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  1. I bought a second hand 2019 YF7000 Southerner in October 2020. Great boat, very happy. However, the deck is constantly wet. Not flooded, but an annoying amount of water under your feet. By my calculations, the outlet holes in the vee drain at the back of the deck, are the same level as the scupper outlet on the transom which is below water level. Seems like a flawed design. The "squash ball" non return valve arrangement seems to be working (not stuck but who knows what is going on in there when at rest?). When you're underway the water drains off but afetr a while at rest, it seems to get wate
  2. Kingie Chasr as per original post there is 12 volts going into the black box unit. Have just sent back to GME service center in Sydney and asked them to consider honoring warranty as it only expired October 2020.
  3. Last trip I shut the radio down at night and was working fine. First thing the next morning it wouldn't power up. Have got under the dash (great concept the "black box" but man it's a lot of work to get to). There is power at the 12v plug on both pins. The whole ethernet type 8 pin connector worries me. I can't see anything obvious and all 8 pin RJ type plugs and contacts look perfect, clean, shiny and no corrosion. There is a little printed circuit board in between the two connectors and the dash gland connector so maybe there's a problem there.....has anyone had similar issues? I'm at the po
  4. Marchy65

    Boat Cover

    May be too far from your location but I cannot recommend highly enough, Brandon Cox at BJC Covers at Salamander Bay. He does exceptional work and very reasonably priced.
  5. Looking for Quinny 570 Ocean Spirit owners who have had issues with leaking cabins. Mine is a 2015 with full clears (yes they have minor leaks) but I am having major issues with water draining to the lower end of the walk through aluminium hatch surround (Imagine where your legs would rest when accessing the anchor) the water seems to be accumulating on the forward side of this and the dripping over the cushions. I originally thought it was the hatch seal but it doesn’t seem to be the case. There also seems to be water dripping from the intersection of the windscreen and the dash. It seems to
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