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  1. I’m interested to no how you guys fish your plastics off the beach for jewies, what is your favourite plastic and retrieve type? I like my swim Shad berkly powerbaits 6inch mullet and I hold my rod at 45degree angle and slow roll it back (turning the handle about 2 seconds every turn)
  2. I wanna no what people’s go to softplastics are for kings land based ? I used 7inch Z’man jerkshads in pearl colour mainly and catch a fair few, what are other people using? Maybe there’s another soft plastic/colour use might be killing it on
  3. Has anyone hooked or landed any longtails yet around the central coast ? They should be here already but the dirty cold water isn’t exactly helping
  4. If you want to get in to beach fishing you should get your self a light set up and cast metals out off the beach it’s 10x more fun and your covering loads more ground !! @Gengar
  5. Has anyone used the FCL labo 175 sinking stick bait ? If so what do they thinking about it and what have they caught off it ?
  6. I seem to have the same problem there all the time, slimmys don’t come there often and I got a live slimmys there and put straight out as a livie and some idiot casted straight over me with a pilly and reefed my skinny out of the water and killed it I was spewing wasn’t even in the water for 5 minutes.... what’s your biggest king there ? @61 crusher
  7. @61 crusher I fish Avoca often because my misses has a holiday house up there but try and not go there as often because of the crowds and pilchard tossers gets hard to use lures there sometimes
  8. @61 crusher nice work! What platform where you fishin ?
  9. And as someone mentioned before the storm so runs are good to, but a bibed lure can be abit of hard work casting all the time. The little xrap I mentioned before the bib is so small on them so it works good keeping them just under the surface
  10. I use jerkshads ill pm you some photos tomorrow and I like the 7inch ones bigger is better, couple of weeks ago I was off the rocks and the Zman jershads were killing it in the bonito but this time of the year there not fussy anyway. A few king’s were taken on them to. But the xrap 14cm stickbaits are good to I’m pretty sure there 56grams
  11. And big tailor ass well on the little xrap
  12. Soft plastics off the rocks I always use zmans they have great action and I tend to go for whit or pink colours, and I match either a 1/2 ounce or 3/4 ounce depending on water conditions, a good little hardbody that will fit in your lure weight is the xrap magnum long cast 10 with the bib I like blue in colour they weigh 42grams I’ve caught rat kings and bonito off this lure
  13. What size pencil poppers do you boys use ? @rickmarlin62 @Green Hornet
  14. Curious to see what peoples go to lures are out of stick baits and poppers for off the rocks ?
  15. Yeah that’s exactly what I’m doin I have a veritas it’s a 6-10kg stock and rated 28-67grams matched with a penn slammer 3500 which is AWESOME for the lighter stuff will even handle decent kings off the rocks, I’m just wanting that heavey out fit now for those bigger lures! You should have a look at the abu Garcia veritas if you were ever looking for the lighter out fit ! @Hill373737