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  1. ScottJ77

    After Work Flick

    Exactly right @kingie chaser Returned to the scene of the crime this morning and hooked up a rat on the same outfit (even the actual SP). Awesome 15 minutes on the 1-3kg and 6lb. Went roughly 52cm. Will post pics later.
  2. ScottJ77

    After Work Flick

    @kingie chaserBoom tish! Very apt! Not giving up the day job, just half days for a few weeks!😜 May improve the PB if I do. @masterfisho7, @rickmarlin62& @Berleyguts Thanks guys. I was pretty bloody stoked with it. I know heaps of others have caught WAY bigger, but this one is MY PB. Tight lines all. 😉
  3. ScottJ77

    After Work Flick

    Thought I might head to the Harbour (Northwood) for a quick soft plastic session on the way home from work yesterday with my 1-3kg Shimano AX 7ft (kids rod) with a Shimano Sienna 2500FE running 6lb Fireline braid and 12lb leader. Never had a single fish on a soft plastic. Got about a 35cm flattie and as I got him in, slipped on a wet rock and dropped him in a 4" x 10' gutter where he spat the 3" Savage Gear Fat Curltail in Motor Oil and the bugger just swam off before I could scoop him up again. Kept flicking for another 20 minutes or so with no luck, so moved down about 50m. About 6 casts in hooked this lovely beast. On 6lb braid and a 2500 reel, it was good fun! Had to remind myself to stay calm and let her do the work to tire herself out. All the while cursing at my braid not to bloody snap! Once I saw her, I knew it was a PB for me. Got her in and was happy to have dropped the 35cm specimen to take her home. Needless to say, I am now converted to plastics! Went 55cm and tasted divine with some chilli, garlic, ginger and lemon. P.S. I gave 2 weeks notice at work on Wednesday, is it wrong to now do half days and fish EVERY afternoon?? 🤣