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  1. kingbonito

    Avoca rocks help !!

    Could you send me a pin point on google maps bro where about it is ? @marks1984
  2. kingbonito

    Avoca rocks help !!

    @mark1984 what’s been getting caught up a bateau bay south ? Cheers dan
  3. kingbonito

    Avoca rocks help !!

    Hey fellas I wanna go for a spin this weekend but tossing up between budgewoi beach or Avoca rocks, has anyone recently done some spinning off Avoca rocks and what are they catching ??
  4. kingbonito

    X-rap divers

    Has anyone used the new x-rap magnum 10 long cast off the rocks yet and if they have what’s there thoughts ??
  5. kingbonito

    Beach fishing

    What area are you fishing mate ?
  6. kingbonito

    Beach fishing

    I went spinning Sunday off budgewoi beach, landed about 7 salmon a few monsters in the mix aswell! There was about 4 bust ups happening at the same time all in different areas, lots and lots of salmon. No tailor around tho unfortunitly. Has anyone else been seeing the same thing lots of salmon and little tailor ?
  7. kingbonito

    Budgewoi beach

    Hey @lakelad there sure is I went to budgewoi beach today landed about 7 salmon today all spinning again using the same lure a 50gram bishop blue in colour the sticker, there was about 4 bust ups going on at the same time lots and lots of salmon around !!!
  8. kingbonito

    Budgewoi beach

    I’ve caught plenty that size off budgewoi beach it holds big salmon there
  9. kingbonito

    Budgewoi beach

    Went for a spin this morning off budgewoi beach caught a thumper salmon at 3 1/2 kg ! Also dropped about another 3. This was all in 1hour and left, I find salmon hard to keep on with all there jumping always spit the lure on me.. also went Norah head last night my misses caught some weird fish with big teeth and seen heaps of salmon jumping around but didn’t have my spinning gear .
  10. kingbonito

    ZEREK flat shad pro

    I agree that’s the problem I could use it on my 3-6kg rod tho with 12lb braid but if I was to hook a decent fish off the rocks would cut be straight away
  11. kingbonito

    ZEREK flat shad pro

    What’s people thoughts on these zerek flat shad pro lures in salt water ? I was thinking of getting a few for off the rocks chasing bonito kingies and hunting jewies with them aswell? What have people caught off them before tryed doing reaserach and can only find people using them for Barra
  12. kingbonito

    Budgewoi beach to Hargraves beach

    I went beach fishing on budgewoi on Sunday morning hooked 3 tailor in 45 minutes spinning and had more hits and dropped one
  13. kingbonito

    Spinning off the beach

    Hey James I was using a 50gram knight metal in blue colour! I needed a little bit of weight because the surf was pumping plus my rod it rated up to 70grM lures so I like using the weight to punch it out far
  14. kingbonito

    Spinning off the beach

    I woke up this morning at my misses holiday house at blue bay, about 5:50 am and went out side to see how cold it was and I was very comfy at home but said to my self I’ll give it a crack off the beach spinning so grabbed my gear and headed off to budgewoi beach it was low tide but the gutters and beach were very full and deep! Started spinning around 6:30ish landed 3 tailor in 45minutes and had a few more hits! After having a few I packed my shit and left
  15. kingbonito

    NSW rockfishing

    Winter generally just holds salmon and tailor I’m not expecting tuna or anything like that obviously, just curious to what people have been catching and in what numbers because I’m finding it really slow and this time of the year salmon and tailor should be in better numbers