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  1. Thanks everyone. I should have added that this trip was really improved by the people at fishraider. I read some old posts that were spot on re advice and also got further advice from helpful members. i have been fishing for over 20 years but virtually all of that has been chasing trout in stream or from the bank. I’m lucky I have a partner who loves being on the water (sailing background) and is keen on leaning to fish. So at the moment I just love quantity over quality as we both get excited boating new species (this was both our first ever tailor and snapper). When is the best time to fish St George’s basin? I understand winter is a bit tougher - when do the fish really chew?
  2. Hi All, I was tossing up where to fish on the long weekend and decided that the 22 degrees of St Georges basin beat the hell out of the brass monkey weather forecast for Lake Eucumbene, so I packed the boat and headed down for a couple of nights there with my partner. I have only recently purchased this boat (my first) and am still setting it up the way I like it so this trip was a good chance to evaluate some trim adjustments I made to the motor recently. Of course fishing was a primary consideration too, particularly putting my partner onto some fish as she has almost no experience fishing at all. We didn’t get down there until mid-afternoon on Saturday and by the time we got to the boat ramp it must have been 330pm or so. I was filled with confidence when I saw a guy at the fish tables cleaning a nice bag of snapper and one big flathead. He was very helpful too and willingly gave me some tips and a spot to try drifting for Snapper. We headed out to the middle of the lake and were only drifting (in 9m of water) for around for about 5 minutes when my partners rod went off. Mine went not long after and thus continued the pattern for the next hour and a half. In the end we boated about 10 fish (and lost half that again) comprising 8 snapper (one keeper) and 2 Tailor (one legal but released, one small). The next day was forecast to be a cracker and we were on the water by 11 and headed over to the bay in front of Sussex Inlet to have a dig. The wind and chop was up and we were drifting much quicker than the day before (at about 1.5kmh). After about 10 minutes I was starting to feel a bit green when suddenly both rods went off. I pulled up a 38cm flatty but my partner got chewed off by what I would wager was a flatty too. By rights we should have returned to that drift and kept at it but my partner wanted to explore sussex inlet so we did that instead. It was beautiful down in there and we spent two hours exploring including seeing heaps of luderick and Garfish. I was tempted to have a go at them but couldn’t be bothered re-rigging as I wanted to get back to the flathead spot for the incoming tide. By this stage it was about 2pm I think and the wind was mostly gone. There were HEAPS of boats out there, and I chose a spot to pull up and drop the trusty prawn over the side again (the only bait used all weekend). We fished for thirty of forty minutes without getting a bite. Suddenly I realised we were alone! ALL the boats had buggered off. So I took the hint and left too – upstream to chase bream in the feeder creek. This proved to be a fun but fruitless exercise so we decided to go back to the Snapper spot from the day before. By now it was probably close to four pm and the lake was glass. I really enjoyed pinning the 9.8hp two stroke and rushing to the Snapper spot at full noise. The boat was going heaps better since adjusting the TRIM – holding over 30kmh with ease whereas before it was only good for 25 or 26kmh. When we arrived it felt a bit quiet and I wasn’t seeing much on the sounder. The drift was almost motionless at an imperceptible .2kmh. Just as I was beginning to think we wouldn’t get a thing the bites started. Some of them felt much bigger than the day prior, and I was eventually busted off by something that was definitely big – even my partner could tell just by seeing the bow in the rod. Shortly after I was on again, and I could tell it was a better fish. I got this one up – it was 40cms and about a kilo and it went straight into the esky. We stayed out there until right on dark, by which point bait was busting on the surface next to our boat which was very exciting. Unfortunately whatever was doing this wouldn’t take my lure which was frustrating as the sounder was showing some big fish lurking about. All in all it was a fantastic visit and we both are very keen to head back there again. Having done some initial surveys and had some luck we are both very keen to return soon with revised tactics and some more changes to the boat. Brendan
  3. Thanks Green Hornet! Looks like Palm Beach have availability. Booderee all booked out!
  4. Hi All, I was hoping to put the boat in on St Georges basin this long weekend. Can anyone recommend places to camp that are nearby (30 or 40 min drive max)? I just want to roll out the swag and don't need too much amenity, would consider anything from a caravan park to a national park spot but am struggling to find anything. Brendan
  5. YZ250

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    Hi Gordo, Nice report and in actual fact that's pretty good fishing comparted to what many up there had over Easter and towards the end of April. I was out on the lake for 4 hours resulting in just the one 38cm rainbow on Saturday 27th and someone I met at the boat ramp reckoned it was the only fish he had seen caught that week. Its not like they weren't there either - we picked up HUNDREDS of them on the sounder out between the islands near the claypits. They spanned the full depth of the water column but wouldn't touch a bloody thing we threw at them. Looking forwards to getting back out there in June /July when hopefully they start coming back from spawning and are hungry.
  6. YZ250

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Thanks Gordo! I agree re the Alpine Angler. Its my favorite tackle store I reckon! I have actually booked in for a guided session with Steve so that I can learn all of his tips and tricks. I decided to start out on the right foot with some good demonstration and advice from one of the best. I will take a look at your other reports now too. Brendan
  7. YZ250

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Yeah I now have family in Jindy which is why I am keen to focus on this lake. I was always under the impression that it was harder to fish than Eucumbene, but the fish were better quality. We will find out soon I guess. I tell you what though - its bloody unreal to be able to fish a snowy lake and then retire to a pub or a warm house (for free!) at the end of the day.
  8. YZ250

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Fantastic report - it has whet my appetite as after being a dedicated Eucumbene fisherman for some time I have decided this is the year to hit Jindy. The humble tassie devil...So long as you get the colour right I reckon it still takes 10 times the fish that any other lure does.....and at a fraction of the price.
  9. YZ250

    Help reading my sounder images

    Hi Gents, Apologies for the delay in responding - I missed then notification on this thread. Thanks very much for the suggestions re sidescan settings - i'll definitely take a look at those. Re looking out the side to see fish - Lake Gininderra is a bit of a swamp and on a good day the vis might be 50cms. On most days its actually much less! So I couldn't see anything except the green murky depths. I have been out with the sounder a few times since. I grabbed this shot of something big in the same lake a month ago, consensus around here is it was probably a large cod. I did notice on the weekend when using my sounder with a petrol motor for the first time that I am losing the bottom when up on the plane. I think its because the transducers coming out of the water so i'll have to take a look at that. Thanks again.
  10. Hi All, I have attached some screen shots from my first trip out with my new sounder. Its a Lowrance Hook2 7x, and its the first sounder I have ever owned. The shots were from a trip to lake Gininnderra which is an ornamental lake in Canberra which is full of carp and redfin and also stocked with Golden Perch and Murray Cod. I have marked up some questions on the screenshots regarding what the sounder is picking up. I installed it myself, and followed Lowrance's instructions. Grateful for any assistance and advice re what I am seeing and tuning or adjustment if you think its required. Brendan