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  1. T_Bert83

    Wyangala Report

    Been pretty lucky the last few trips but I don't post all the donuts haha. Hahahaha you're right Rich I do need to learn that art I haven't managed a metre cod this season but have 2 x 99cm models.
  2. T_Bert83

    Wyangala Report

    Yeah not wrong mate the bigger models wouldn't have been far away. It definitely has the potential. If the barometer had of stayed steady the numbers would have been a lot higher. You're onto it mate birds and bait are #1, fish are never far away. One of the biggest mistakes I noticed others doing was moving around too much during peak bite times therefore wasting time. The other was sitting the boat in too deep water casting back to bank. 3/4 of the retrieve their lures would have been out of the strike zone.
  3. T_Bert83

    Wyangala Report

    Cheers mate 70mm was definitely easier to take than the poor buggers that lost by a couple of mm
  4. T_Bert83

    Wyangala Report

    Was forecast 35km/h winds but somehow they missed the 65km/h winds that caused mayhem haha
  5. T_Bert83

    Wyangala Report

    @Scratchie wasn’t near as cold as I’ve experienced while cod fishing no frozen reels or guides and could even feel my fingers through the whole session 😂
  6. T_Bert83

    Wyangala Report

    Headed to Wyangala Dam for the AYC Cod Classic over the weekend. After weeks of good weather, low winds and a steady barometer we were due for a change and as so often happens the weather turned nasty during the competition. With a dropping barometer, severe winds, pouring rain forecast it was a short bite period on the Saturday morning that produced the goods for us before the wind and rain hit. We had picked a bank to fish and headed off in the dark at around 4:30am. 2 hours passed without as much as a bump. As we fished our way along the bank we started noticing more fish activity and birds working the bait schools. From 6:30am to 8:30am we had an excellent session producing 4 fish ranging between 75cm and 99cm. All fish were caught on Jackall gigantarel swimbaits fishing between 3-5m of water. The dam fished pretty tough over the weekend so we were pretty happy with our results. 60+ teams fished the competition catching 40 cod with the winning fish coming in at 106cm. Cheers for reading, Trav
  7. T_Bert83

    My first jewie

    Congrats Toby both cracking fish.
  8. T_Bert83

    Winter Fishing Tips

    Winter is prime BIG cod time. If you can put up with not feeling your fingers and guides freezing over tie on a big swimbait or chatterbait and go to work targeting them in the shallow water. Won't get them every trip but when you do fair chance it will be a fish of a lifetime. Cheers, Trav
  9. T_Bert83

    Which size electric motor

    I agree with Baz stick with the 55lb electric. Would be very rare occasions it won't hold position in current or wind. Save $$$ and cuts down weight in your boat from the extra battery. I do however run a 60" shaft on my electric and when the wind gets up it come in handy. If space is an issue I'm sure 54" shaft would be fine. Cheers, Trav
  10. T_Bert83

    Wyangala trip.

    @kingie chaser I catch and release all my cod but have nothing against anyone taking one to eat. I used to enjoy eating the ones Dad caught years ago. If you are ever in the Orange area and keen for a fish I’d be happy to take you out. I can’t promise a fish but happy to show you how I target them and areas I fish. Cheers, Trav
  11. T_Bert83

    Wyangala trip.

    Hi @Sigma I would recommend using swimbaits or large chatterbaits at first or last light fishing shallow 1-4m. Fishing cover isn’t required in these low light periods as cod will be roaming around feeding. As the sun gets higher I fish cover like trees or rocks where fish may be holding with either swimbaits or crankbaits. Even with the dam below 30% it’s deep in the main lake 20m+ however use caution as there are a lot of islands and shallow points starting to appear with the dropping water. Jackall gantarel or gantia with a 1/4 ounce chin weight would be my lures of choice as they are small enough for a 50cm cod to eat and if dragged in front of a giant they will still eat it. I generally stick with natural colours but caught two cod yesterday on a copton magic (white) gantarel as the water I was fishing was quite dirty. There are cod all over the lake so sort of depends where you are camping and how far you want to travel. I tend to look more for bird activity and bait rather than stick to specific spots. Send me a DM closer to when you’re going and I’ll try steer you in the right direction. Cheers, Trav
  12. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    Thanks mate
  13. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    Thanks @61 crusher appreciate it mate.
  14. T_Bert83

    A day to remember

    Hi @Lizardboy Sounds like you tried all the right stuff. I have spent plenty of time in the Grabine area as well and actually fished there at one stage this day. There is definitely potential in Wyanagla, a lot of really big fish get caught there that aren't widely talked about so don't give up. If you are planning on heading back feel free to send me a DM I'll try help you out with what has been working and where to try as I fish there fairly often. Cheers, Trav
  15. T_Bert83

    Wyangala trip.

    @big Neil always a spare seat in the boat for you mate