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  1. Tried it with the last wobble rollers just submerged then tried it with the same rollers just out, didn't seem to make much of a difference.
  2. Thanks all short update; I should've known as soon as i turned the last corner to the ramp and a bearing shattered that it was going to be the beginning of an afternoon shitstorm. Launched the boat anyway (with the help of a friend) pulled the trailer out and did the rollers. (replaced the rear roller with a red dogbone and the rollers on the keel I changed from dogbone to red bilge/flat roller. Retrieval was a nightmare, as soon as the keel hit the flat rollers it would slip off, after some man handling on the bow we managed to get it back on the trailer but its sitting skewed somehow, I think this is because that the wobble rollers are set up for the boat to be at an angle due to the dogbones on the keel (see pic above) and now they are flat the keel sits about 15mm out of whack... Anyway appreciate the input, if anyone has an idea for the new conundrum I would appreciate it. (The good thing is between my old man on the phone and youtube I learnt how to change a wheel bearing)
  3. Its a 2005 Southern Star - I believe this brand is an offshoot of Southwind and Yamaha. Thanks, probably the best idea to pull off that rear roller and measure it properly. Does this mean I am stuck with using black rollers? I've read that they aren't that crash hot for longevity and quality. *Edit* I have found red flat rollers but they have a 20mm spindle hole - is there some kind of sleeve I can buy to reduce these down to 16 to suit the trailer brackets, or do I need to drill the trailer brackets out? Also I assume that the picture above is the type of roller you are suggesting to use at the rear - the keel doesnt flatten out till about 1/4 of the length of the boat. Thanks for the tip - I will take a battery 4 inch grinder with me in-case they play the bastard card.
  4. Thanks. I'm hoping that the hull is sitting on the rollers like that because of the way I pulled it out of the water last time. Its a 2005 trailer - ill run with 16mm. I was going to run with standard 8 inch rollers do you think I should be looking at putting a self centering roller on? Thanks for your replies.
  5. Hi All, I have just bought my first boat (second hand) 5.6m half cab glass boat. The first trip out launch and retrieval was a nightmare. I have put it down to the keel rollers as they are completely seized. I would just like to confirm the spindle size as they are quite rusted out and difficult to get a decent measurement on. Based on the photos below do you think its fair to assume they are 16mm? (They center rollers are tandem on some kind of swivel) The plan is to buy replacement rollers and spindles, drop the boat in the water and do the work near the ramp. I will be utilizing red rollers as I understand these made from a softer poly and better suited to a glass hull. Also if anyone can shed some light on the purpose of the last keel roller (Since it is taking no weight?) I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks all - Apologies for the quality of the photos, my wife took them with her mobile phone.
  7. My son caught this 42cm fish in Cowan Creek (Hawkesbury). Its been suggested to me that its a baby Jew fish? I did put it back but would like to confirm what it is in case there is a next time. Thanks in advance.
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