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  1. I’m not bothered on price @DerekD
  2. Hey fellas I’m chasing some decent wooden poppers for this years kingfish season for off the rocks, what’s some good poppers that have worked well for use in the past ? And doing well on now
  3. Hey fellas I’ve recently started getting in to snapper fishing off the rocks, I’ve caught a few but wanted to no what size plastics use are using, what types of plastics and jig head and hook size ? Just after a bit of extra help
  4. Hey fellas I’m thinking of going a shorter rod for off the rocks for throwing just plastics, looking at around the 7ft mark and was wanting the rod to be around the 5-10kg mark and 20-50gram lure rating, what do use recommend
  5. Hey fellas I’m heading from Sydney all the way up the coast line to Noosa on my honey moon in April and wanted to stop at some rock fishing spots, I’m chasing long tail and big pelagics with metals, plugs and stickBaits only. I wanted to stop at south west rocks is it any good there or perhaps do use no of any other spots
  6. Hey fellas was just wondering if anyone around the central coast land based has hooked any longtails yet ? I haven’t had any luck yet this season was just curious to what luck you fellas are having
  7. Hey boys was wondering what type of rod and reels people are using to chase big pelagics LBG like longtails and hoodlums ect. Thinking of getting a new set up for this season. I don’t want a over head either and price isn’t a issue
  8. @Rebelyeah I seen that swells are 2m tomorrow but it’s low tide in the morning so water won’t be full so I think it’s fishable
  9. I no weather has been bad but does anyone no what’s been happening around avoca rocks ? Might go for a flick in the morning
  10. Salmon can be a good sign, usually this time of the year the big kings are chaseing those schools of salmon
  11. Was wondering if anyone has fished the central coast recently at Avoca or around that area ? What’s been getting caught and has any hoodlums been landed yet ?
  12. Was just wondering if anyone uses pike as bait? The ledge I fish doesn’t hold yakkas but there’s heaps of pike around and was wondering what would it catch and do you use it live or in a slab ? If you can use it for bait
  13. I would like to no what people use more Often off the rocks. Floating or sinking stickbaits and why they go for those ones
  14. I usually fish budgewoi beach for jewies but i don’t no how it’s going to be after the storms this weekend.. has anyone recently landed any jewies off beaches at the central coast ?
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