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  1. Hi all, I’ve decided to post an update for anyone interested. It’s been about 6months since my last post and boy have I caught more fish! Some important notes: - avoid frozen store bought baits (again), invest the time into catching your own fresh/live ones such as squid and yakkas trust me they pay off. Sabikis are great when there’s large schools of fish. yamashitas are awesome as well, they look a lot natural on the drop compared to some other ones I’ve tried. - YouTube can be your teacher, there are thousands of videos on fishing teaching you about all the varieties of lures and retrieves along with anything else. Watch all of them and absorb the information. Snap swivels are a must! It saves you from retying hence keeps your leader the same length. - google maps is a gold mine, do your research to find spots that work for you. Don’t expect to be spoon fed hidden locations on a silver platter, hop on google maps and ZOOM IN. - don’t be lazy to burley up. if you can’t catch anything at spot x, unless it’s before a tidal change it’s better to move locations even if it’s just 5mins away. -familiarize yourself with your drag system. Learn how much your line will take and how much to tighten from feel. Once you are hooked and the drag is running like crazy you can’t just stop to play around with your drag. Set the hook, adjust your drag, and pull the fish in make sure you have constant tension at all times. will attach some more photos of some of my catches. I’ve caught another 90cm jew yesterday which I forgot to take a photo of. Don’t underestimate your line, my bream rod is 4lb braid and my snapper rod is 15lb braid. It’s no skull dragger but it’s plenty enough and I have caught all my fish on this setup. You just need to work with the fish like when you’re on a seesaw. good luck!
  2. I’d like to help anyone who comes across this thread. Not all fisherman are selfish secretive agents a few things which I found to be important are: -the lighter the gear the more bites you will get -fresh bait is crucial if your planning on catching good sized fish -persistence is key don’t give up -fish inbetween the tidal changes -learn how to catch your own bait, it’s way more fun and cheaper. You can get a squid jig, halcro twisty, soft plastic total for around 30$ and catch yourself FRESH squid, yakka, tailor, slimy which will set you at a higher catch rate then those people next to you using frozen pillies and servo prawns. -if something’s not working never hesitate to switch things up. If you can’t catch at a certain spot, move someplace elsewhere. Change lure/bait variety’s, cast different positions and depths. - if you’re fishing at night keep the noise to a minimum and after the session, don’t forget to clean up after yourselves please. The more I fish, the more I get to see how much us fisherman show no manners for keeping our wharves and waterways clean. theres a lot of very highly skilled fisherman on this forum who share many decades worth of knowledge. Dont be shy to create a thread (I know I was) and give back the tips and tricks just as I am
  3. All of the time, effort, money spent is finally beginning to pay off. I would like to thank all the informative responses from everyone especially Derek! Finally catching fish well over 25cm, the only thing that’s 25cm is the smile on my face
  4. I managed to log back on after a while haha, just sent him a pm!
  5. Thanks for the info it really helps. Can you recommend me a few lures and hook/sinker size that you personally had success with in that location? I want to maximise my chances by imitating what you found success in.
  6. I’ve tried it but the damn pufferfish keep taking chunks out the plastic and the tail gets left motionless. I’d end up changing plastic every 3-5 casts which is a pain. Do you have any advice on how to catch the flatties and what sort of retrieve works best on high and low tide?
  7. The worst feeling is when you see someone next to you land a big one. Happened twice in the same week. One bloke caught a 6kg Jewie and another day this guy caught a kingfish about 10 metres away from him on plain old prawns!
  8. Hi guys, I’ve been fishing for a while now but I seem to only catch smallies like bream, yakka, tailor. I’ve never caught a fish past 25cm. I’ve tried to target bigger fish by using lures and fresh bait with the appropriate hook and sinker but sadly with no luck. I’ve fished many places around the harbour and parra river both day and night in between tidal changes and I’m left empty handed. I’m sure some of you know how frustrating it is to dream of catching that one big fish for years and years pouring all your money on bait,tackle,lures excited to go fishing for a big one then coming home with nothing but frustration. I keep telling myself to be patient because I may catch a big one next time, and the next, then the next.... it’s been about 3-4 years since I’ve been on this quest. If someone with experience can take me on a fishing trip and teach me the right things to do it’d be greatly appreciated. Don’t need to catch fish, the knowledge and techniques will be plenty.
  9. Anyone had any success in Bayview Park? I live 5mins away so I’ve been fishing there quite regularly. I’ve used a variety of methods like chicken, prawns, yakka, various lures, fishing in between tide changes day&night . However I’ve only landed very few smallies and none other. It seems like only baby fish are around the area or either I’m doing something wrong. What are your thoughts?
  10. Names matt as well haha nice to meet ya. I’m 22 living near Strathfield and would love to join in as I’ve never been boat fishing before. Only fished off warfs and jetty’s so would love the experience. My numbers 0451163997