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  1. James  Clain

    There is always a bigger fish (or shark)

    That is a bronze whaler shark.
  2. James  Clain

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It?

    Was gonna link that one, then I saw this.
  3. James  Clain

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It?

    Actually, yea. I can agree with that.
  4. James  Clain

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It?

    Well the shark nets do not fully cover the beach, only the top 4 metres or so and not the entire length of the beach. It's a shame to hear even more about species like black marlin being killed in the nets. The best way to deal with sharks in my opinion which is also being implemented by fisheries is to have tag sounders alert when a tagged shark enters the bay of a beach. As I understand fisheries sharks smart already does this with bull sharks and also notifies when a visual of a shark is marked. This is a great system so to have a higher amount of tagged sharks would improve this even further. It is obvious that we cant tagg every shark but think about how low the chance it is to have a shark come into the beach your swimming, then to have one that so happens to be a dangerous species have a go at you, and the likely hood to be severely injured. The chances are minute so to have at least a small percentage of sharks tagged and set an alarm when the come near the beach would decrease the danger.
  5. James  Clain

    Spinning off the beach

    What sort of lure were you using. Spoons or plastics?
  6. James  Clain

    Nambucca Heads V Wall

    Yea he did 3 pretty goodish runs, it was more the want to discover what It was that kept me trying to get it in.
  7. James  Clain

    Nambucca Heads V Wall

    Artived at nambucca heads two days ago and fish all yesterday. Midday high tide produced 7 bream ranging from 15 to 41 cm caught on chicken using 10lb mono and the 41 on a whole pilchard using 30lb fluro. Later last night fished the evning high tide looking for tailor and a possible king using whole pilchards. First cast I thought I had snagged the bottom and after a few minutes of trying to get it out the drag on my reel started moving. Tried for 2 hours slowly gaining and loosing line from what was probably a ray (any ideas) and then it broke off, thr line was really wrecked near the break off. All the fishing was done at the end of the v wall at the river mouth.
  8. James  Clain

    Chowder Bay, No fish.

    The diver mentioned to me that visibility was amazing.
  9. James  Clain

    Chowder Bay, No fish.

    Headed over to Chowder bay today to go fishing, upon arrival at 11:30 with high expectations after 2 previous outings to the wharf. I spoke to the fishos on the wharf and to my surprise none had caught anything and then spoke to a diver who also said that there was no fish around. Last time I visited Chowder Bay There were fish left right an centre and I understand that things are slowing down throughout the winter but after spending 2 hours at the jetty fishing with lures for tailor and bonito and bait for leatherjacket and bream, not a single bite. I guess the fish were just not showing up today so I decided to head around to the rocks at the entrance of the bay and after fishing for 3 hours finally caught a nice Chinamon Leatherjacket around the 40cm mark that had some of the most amazing colours. I heard the fish are in big numbers throughout middle harbour any ideas as to why Chowder Bay was so unproductive today?
  10. James  Clain

    Small GT Lures

    Are they leader shy or is the light line more for action?
  11. James  Clain

    Small GT Lures

    Do GT fight dirty like Yellowtail Kingfish?
  12. James  Clain

    Small GT Lures

    Hi all. As some of you would already know I'm planning to fish for GT around the Noosa area very soon. I have gathered much information about the locations to fish and what sized I can expect (anything under 60cm). Do any of you have any knowledge about what lures work for the smaller GT. I have a Rapala x-rap small bibbed lure that looks like a medium pilchard. Do you recommend any other lures and leader lines. Im fishing with relatively small gear, I have a 2500 size penn real and a small baitcaster both with a decent amount of drag. Are small GT leader shy of 30lb fluro or should I downsize to 15lb.
  13. James  Clain

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    U know. after having a good look at the photo im sure that it was a school of kings. If there is bait and the kings are traveling, no reason why there weren't salmon in the mix.
  14. James  Clain

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    Was a great day out! Thanks you.
  15. James  Clain

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    The Salmon really did look like kingfish. quite cool. Great video!