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  1. Awesome day thanks @Pickles and @big Neil. Hopefully the Kingies are hungrier tomorrow!
  2. It's just about feel, If you have the drag done up too tight the fish could turn hard and run with the drag too tight and snap you off. If you are gaining line and using the 'grab the spool' method you can get more power and leverage and then still use your feel to let go of the reel when the fish takes a hard turn. In similar situations when the fish is literally about to finish you into a snag grabbing the spool is necessary because you may loose it anyways, I have landed fish that were about to brick my by grabbing the spool. I have also lost fish while grabbing the spool and breaking
  3. Great report and write up. Nice photos!
  4. Awesome work mate what a cracker of a fish. That's awesome!
  5. Great report Pickles, really interesting read!
  6. 3 way shogun crane swivels rated to 100kgs have worked fine for me
  7. Unfortunately for Ladbased Fishos lined up along the banks. There might be a big brawl if someone catches it. Personally just 1, 1 million dollar fish is insane. Why not 100 with 10 thousand. I just have a horrible feeling there will be an altercation if the big one gets caught.
  8. Great work @Pickles lots of nice fish there.
  9. Nice fishing Dave and BN. Well written report. Nice to hear of some Taylor's arm action. Is it as good as the main Nambucca river? I can almost hear you saying thats a jack with that photo of the awesome cod!
  10. I see you caught that upstream kingfish ahaha. I can tell that a really good jack session is coming! Top photos.
  11. After a little bit of research about the freshwater capabilities of Trevs especially Giant Trevally I came across something incredibly interesting. Giant Trevally are primarily a saltwater fish. However the young ones growing up in the estuaries are very highly adapted at tolerating freshwater. Lake Taal in the phillipines is home to the only true freshwater GT. Lake Taal prior to around 1754 was a saltwater lagoon connected to the ocean but after a serious eruption from the Taal volcano in 1754 the lake was sealed and gradually became fresh. The saltwater fish, the GT and some other sal
  12. Great report Dave. amazing fish and amazing photos!
  13. Probably not going to want to launch or retreive at low tide
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