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  1. Hey Raiders, Got up stupid early both days last weekend to fish the sunrise at Hen & Chicken Bay in Sydney. Didn't catch anything amazing but had lots of fun. Plenty of flathead out to play. No measurements but would guess flatheads were high 30s - low 50s. I've started filming short clips of my catches & releases rather than just taking a photo to be able to share with friends & family etc. Gear used: Daiwa TD Zero rod 7'3 2-5kg Shimano Stradic ci4+ 2500 series 8lb braid / 8lb FC leader Daiwa double clutch 95mm in brown suji shrimp Jackall squirrel 79mm silent in albino chartreuse pirarucu Thanks for reading, tight lines. Until next time Chris
  2. true I hadn't thought of those ones. are they actually lures though or are they decoy fish
  3. So 70cm lure 450kg bluefin ? jesus o.o Not going to lie I'm not exactly sure what the other stuff means lol but very bloody impressive 😦😯😯
  4. Chatting with friends tonight and this topic came up. We couldn't find much online other than the large replica lures when searching. Does anyone know of something online? Or any contenders?
  5. Hey all, After my somewhat successful houseboat trip with a few friends late last year we are in the process of planning another long weekend away in April. We were happy to hire another large houseboat again but after looking around the Jervis Bay area it seems they don't have many houseboat options. We came up with an idea of trying to hire a waterfront AirBnB with some kind of jetty or mooring and hire a fishing boat for the 4 days. Is this something anyone here has done before? Is it even possible to hire boats over multiple days? Or has anyone come across hire houses with a jetty? Or can someone recommend a houseboat hire place around Jervis Bay area? Don't mind an extra hour or so trip north or south either. Bit of a long shot to try here but after a bit of googling I haven't really been able to come up with anything definitive. Thanks raiders.
  6. Just thought I'd share this pic and see if anyone is able to knock me off the podium for smallest flathead on lures. Feel free to post any other species if you are feeling confident and we can get a bit of competition going chris
  7. Hey raiders, Went away with 4 friends last weekend on a 10 berth houseboat. Was hoping to have a decent few days fishing so I could write up a report but to be honest it wasn't the best. Managed to score this stonker of a flathead on the first night though. Caught on half pilchards on 4/0 circle hooks. Paternoster rig on 15lb braid 20lb fc leader. Put up a hell of a fight and trying to land it in a 30cm x 30cm net was very stressful to say the least. Took a good 8 attempts with the net (each of which I had my heart in my mouth) after which we finally got her on board. Few pics and a measure and she was off to grow even bigger. Measured 84cm. Also managed to catch my first squid which was then in turn used as live bait to catch my first ever jewie. Only a baby at 60cm but was great to finally check that one off the list also. Enjoy, tight lines
  8. Was caught in about a foot and a half of water, right next to a weed bed. Released it at the shore Lure was taken floating on the surface, and it's what it's being called online 🤷‍♂️
  9. Hey raiders, For the uninitiated... yes you read that correctly, flathead on topwater. After seeing some decent success online and on a few of doclures' podcasts I thought I'd give this crazy trend a try. Picked up two crossfire 115 lures and tried my luck a few times in the past week. They are sort of like the bent minnow lures but a larger profile and a very slow float back to the surface. Finally had success yesterday afternoon when I landed a 57cm lady. She looked very healthy and even scored a nice aerial display as she took the lure! Gear used was my 7" Daiwa TD Zero rod, stradic ci4+ 2500 reel spooled with 8lb kairiki braid and 12lb FC rock leader. Fun fight, she had a few decent runs and was safely released to swim around another day. Definitely going to keep at this new trend. I'll keep you all posted on any further success! tight lines, chris
  10. Thank you so much for your recommendations guys the house boat comes with a small Tinny with an outboard so we should still be able to get around pretty well. looks like we're going to be heading to Cowan Creek I will definitely report back and post a fishing report once we're back home thanks again guys
  11. Hey raiders I'm not sure about you guys but when I go fishing I usually have a rod soaking out deep with a Paternoster rig and I usually use just standard long shank hooks but some of the time when I hook a fish it's either gut hooked or Gill hooked. I was just wondering if there's any safer hooks to use such as wide gape or Circle hooks? the rod's usually unattended so I don't usually get a chance to strike but I was just wanting to know if there's a safer option so that I can choose whether I release the fish or not. Thanks
  12. Hi Raiders, I'm hiring a 45' houseboat with 4 other friends on the Hawksbury next weekend. Bit of a generic "guys weekend away" but primary focus is fishing. None of us have fished the Hawksbury system before and we were just planning on boating around looking for some fishy spots but thought I'd ask here for any recommendations also. We're launching near Brooklyn marina. I'm assuming the boat will be quite slow but happy to cruise around however long it takes if it's for a decent fishing spot. Feel free to PM if you'd prefer it not be posted in public. (I'm in no way after any secret spots! ) Thanks guys. Tight lines.
  13. I've had a look on google maps and haven't been able to find where you're talking about any chance you could show me a pic of google maps where it is? appreciate your help
  14. Hey Raiders, Looking to hire a tinny tomorrow from Como and just wondering if anyone knows how the georges / woronora river has been lately. Last tinny hire about 2 months ago gave us a donut, even the guy that owns the shop was telling us it was dead & how hard it would be to catch fish... Any locals able to fill me in a little? Also any suggested spots to try out would be appreciated, usually just hang around como bridge and the flats where georges & woronora river meet. tight lines!
  15. Hey Raiders, I saw the thread earlier in the week where someone was flying into Sydney for work and asked for a few land based spots. Someone mentioned Narrabeen Lagoon and that it's a cracker flathead spot. Decided to head there on Saturday morning, arriving at 5am with a friend to fish either side of the high tide. Does anyone have some suggestions on where we should head for? I've never fished there let alone been in the area, not looking for any top secret spots or anything but would appreciate some advice on general areas or what to look for. Was planning on just rocking up and looking for somewhere that looks fishy but thought I'd ask here first 🙂 Thanks for your help & tight lines Chris