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  1. Mmg

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    I my undersad why you need a filter, what can get sucked in? Ive never had one, I only use the pump in clean water out near the heads, or outside. n never had anything clog my pumps. i run 2, 1 for each livie tank. if I catch my lives out in clean water n come in to fish merky, flood fresh I airate instead of use the pumps ( as pumping fresh flood brackish water kills everything in the tanks real quick!) I bring a few 30 ltr buckets of clean water for water changes with me. usually Ive used all the livies before I need the spare water.
  2. Mmg

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    Make sure you put your burley pot on the opposite side, 😊
  3. Mmg

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    That wouldnt be the problem would it? im not sure they are supposed to be that tight, it might act like a telescopic gaff or landing net locking the movement Of the pole inside the other pole. if you catch my drift,
  4. Mmg

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    Is the nut holding the end of cable to motor too tight?
  5. Mmg

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    Haha, we must have typed that at the exact same time, Welster i only edited mine for spelling mistakes
  6. Mmg

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    Id be getting a stainless steel one made up, 1 piece. Threaded Stainless pipe bent onto a U shape, big nut n washer each side of the transom with loads of sicaflex n let cure for a week before using. You only need about 10 mm lower than hull. Looks to me that water pressure of going forward at speed will break that black plastic stuff off. or the rooster tail it will create will be spectacular,
  7. Mmg

    Heading out near Terrigal in a Tinny

    Make sure you have people knowing your Movements and estimated time of arrival home. id get a personal epirb as well, best investment ever, $250. Life is priceless. Even if in a little tinny, tie it to you and not the boat. boats sink or you could drift away from an upturned boat. personal ones have armbands.
  8. Mmg

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    Make sure you have a good auto bilge pump incase any below waterline plumbing failures. ive never been a fan of through the transom below waterline ones. Ive seen those black fittings split in half if tightened too much. my plumbing is all on the back. But ive still got 2 brand new automatic rule 1100 gph bilge pumps in the 5.2 trail craft sealed hull just in case
  9. Mmg

    Safety and First aid kits on boats

    Cool, I'm glad to hear you survived the cardiac arrest Donna, Stewie is your guardian angel. Thats for sure. glad to be able to give anyone good ideas on what I carry in my first aid kits etc. never know might just save a life. ive saved a few to date. cheers
  10. Mmg

    Safety and First aid kits on boats

    Awsome first aid kit Donna. looks like something a peramedic or hospital would have.
  11. Here,s 2 i swap between my boats boats. to give you a general idea. I just tie to hand rail near a rod holder to clip on my 50w,s, tld50,s n tld25,s when live baiting or trolling.
  12. Mmg

    Safety and First aid kits on boats

    Yeah I agree Jon, years ago I was pegged by a catfish in the Hawkesbury, its spike got me in the thumb. i was putting my thumb into a block of frozen pillys to try ease the pain. Only worked for a few min. i was in excruciating pain for about 12 hours all up. It was the start of a fishing trip at 5am. when I got off the water at 4pm I was still in agony. Pain went up to armpit, pain in stomach etc. Later i was told by an Aboriginal guy that hot water as hot as I could stand would of stopped the poison reacting, and stopped the pain. (never had the opertunity to try it as yet) and not looking to! Never been spiked by a catfish since that day, that was 20 years ago. I keep a good distance now. i Don't even try retrieve my hooks, just cut them straight off. But since then I carry a 12v kettle to make coffee n hot soup. live n learn. Still carry stingoes but never had to try it yet.
  13. Mmg

    Another sounder inquirery

    So what would it really be a peak or long flat hill? haha
  14. Mmg

    Another sounder inquirery

    So 4 to 8 knots might give realtime? id think?
  15. Mmg

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Only problem with them is in shallow water like at the groins south botany it scares the squid 😆 They must think its a big bloody stingray lol😜😆