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  1. I came across that article and was not sure if still relevant, so thank you for the confirmation. Pretty helpful article! Will definitely give the channel a go!
  2. Thank you for your reply. Actually I'm happy to be out even without catching anything, but its always a welcomed bonus. So I'm not exclusively chasing the mentioned species and yes I'm aware of the different bait & rig requirements and probably I'll end up with 20 different rods in the boat to be able to try for all of them LOL. any bait grounds around Swansea?
  3. Hey Raiders, I’m thinking of taking the boat out tomorrow and fish the lake for the first time. My quick research resulted in few spots, like the drop over, but i’m Not sure how recent the information was. If you have any pointers would be much appreciated. My target list includes squid, jewfish, snapper, John Dory, & blackfish. NB i’ll Probably be by myself so will have a spare seat in the boat. If anyone is keen on spending the day exploring you are welcome to join. Cheers, Ahmed
  4. Awesome feed & top effort. Whales can are frightening, but adorable giant creatures!
  5. Sounds like an amazing day, well done!
  6. This is what we did, bled straight away and cooked same day. Was my first time to try them baked though, turned out very good.
  7. Amazing fish and breathtaking scenery. Well done!
  8. Yes please do, it would be awesome. That boat in the photo with the PJ is my mate’s, mine doesn’t have a name yet but it’s a yellow hull/white top Haines hunter 146. Tied up with work as well, but I try to go out most weekends.
  9. It’s always a bless to spend some time out there and enjoy the wonderful nature, especially in a good day with low traffic. A good catch is a welcomed bonus.
  10. No I don’t eat them, the port Jacksons went back safe and sound. On a side note, I believe Port Jackson is not on the protected species list. It’s more of an informal protection thing so nothing is legally wrong with taking them home & I know that some people do eat them. However, I love to see them swimming back.
  11. Planned with a mate to go for an early morning snapper session. So after work, I packed my gear, and had a couple of hours of sleep before he picked my up at 4am. We launched from Parsley bay ramp at Brooklyn and we were ready to go by 5.30. Anchored at west reef with the first light after a 30 minutes bumpy ride. Started our burley trail and had some snapper snatchers sitting at the bottom as well as some floating bait and were ready for the bites. All what we managed to get was some wrasse and reef fish off the bottom and some livies on the sabiki, so we moved to try a different
  12. Amazing trip & good catch. Now you have a new record for the double hookups to beat!
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