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  1. Thanks mate. Record stands at 70cm currently with a fair few over the 60 mark, still a while off yet πŸ˜›
  2. Took me for a decent walk that's for sure Love catching them great fighters Just sometimes throw me for decent flatties with the quick headshakes especially at the start of fights
  3. Thanks yowie. Yep, that was my understanding as well, I treat all my catches with care and it takes however long it takes to get them going again
  4. Hey raiders, Took a quick break after my maths final today for a flick down the cooks river. Was middle of the rising tide and quickly realised that the jigs I had on me weren't going to cut it.. I usually use size 2 jigs and the heaviest I had on me was 1/16 which just wasn't getting anywhere near the bottom. Scrounged around in my fishing bag and found a small pack of tiny size 10 jigs 1/8oz, thought why the hell not, cut my 2.5" grub in half to make it fit and was off to the races. 2nd cast and got hit on the drop and reel started screaming. Called it for a trevally from the headshakes but thought it may have been a soapy from the runs. Some of you might remember my 60cm trev on 6lb a while back, this fella fought a hell of a lot harder that's for sure! Learned my lesson last time with a 35 min release so after a few quick pics made sure to get him back in the water asap. Got him to kick off after about 10 mins. The bigger fish on the lighter gear really get buggered from the longer fights. Great way to finish the day off after cramming maths, cooks still has a few gems it seems!! Tight lines Vanford 2500 8lb braid 8lb leader Zodias 4-8lb Pumpkin seed grub cut in half, size 10 jig
  5. thought I had better touch base and give y'all an update I ended up going with the vanford 2500 and zodias combo, a friend works for one of the big chains and managed to get me staff discount to knock a fair chunk off the cost. Decided to just go for it rather than waiting to see if they go on sale in the coming months. Setup is an absolute pleasure to fish with, highly recommend. Noticeably lighter than my old ci4+/td zero setup, surprised even me. Fishing has been a bit slow but managed to break it in with the first few decent fish in the past couple of days, a couple mid 30s bream and trevallies, great fun on 8lb I guess the only notable thing is that I purchased the 7ft rod (and stamped 7ft) but it seems to only be around 6'6? I'm 6'1 and it's definitely not an entire foot taller than I am... Is this usual for rods being a bit shorter than what they are listed as? (It's not a huge issue but would prefer a rod closer to 7ft if possible) Thanks again for advice & discussion
  6. 100%, if you ever run into any troubles or get stuck just send all the bits in
  7. Go for it! Absolute worst case if you stuff anything up just sweep all the parts into a box and send to shimano for service, they are more than happy to do reassembly with services apparently
  8. Jewfish candy? or Murray's Not sure what else would take a lure that big
  9. +1 on the recommendation of sending it in for service. Reasonably priced and they will do a complete tear down, clean and then quote for replacement parts Did this exact thing for my ci4 2500, had a similar issue and turned out one of the bearings was damaged Also recommend a drag washer upgrade while you are at it, they only charge $10 or so for it and the felt -> carbon drag washer upgrade was a huge difference for me
  10. I've heard they're delicious but lots of effort to gut and clean, lots of bones, but as good as any white fish gets apparently
  11. Stonker bream, how big did it go? Good to see especially after all of the rain
  12. Hey raiders, I've been eyeing off the vanford reels and zodias rods for a while now for a new flatty setup - the 2500 and 2-4kg I was thinking of finally purchasing it in the next week or so as a birthday present but as I started looking around I realised that it was a 2020 release and I had been eyeing them off for a bit longer than I had originally thought.. I'm still happy to get the setup but just thought I'd ask a few things here first, such as if you have it would you recommend, should I wait out another 6 months for any better releases in the new year, have you got a different flatty setup that you would recommend?, etc It would be replacing my Stradic ci4 2500 and td zero 2-5kg so it's more like a sidestep rather than huge upgrade or anything, but my current setup is definitely starting to wear - the reel especially - have taken a lot of falls with that rod and reel in hand 🀣🀣 I take good care of the internals of all my reels, just lots of exterior damage, bail arm bent out of and back into place a few times, etc Thanks for any advice, with such a big purchase I just thought I'd reach out beforehand just in case
  13. Congrats mate, they go like the bloody clappers once they are hooked If only they were easier to target..! I have a mate who usually chases pelagics and big jewies etc who purposefully targets them on 6lb with a float and bread because of how much they fight
  14. Where about in Sydney are you based? May be able to give you a few starting spots.... πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
  15. All other advice above is great. One small thing I might mention - and would have saved me a lot of time when I was first learning soft plastics - is that you need to find the fish. Soft plastics are different to bait in the sense that you will very rarely attract fish into an area by fishing soft plastics, where as soaking a bait would start to draw them in. Perhaps the small creeks look like bream heaven but maybe that spot isn't holding many bream? I spent so much time when learning fishing spots that looked fishy only to end up with no fish after multiple trips to the same spot. There may very well be bream holding at this spot you mention but perhaps spending the next few trips fishing up / downstream a bit might be more productive if you were able to find a more active spot. Just my 2c, and stick with it.. it definitely gets better!!
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