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  1. Chuckie

    Wollongong fads mahi 16/2/19

    Nice catch how far out is the fad
  2. Chuckie

    Short and sweet Hacking trip today.

    Nice catch mate was out there today as well couldn't get any small yakkas only big ones where u get ya squids
  3. Chuckie

    Port hacking yakkas

    Cheers guys gonna try next time I go out
  4. Chuckie

    Port hacking

    Was hard work first go at them in the hacking
  5. Chuckie

    Port hacking

    Hi guys this is my first report went out to port hacking today at first light try flicking all sorts of lures around the boats ended up getting 2 kings on metal slugs was gonna try get some yakkas and try around Lilly Pilly any other suggestions where to get you yakka as well
  6. Chuckie

    Port hacking yakkas

    Thanks mate will giv it ago what about lilli pilly what do u use to burly up with
  7. Chuckie

    Port Hacking

    Nice size mate
  8. Chuckie

    botany bay 30/01/2019

    Where did u get your yakkas from I'm new to live baiting and did u catch them cheers
  9. Chuckie

    Nambucca- Moderaters session!

    Nice catch beers at the end of day great day
  10. Chuckie

    Port hacking yakkas

    Hi guys looking at getting some yakkas head out from Yowie Bay and good spot to try very new at catching live bait any tips much appreciated
  11. Chuckie

    Port Hacking again

    Nice fish we fished around the boats on monday arvo land a lot of rats