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  1. If you're going all the way to Lilli Pilli, you might consider going out Kurnell way. You've got the whole of Silver Beach to Bonna Point: 13 rock groins, sandy bottom with weedy patches. Work your way along the beach, trying each wall, cast near the weed, or just cast around.
  2. stokedtrout

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Cheers mate I believe we have settled it
  3. stokedtrout

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Yeah mate all good. I totally understand what you were trying to do, and I do appreciate the extra intel. I know that forums aren't a case of "ask a question, get an answer" so you take what you need and leave the rest. In my case, i basically knew X, Y and Z and was hoping to find out a bit about A and B to help me decide if it's worth my time. Cheers
  4. stokedtrout

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Mate I don't really care how old someone is, or how many posts they've made, if they're gunna chirp up with the old "if you know everything, why are you asking" crap, then they can obviously cop some lip in return (or is this a give it but can't take it forum?). There was a few replies in here with people's opinions that didn't really go near answering my questions (that's normal for a forum, I expect it...I might be new here but I'm no stranger to forums) so I thought I'd throw some things in that I've heard about this style of rig, which supports my reasons for showing an interest. Didn't realise that meant I know everything.
  5. stokedtrout

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Don't have a tanty, champ. All I know is the benefits I've been told by people I've spoken to, and what I've read about. My question was about casting ability and brand preference. Crazy how the questions I asked were for the aspects I didn't have any knowledge of. Thought I'd throw it out to the internet to see if people who'd actually tried it had some more info, so I wasn't just going off "what the pros say" or what my coupla mates have said. Didn't mean to offend you by disregarding your weird sandpaper test.
  6. stokedtrout

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    For those who jumped on here to throw their two cents in whether it was even worth having this kind of set up, here’s some things you maybe haven’t considered, and the reasons that many pros use straight through fluoro sometimes: - this is a situation specific rig: shallow water, crankbaits, small species (bream) in locations where snaggy bustoffs are minimal (e.g. flats fishing) - mono is out because it floats and crankbaits need to swim down - braid has no stretch: straight through fluoro is usually paired with a rod with a soft tip. The soft tip and the subtle stretch of the fluoro enable you to run super light weight line (get more bites) in a manner not able to be replicated with a stiffer rod, braid mainline and light drag. - softer rod/bit of stretch means less pulled hooks. - obvious stealth You wouldn’t use this for plastics
  7. stokedtrout

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Thanks for this reply. That's the kind of info I was looking for.
  8. stokedtrout

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Hey. I'm looking to set up an a new rig specifically for flicking light lures for bream. Main deal would be for cranking flats, and I'm looking at getting a 1-3kg rod a little over 7' with a soft action. I'm thinking of going straight through fluoro (3 - 4 lb) for the obvious benefits that are well documented. There was a few things that I was hoping some others could school me on: 1) How does a light fluoro cast compared to braid > fluoro setup with similar breaking strains? As far as I can tell the fluoro has a larger diameter than the braid. Do the light lures still cast well? 2) Got any preferred brands as a fluoro mainline? Cheers