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  1. Very nice, winners are grinners. Must have been a lot of fun. PK
  2. Very nice, šŸ‘ great haul.
  3. Nice, a good feed. šŸ‘PK
  4. Congardulations, what a ripper. This one of the things I love about Fishraider. A very nice fish. Paul šŸ˜Ž
  5. G'day SMC2010, I got my License last Saturday on the 16th of Feb. I did it with a company as I have no one to get on a boat with close by. It was around $250-280 + $30 (concession) at RMS for the license. They are all in that price bracket. I studied the boating-handbook for about 2 weeks and learnt most of it off by heart. It paid at test time 50/50 questions. Perfect score. Learn the book and you won't have to return after a fail. Treat it like the road mate, slow and steady. I havent had a serious accident on the road since I was a kid and don't want one on the water either. āœ” šŸ‘ Regards and good luck. PK
  6. Thank's Rick, very nice of your to share. Much appreciated. Best of luck on your next outing. Cheers. PK
  7. Thank you, best of luck in your future outings mate. Cheers. PK
  8. Beautiful. Looks like there are a few around. Congradulations. What jig did you use?
  9. Congradulations, Beautiful, Yum maybe a few for bait too. What jig did you use? Thank's for posting. šŸ˜Ž
  10. Gd'ay oldpez, A video link to the trials and tribulations of Rockhopping. Big pelagic fish off the rocks. Not for me. One of the most dangerous amatuer sports in the world. Wear a life jacket and never fish alone off the rocks, tell someone where you are going. Special shoes too. Long or flying gaff to be used on bigger fish. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK TO THE SEA. (Don't get complacent). If you go In it could be a long swim to the beach. Too high up. You can be cut up by barnicales ect. Get to know you spot well. No fish is worth dying for. My family where experienced rockhoppers. A uncle (RIP) cancer) used to go alone. Pushing his luck I reckon. Big Jewfish and Kingfish at Catherine hill bay and my dad used to take me to Kurnell. Just a word of caution mate. Regards PK. Sorry what my family taught me then I found this. https://www.fishraider.com.au/forum/88-safe-rock-fishing-initiative-by-location/
  11. Champion, thank's for the offer mate. šŸ‘
  12. G'day Bycatch, yeh mate I was up at Gunderman, 2km's up the main channel. Spot on, heaps of weed and eel tailed cat fish. Very little weed at Spencer propper. A great day. Regards PK.
  13. G'day Raiders, One of the Best sessions I have ever had not catching any take home fish. It was great. I caught one keeper Bream but let him go. 25cm. But This is a case of the one that got away. Wow I have been hit like that at Tincan Bay Qld on light gear and it happened again today. Plenty of berley and Whack like a frieght train but the hook was to small to set. Happened once more but slightly smaller. Changed the Hook from 4# to a 1# and bye bye no more bight. 3-6pm Had me laughing all the way home. 10lb monofilament Main line, 10lb Flourocarbon leader with a small ball running sinker 10ft Estuary rods x1 for Bream. Sized #1 and #4 Suicide hooks and baitholder. Mullet as bait. Lot's fun. Happy and Safe fishing to all. PK. šŸ˜Ž Thank's to all that replied. It's 50m south from the Pub. What a ripper. Cheers.
  14. Thanks Antonywardie, I guess I would go on glassy conditions, when that happens some times. Flint and Steel, Juno would be my limit. From Brooklyn thru to Pittwater. Cheers and hope you catch some mate. šŸ‘ PK
  15. I would like to thank all the Raider who particpated in this discussion. I will add my 2 cents with a PDF of the latest safety requirments as of 13.02.2019 for boating on "Open waters". An excerpt from The Roads and Maritime Boating Handbook december 2017. Happy and safe boating to all. Regards PK SAFETY EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS OPEN WATERS.pdf