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  1. Whats everyones 2021 fishing ambition?? Mine is to get the skills and confidence up to use my new (to me) boat for bottom bashing sessions precisely like the one you described here! Ive spent many years honing my trout fishing game but I really want to put some effort into the salt in 2021.
  2. Gday Pickles, I only have first hand experience fishing in the Clyde Estuary, mainly upstream of the bridge. Its a pretty good fishery, but it can be difficult at times. Its the closest point for the capital trailer boat flotilla so it gets a lot of traffic. I had my best ever whiting on surface lures session in there, which was cut short when I got buzzed by something big and grey which ended with me halfway up a mangrove tree and on the phone to my mates to be picked up. I have also caught flathead and pinky snapper in there without too much trouble. My brother in law very re
  3. " My favourite is deep fried Redfin." Redfin is nothing short of outstanding. I would rate it 5 out of 5 for taste. Sweet, white and delicious. The only problem can be getting through the hordes of 15-20cm fish to find some bigger ones that are worth filleting. I am super interested in the mackerel recipes...I know the English rave about them. Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall has some recipe ideas too.
  4. "That's the thing about Jindy, its not great weather for very long so you have to make do & work out where to get out of the wind." Great Report Dave. I was on Jindy in early October, a week after bobbing around in JB during some decent swells. I was fine for hours in JB - but the wind and chop of Jindabyne had my whole boatload of passengers (including me) green to the gills in 1 hour flat! It wasn't even that windy...ive been up there in much worse (but not on the water).
  5. They sure did keep it quiet Mullatt. I was chuffed to notice that last time I was out on Lake Gin there was two other guys in Petrol motored boats too, so the word must be getting out. When I spoke to the Gov they said that the intention is to make LBG the same, but its managed by Commonwealth and subject to different and slower regulation change. I really hope that does happen as it would be great to be able to explore that with Petrol. PS my original post was actually a reply to a question about boating in Canberra in a VERY old thread that I made accidentally. The mods kindly
  6. Hi all, I’m a local and fish the lakes reasonably often. You can boat on all of them and perhaps unsurprisingly given the amount of politicians we have here they are all subject to different rules, regulations and permits. In summary: googong is electric only and needs its own permit, getting one is a very simple process and it’s issued immediately over email. Googong is a very difficult fishery - with the exception of Redfin. lake burley griffin requires its own permit, and is also electric only for the main basin (the molongo river is subject to general ACT boating rules as pe
  7. No problems, I’ll do more soon. Unfortunately I didn’t get any decent photos of the third one I used on the weekend.
  8. It has been a while since I have made a report and in the ensuing period I have upgraded the boat. I will post about that separately in the boating section but in short I now have a Haines Hunter V16R with a 90hp mercury on the back which means I can venture out a touch further than I could in my 3.5meter 10hp tinny. This weekend was my first opportunity to get the new boat wet so we went down to Sussex Inlet on Saturday to start getting a feel for it. However the weather was not the best and when we arrived on Saturday afternoon it was blowing a gale, this meant the Basin itself was un
  9. Location: On the corner of Pacificana Drive and Alamein Road in Sussex Inlet. Condition: Single lane ramp concrete ramp with no amenity. The ramp itself is in good condition, however due to the narrow ramp it is only suitable for small boats (tinnies and kayaks). Parking/Facilities: There is a small amount of parking nearby, on grass (enough for 4 to 6 cars and trailers). All Jettie's nearby are privately owned. Access to ocean: This ramp offers excellent access to Sussex inlet and from there to the ocean across a bar if you wish. Notes: I own a 5m fibreglass run
  10. Location: Follow the signs to Murray's Beach inside Booderee national park, Jervis Bay. Condition: Two concrete lanes in good condition. However they are small and bigger boats will tend to take up both lanes when launching. This is not too problematic as the turning is also small and prevents multiple vehicles from trying to launch simultaneously. Parking/Facilities: Plenty of parking nearby, however you will be in competition with beach goers during summer who will park in the trailer parking area. Toilets are located nearby and the ramp is surrounded by a breakwall and L shape
  11. Great fishing mate - good catch.
  12. Hi Repb7, I dont have the marks as I didnt mark them up and dont have that sounder anymore - but the fish on this trip came from the deeper part of the lake near sanctuary point. Its all pretty consistent around that 9m to 9.5m mark and it was just a matter of drifting til fish started biting. I have been back to that area a couple of times since though without luck on the snapper (caught flatties though).
  13. Hi Jon, Those dolphins saved my uncles session at North Bar beach a week or so ago. He could see salmon but they were beyond reach in the waves, then the dolphins moved in and pushed the salmon inshore and he got 5 stonkers in quick succession. Great photos.
  14. The same thing they'll do to the Tantangara, Jindabyne and Eucumbene when Snowy Hydro 2.0 is finished. : (
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