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  1. James  Clain

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    U know. after having a good look at the photo im sure that it was a school of kings. If there is bait and the kings are traveling, no reason why there weren't salmon in the mix.
  2. James  Clain

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    Was a great day out! Thanks you.
  3. James  Clain

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    The Salmon really did look like kingfish. quite cool. Great video!
  4. James  Clain

    Motor Powered Kayak?

    Do you have any rough estimate as to the speeds you could get while running these motors conservatively?
  5. James  Clain

    Motor Powered Kayak?

    Just interested about and knowledge about motors for kayaks. I have a smallish kayak that I want to use in areas like Middle Harbour, Pittwater, etc. I am thinking about using a whipper snipper motor and attaching blades to the snipper bit, does anyone have any recommendations about getting blades that will fit or is this a totally bad idea anyway. Are there any good cheap motors that would be easily attached to a kayak? I am not keen on 2 stroke, electric (I think they run out of charge quick) or a really expensive 4 stroke since I'd rather just keep keep the money and save for a tinny. Does a powered Kayak count as PWC or a Boat. Any general ideas or knowledge would be really appreciated because I am not sure as to what to do.
  6. James  Clain

    Sydney fishing 8th June

    Fishing in Sydney Harbour for Kingfish. After no squid and a difficult session looking for small Yakkas some larger Yakkas were caught along with many Mados. The point near the Spit Bridge held some rather timid but investigative Kingfish that swarmed in a small school right behind the boat. After boating 6 (just below legal and all released), the kings became more timid and less investigative. After multiple location changes middle harbour produced a giant Flathead and some good Red Big Eyes. Water temp varied: 14c degrees at Roseville and 20c at north head. Kings were caught in about 18-19c I also filmed the day with the footage on my youtube channel.
  7. James  Clain

    Ballina Fishing Spots?

    In winter, yes.
  8. Did you get any Kings at all?
  9. James  Clain

    Manly (New to the Area)

    Good luck!
  10. James  Clain

    Manly (New to the Area)

    Leatherjacket fishing is Great. I target them at the spit bridge on the north side where there is a small (Kinda sketchy turnoff) Carpark. Just head up to the left of the carpark facing the water to where the small path stops (left of the bridge). I use a light spinning setup with monofilament line around 10 pound test. I use a small sinker behind a small swivel then about 20cm of 8lb Fluorocarbon connected to a small gauge Long shank hook. Leatherjacket are very good eating once the skin is peeled off and can be quite fun if you hook a big one. (be careful of the big spike) Just cast out towards the middle and let it drop and as soon and you feel a tiny minute tap immediately start reeling in at a slow medium pace and lift your rod very slowly (Do not strike leatherjacket you will just rip the hook and loose the bait out of their beak mouth) Due to the area around the spit being a very deep and steep spot when reeling in a fish or just reeling n a hook if you loose your bait keep your rod tip as high out and up as possible to get your sinker and hook away from the ledge. I also think using fresh prawns or bits of squid. is the best bait. A also recommend tying uni knot on everything accept the hook (use a fisher-mans knot) so that if you do unfortunately hook up on the bottom you can pull hard on your line and get everything back and waste less sinkers and swivels. using this technique I have also caught small snapper, bream, flathead and tailor so your chance of getting some other species is high. The spit bridge is located near Mosman and Clontarf and is a very short drive spot from manly that is also a great place to get other ore prised species like Kings and Jews.
  11. James  Clain

    Kingfish Bait

    What If you cut the spine off a small leatherjacket.
  12. James  Clain

    Mccarrs Creek Fishing

    Just wondering if anyone has some insights regarding kayak based angling around Mccarrs Creek and Pittwater area. are there any Kings around or should I target Mulloway and Tailor. Any recommended lures or ways to get bait. I don't really like buying bait. Do Jewfish patrol everywhere or are they only in a small area of deep holes and steap slopes because I could probably catch a tailor (if there is an easy way to get them) and use it as live or fillet bait. My uncle lives at a house near the conjunction of Circada creek and Mccarrs creek, where i could fish landbased. Are there any sharks that come up stream that I could potentially target. Just wondering if anyone has some ideas, techniques relative spots and information. It would be really appreciated.
  13. James  Clain

    Fishy Glossary

    Insurance agent = Shark
  14. James  Clain

    Early Morning Shift Botany Bay

    Patternoster rig, bridle livebait. 3 winds from the bottom over open water structure.
  15. James  Clain

    Kingfish Bait

    @GoingFishing Which Wharfs have lights in Sydney.