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  1. Just had about 2 hours on long reef beach fishing chicken thigh on 2 dropper hooks to a sinker, NOTHING in all that time, no obvious gutters. Hope everyone else did much better than me!
  2. Yessss nice one. Southern end of Fingal?
  3. Sorry i used structure meaning gutter / troughs / holes.
  4. Hey guys - what to do when the beach is showing no obvious signs of structure, what's the best bet then when heading to another beach isn't possible? Breaking waves about 20m out, whitewash to the beach, probably shallow sandbank in front - still worth tossing some bait out or what?
  5. At this point i feel like I need the extra lb to cast enough sinker to get me out there, haf some line snaps when I went heavier.
  6. Also, what if i left my 9lb main mono on and stepped up to 20lb leader is that fine or not recommended?
  7. thanks fellas. Thinking the 15lb main / 20lb leader (keeps coming up) just not sure if it would be too heavy for whiting on those lighter days.
  8. What's a good general purpose mono main and leader lb/kg strength for the odd tailor and salmon but also not too big for bream, fatties, whiting? 12ft rod, 4000 reel. Sydney beaches.
  9. Guys, new to beach / surf fishing and the sinker sizes seem huge compared to my past estuary fishing - say on a low to normal swell, not much current, what would be the normal sinker size and style without being too heavy. Or is it all about casting distance?
  10. Moving to the northern beaches area but would like to setup home near one of the better fishing beaches, any recommendations here which beach fishes best?
  11. Recommendations for the best line and hook / jig head land based setup when chasing Flathead, around Port Stephens / Newcastle area but generally like to know what you guys are having success with. Do you still land Bream and other species with your setup or mainly flatties?
  12. Land based around Soldiers Point / Salamander / Corlette...where's best in the next few weeks??
  13. Would be keen to join someone on their boat if they needed a spare hand, pay for the day out.
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