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  1. Excellent local intel, thank you all!
  2. Thanks for the replies, think I'll try the fisherman's paradise ramp......water looks a lot deeper.
  3. Good morning! I've called in at Lake Conjola for a couple of days, staying at Holiday Haven van park.....the boat ramp and immediate surrounds are way too shallow for my 4.2m runabout. Any able to recommend a nearby suitable ramp/location? Cheers! Glenn
  4. Some excellent advice Jeff......especially about a bit of mud week practice at the boat ramp......was with a mate launching a boat on the long weekend, cars lined up waiting due their turn at the ramp.......mate folded under the pressure launching with the pressure of others lined up waiting.
  5. Thanks Deek, once again, you've eased my buyers remorse! I might take you up on the offer of a good mobile mechanic.......will just work out how to PM you!
  6. Thanks Jon, make my buyers remorse a little better! Like you, I didn't want anything too big, for a few reasons......limited room in my garage, wanted to easily launch it with my young sons as well, and easy to tow.
  7. Damn, I've read your post about 2 hours to late Rebel!
  8. That's a very generous offer deek........thank you.......but I pulled the trigger today! Ended up paying $7800......probably a little over the odds, but the boat was in amazingly good condition.......48hrs on the motor, has always been garaged, ran well, no sign off corrosion..........trailer was also in great shape. Will put some pics up soon.
  9. I have a mate who knows a little more than me.....between the two of us we should have about enough boating knowledge to maybe blow our hats off! : -)
  10. Thanks Fishop, the lady owner said I could do whatever I like with it, as far as testing goes.
  11. Wow, thank you all for the replies......HEAPS of valuable information! I hope I'm able to return the favour in the future. I was most unsure of the price, though wouldn't have considered offering $7k....but at have a got to lose I guess?! Will keep you all updated on the outcome.
  12. Hi there Raiders, found this wonderful forum a few days ago and have since spent a couple of hours trawling through various topics. I'm in the market for my first boat, just something to take the wife and two kids out on for a little fishing and tubing.....prefer an aluminium boat with forward controls. Will only be used in rivers and lakes. Wondering if anyone would like to offer an opinion on this boat I have my eye on? https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2005-Brooker-410-SPORTSMAN-RUNABOUT/SSE-AD-5856051?DistFromLoc=2777&pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-5856051 Cheers!
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