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  1. Yeah that’s exactly what I’m doin I have a veritas it’s a 6-10kg stock and rated 28-67grams matched with a penn slammer 3500 which is AWESOME for the lighter stuff will even handle decent kings off the rocks, I’m just wanting that heavey out fit now for those bigger lures! You should have a look at the abu Garcia veritas if you were ever looking for the lighter out fit ! @Hill373737
  2. @Hill373737 because I have a veritas already for the 60gram metals so looking for something that will punch out those 100gram
  3. @Hill373737 how do you think it will go throwing out 85metals and bigger stickbaits about 100gram ? I no it’s abit long for stick baits but I’m happy to do the hard worl
  4. What’s people’s thoughts on the penn prevail I think there around 10ft and 50-150g casting weight,. What do people think of them as a spinning rod ??
  5. @xerotao I no the feeling it would feel abit off having a penn reel and a Diawa rod ahah
  6. @xerotao I have a small slammer on my lighter outfit I used for off the rocks and there a awesome reel bro and smooth is a understatement for these things! You should sus them out and there not expensive only around $350
  7. I was thinking of pairing the rod I’m talking about with one of those penn spammers has a good gear ratio for high speed spinning and has a good drag on them pretty sure the bigger models in them have almost 30kg of drag! @xerotao and how much did your rod set you back ?
  8. Has anyone on here got the Daiwa saltist hyper 9ft6 ? If so what do you think of it looking at one for spinning off the rocks with heavey metals and big stick baits! Or does anyone else know of any cracker rods wanting something that can cast 60-150gram lures
  9. Do people have there most luck spinning early morning for tailor or sunset ? Mines always been early morning. Want to no others experience
  10. This is a question I’ve always thought. Has anyone ever caught a jewie while spinning metals off the beach or off the rocks ?
  11. Thanks for the heads up @rickmarlin62
  12. Hey guys thinking of heading up to the coast tomorrow of the rocks for a spin with some metals and divers, was wondering if use could tell me what’s been happening in the last couple of weeks? If it’s been quite I might give it a miss and wait till it warms up abit more
  13. hey guys I’ve never fished in the harbour before land based and I always see people getting loads of kings in the harbour land based but don’t no where to really go and where your aloud to fish? Can someone point me in to a good diresction and I’ll be using lures aswell such as stick baits and I have a chasebait squid which will work really well
  14. @wazatherfisherman thanks for the info bro
  15. I’m changing over from a spinning reel to a over head for live baiting off the rocks what can you guys recommend ? Reel and rod ? I don’t want a short 6ft if I can get a 8ft plus suited for a over head