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  1. Not a bull shark. That is a very snouty shark with very grey colour so I would say it's a Dusky Whaler.
  2. Always difficult to deal with fish, nets, hooks and multiple rods on a kayak. At least you managed to get that good king on the line and bring him boat side which some people choose to count. Well done on the flounder as well!
  3. Good fishing mate, well done on that first soft plastic flatty!
  4. Thats why its fishing and not catching. I know your feeling.
  5. 67 is a great flathead especially on a lure well done!
  6. Great fishing, Gotta watch those storm's with an extra eye!
  7. Bull sharks seasonally migrate south during January. You will not find a bull shark smaller than 2.5 metres or larger than 3.5 metres south of the manning river. It's a little complicated although the rivers will hold baby Bull sharks north of the manning river and then the larger models starting at 2.4m begin migrating too and from Queensland and the NSW coast as far south as Montague island and rivers around there, I think they become rarer after Batemans Bay. Adult bull sharks live in water above 22 degrees although colder water will not kill them. The smaller ones do not migrate with warm water but this also explains why they only live as far south as the manning river. During the migration times the bullies are relatively common. A good burley trail over a nice deep area with a good drop off will probably show some bull sharks. Migratory Bull sharks do go up rivers but not to drop their pups. They do this so they can have 0 outside competition and will literally swim up rivers as far as the can go without any affect from freshwater. Im not particularly familiar with the Cooks river myself but if there are no obstructions that would stop bull sharks from pushing up the river then you have a great chance. If there is a barrier I would actually fish on the ocean side right near that barrier because it will act like a aggregating area where the moving bull sharks will stop and turn around. I hope you find this information I have gathered after a lot of research, helpful. Just be ready because they are really big, a 3.5 meterey does not sound that long but they are muscular and built like a tank.
  8. Interior north break wall, yellowtail like headlands and outlet structure. So if you have a good depth sounder you should find them easily enough
  9. Yea, maybe someone should invent a scale that resembles the tarp pontoons the researches lay great white on while they tag them and do other tests. If you not sure what Im talking about have a look at those original animal planet Great-white docos that are probably about 10 plus years old now.
  10. Science lab, my sister who works at nsw fisheries says her colleagues use great white carcasses from nets and boats to study their stomachs, age, weight, etc.
  11. James  Clain


    I hope you get some!
  12. How did you get cast distance with that sort of setup mate?