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  1. Looks like it beats the existing FR record by 10cm posted 16 years ago. I did a bit of googling yesterday to try and see what the Aus record for them were but couldn't find anything, only the ANSA record of 1.7kg. By all means feel free to point me in the right direction, very eager to find out how far off mine was. DPI lists them growing to 75cm/8kg+ but they also say flathead are still found up to 1.5mtr so maybe take that with a pinch of salt.
  2. Caught on 6lb braid & leader cooks river using 2.5" slimswimz size 2, 1/12 jig
  3. Didn't think of that - I'm on it! Just don't anyone start calling me the mullet whisperer smh lol
  4. Thanks mate, me either, thought they capped around 40-45cm mark. Both me and my mate pegged him at 3kg+ easy.
  5. Been fishing the Cooks land based a fair bit lately and have been cleaning up. Planning on writing a full report in the next week or so with all my catches but feel like today's outing needed its own report. Went down to the Cooks river today to target one of my usual spots with my ultralight setup. On the walk from the car I noticed a few schools of quite big mullet just cruising around doing their thing. After about 20 minutes they started feeding however and knew that this was my chance to try. I had a 2.5" plastic on a size 2 jig, I knew it was hard to get mullet to take a plas
  6. Such a tragedy, so sorry to hear about your run of bad luck Just out of curiosity; what do you think caused it to snap in the first place? Casting error / wind knot on casting / striking too hard on a carbon rod?
  7. have been eager to try fishing with live prawns for a while now but they are notoriously hard to track down.. anyone have any leads for some live prawns for bait around the Sydney region? or any other 'exotics' Tia raiders
  8. interesting setup, has me curious.. is that just a double hook you usually slide on in place of a treble?
  9. Not a surface master by any means, but generally rule of thumb is overcast & slight chop is best conditions only to be trumped by fishing in the dark ofcourse
  10. when land-based paternosters generally lay flat along the ground, just a heads up
  11. Berrero

    FG dramas

    I think this last lot is Daiwa tournament evo8, usually spend $80+ per spool on braid, it's something I've never skimped on. On the comment of it breaking when tying knots - it was 6 or 8lb braid that it would happen on, nothing big like 20lb+, I pull all of my knots very tight but in these cases I was tightening them so much trying to stop them coming undone that the actual line was breaking. I don't think I've ever lost a fish to the FG coming undone either. The knot doesn't actually fail as a whole, the half hitches just start coming undone, the knot integrity doesn't seem to
  12. Berrero

    FG dramas

    I usually alternate something like 8 or 10 half hitches - started with the 4 or so but have been upping the count to try and make it 'tighter'. Cut tag end flush with braid and most of the time I'll throw a couple more alternating half hitches to cover the tag end. Where the leader usually pokes out is a few half hitches up the line, resulting in a 2-3mm tag end sticking out. Furthermore I think I've only ever had two or three FG knots actually come undone. It's regular habit for me to check the knot periodically during a session now, usually catch it in the act before it actually gives way.
  13. Berrero

    FG dramas

    Hey Raiders, Took the time & effort to learn the notorious FG knot about a year or so ago. They became really easy once I got the hang of it and it has been my go-to braid to leader knot since. One thing I have noticed however - and something that has given me dramas the whole time I've used it now that I think about it - is the FC tag end either poking through the bank of half hitches or the half hitches coming loose, sliding a bit down the braided line allowing the FC tag to work its way out. My knots usually hold well for a little while at least but notice after
  14. Yep - went to 3 all up. First doctor said to just rest, second doctor literally laughed at me when I told her what happened and started googling fish bites, third doctor put me on antibiotics and it cleared up fine. Mine started spreading up the hand as well - knew the severity of it when it was happening, just had to weed through the f'wit doctors to get one that actually helped. Unfortunately this was the middle of covid and I ran a fever from it, so covid test had to come first in and could only then go to the doctor once I was cleared 3 days later which only made it worse. Getting b
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