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  1. Thanks for the heads up @rickmarlin62
  2. Hey guys thinking of heading up to the coast tomorrow of the rocks for a spin with some metals and divers, was wondering if use could tell me what’s been happening in the last couple of weeks? If it’s been quite I might give it a miss and wait till it warms up abit more
  3. hey guys I’ve never fished in the harbour before land based and I always see people getting loads of kings in the harbour land based but don’t no where to really go and where your aloud to fish? Can someone point me in to a good diresction and I’ll be using lures aswell such as stick baits and I have a chasebait squid which will work really well
  4. @wazatherfisherman thanks for the info bro
  5. I’m changing over from a spinning reel to a over head for live baiting off the rocks what can you guys recommend ? Reel and rod ? I don’t want a short 6ft if I can get a 8ft plus suited for a over head
  6. Hit a beach for a spin this morning at the central coast not a single hit in a few hours! Wasn’t worth the 3:30am wake up
  7. going up to the coast this weekend (central coast) might hit budgewoi beach for a spin and might hit Avoca or a rock platform with some xrap stick baits. Much been happening up there ? If I go the beach might through some big fresh squids out for some jewies
  8. I’ve been seeing a lot of people on fishing sites using deep divers off the beach for jewies. Does anyone else do this ? And if so what deep divers are use using and with what retrieve technique off a beach ? Could just imagine it would be quite hard in a surf
  9. Could you send me a pin point on google maps bro where about it is ? @marks1984
  10. @mark1984 what’s been getting caught up a bateau bay south ? Cheers dan
  11. Hey fellas I wanna go for a spin this weekend but tossing up between budgewoi beach or Avoca rocks, has anyone recently done some spinning off Avoca rocks and what are they catching ??
  12. Has anyone used the new x-rap magnum 10 long cast off the rocks yet and if they have what’s there thoughts ??
  13. What area are you fishing mate ?
  14. I went spinning Sunday off budgewoi beach, landed about 7 salmon a few monsters in the mix aswell! There was about 4 bust ups happening at the same time all in different areas, lots and lots of salmon. No tailor around tho unfortunitly. Has anyone else been seeing the same thing lots of salmon and little tailor ?
  15. Hey @lakelad there sure is I went to budgewoi beach today landed about 7 salmon today all spinning again using the same lure a 50gram bishop blue in colour the sticker, there was about 4 bust ups going on at the same time lots and lots of salmon around !!!