bert83


    Looks like you chose wisely mate scored good conditions and a great feed.
  14. T_Bert83

    Murramarang Family Getaway

    Hi @shakey55 we were just there for the weekend mate. Our fishing was limited to the beach and rocks in front of the cabins. We didn't catch much but enough to keep the kids happy. Hopefully you get amongst them next time you go.
  15. T_Bert83

    Murray Cod /Trout Cod hybrid...

    Great report Neil. Good to see you got out and amongst the fish mate. Whatever people want to call it it's a beautiful looking fish. Cheers, Trav