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  1. Manly point is good. Should be a few Yakkas if your burley up. They you can throw one out live just be ready to play him if you hookup. Since your on 15lb it will give you scrap in the rocks there so just go easy
  2. Definitely beats mine, you were right about that 😂
  3. Had that very same look at the back of my place in the Blue mountains a few weeks ago. Hopefully it stays away from you.
  4. Under the bridge the secret is to change. If they are busting up and you put a cast through a school and don't hookup change the speed change the depth and then change the lure. The kings did not even take live yakka and live prawns thrown right into the bust ups. Not saying that wont work next time but it shows you need to change your options until you find whats working.
  5. As I said once you get really good at controlling the spool with your thumb you can start to loosen it off for a very long cast. You wont really be able to cast into headwind unless you put more spool tension on and those 2 factors will really decrease your distance. Baitcasters aren't really about distance but once you become a natural at it you will be able to cast just as far as a spinning reel. When you do the cast with lighter spool tension and you see a backlash appearing mid cast that is when to put your finger on the spool and slow it down so that the spinning releases the backlash the further your lure travels.
  6. I have heard that the Sony action camera is quite good. You can also use certain chestmounts to mount the newer iPhones.
  7. The link Should be on my FR profile but here it is just incase that does not work, I also encode my videos to youtube quality on Handbrake which usually reduces the file size to a quarter or less making it post fast. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCslDIkAOdx80kHPL8Lcr3TQ?
  8. As a lot of you will know I like filming my fishing outings and uploading them to youtube. MY GEAR: Gopro hero 7 black edition with Chestmount, hat mount, head mount, sticky mounts, pole mount Canon 700d with stock lenses and 50mm to 200mm canon Lense. (Have not used this for filming youtube yet) Had lots of trouble with Go Pros but there customer service team is also on point - Hero 5 black broke so contacted the team and explained the problem and was sent a brand new hero 7 black. After owning that and filming all my current youtube videos I noticed 2 small harline cracks in the screen rendering it not water proof. Contacted the gopro service team again and sent them photos. Sent mine in for replacement with a new gopro and also received a new headstrap and hat mount to offset postage costs. If you have problems with your gopro - Jb hifi will not help you which is where I bought my original one, they just said it was my fault for damage which it definitely was not since I take good care of my things . They then tried to sell me the latest gopro but after finding out that the Gopro service team was really helpful I found that information to be true. Hopefully this also helps those of you out there with Go pros that have minor malfunctions.
  9. I hear a lot of conflicting information about all fish, I personally don't like eating bream, mind you I like all fish so I will still eat bream but everyone who hears me say that thinks i'm either a complete idiot or bad at cooking fish. On the other hand I really like Australian salmon. So now I no longer take advice about fish unless I eat them myself and make up my own mind. Great report @kingie chaser How did you personally find the Morwong
  10. Huge. Must have been a great fight!
  11. Started using baitcasters when I was little so im quite good at controlling them. You should be able to cast small lures reasonably well with that setup. I use an Okuma baitcaster spooled with 14lb braid for flicking plastics, as long as you set the cast weight tention correctly you can cast anything heavy enough to pull line out. Usually this involves the 2 knobs one next to the drag and the other on the other side of the reel. I usually only use the one next to the drag loosening the opposite tensioner completely. All you want is to hold your rod at 45 degrees and changing the tensioner until your lure drops pulling line, then slightly tighten so that line barley comes off but continues moving. Since your just starting out I would tighten the tensioner even more just for a bit of give incase you make a mistake or are casting into wind.
  12. Looks terrible, hopefully not to much overall damage.
  13. Ahh head about these juice bottle traps going to have to give it a go! Thanks
  14. Great report, how do you catch live silver biddy at that size?