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  1. What a report. Massive bream, GT and Bass.
  2. Quality Jack on the light gear Dave, haven't been on here for a while so nice to see this Jack.
  3. What a nice GT. Great session. I haven't been for a fish in ages due to year 12. I am looking forward to another session on the Nambucca in late June or early July if you are around.
  4. Update (almost 2 years on) Sydney is as far south as I have encountered GT with my eyes. Have not had any proof of any any further south than Sydney. Ps- One busted up that had to be 8kg+
  5. Yeah, almost always through e first or second ring on the tail. Some fish which I assume were bream were going for the heads so I tried going just under the carapace in the head. The prawns survived but the bream didn't hit it.
  6. They were bought at Guildford Extreme fishing Australia for 50 cents each. Not an unreasonable price considering how deadly they are as baits. I spent 15 Dollars in them for 30 Prawns.
  7. Hey guys, I went for a short session with live prawns at Walsh bay yesterday. Fishing the top of the tide and the first 2 .5 hours of the runout tide. Prawns were fished on both 20 and 8lb setups. Rigged on a size 1 gamakatzu worm hooks through the tails. Plenty of our prawns got destroyed by jackets and bream around the pylons so keeping them out and free drifting towards the pylons was essential. Suddenly my 8lb setup buckled hard in the rod holder with screaming drag, (last time this happened to me on 12lb and a live prawn I got spooled). I picked up the rod and the small king that I
  8. Here is a compilation of my best catches from 2020, hopefully 2021 is an even better year for fishing. Special thanks to @Pickles and @dirvin21 for helping me get onto some of these fish. I have also edited a video compilation featuring some of these fish and other great catches.
  9. What ripper highlight photographs glad to be featured. You have had some great fish this year, I think I need to do some highlight shots as well! I don't know if it will beat this set though.
  10. Hey Aaron, Brunswick River is a good system just north of lennox and you also have the Richmond river system to the south both produce flatties, bream, Gts, kings. Brunswick marina breakwall is a great spot for the previously mentioned fish. Broken head rocks, Cape Byron rocks and Ballina breakwall are great spots to fish for bigger fish. I haven't caught anything here personally and only fished at these places twice but I have heard especially this time of year that bigger GT 15kg+ and reasonable kings plus mackerel are available when the tide is pumping. Using bigger plastics, stickbai
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