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  1. 200lb line class rod - there are no conversions on the internet for anything over pe12 So I made a linear model to find out what it actually is.
  2. Didn't catch much but if you have a boat this will be helpful for you. There are lots of salmon and kings busting up in between Clarke island and goat island in the main harbour. They were taking downrigged live yakkas all we could do was watch as the boats cleaned up. Bustups came close but just out of casting range of landbased. However my mate who was fishing with us decided to travel on to milsons point rock ledge while the rest of out friend group stopped at Kiribilli to try at some blackfish. First drop for the blackfish and I get a very intense phone call to say that there are about 20
  3. That looks really good @JonD
  4. It will certainly feed a few adult kings! Not saying this is a bad thing.
  5. My only pick is Byron rocks but thats a little far for you I am guessing but its the most easterly point of a Australia with a gnarly drop off. I fished there a 2 months ago and didn't see anything so I cant really talk. Mind you it was full moon. Locals say they have got good GT and kingfish in the warmer months.
  6. The video there is made by me, Have a few videos with @Pickles where he is wearing the concreting shirt I believe
  7. Head down to a local tackle shop. Species on offer are bream, flatties and maybe a tailor if you have a more oily bait like pilchards. Prawns work well. Or you can get the local tackle shop to set you up with a light soft plastics fishing setup. That might be a stretch though. Pittwater is pretty good. I have caught all of the species listed above and there is plenty of room for improvement there as you progresse.
  8. Yakka fillets caught at the same spot.
  9. 20lb on my sol 3 I am not Sure about the thunnus and the lighter setups have it pretty light around 6lb I believe.
  10. This was one of the most hectic days fishing I have had in a long time. More thanks to @Pickles for taking me out again!
  11. Thanks for the great day @Pickles I will put the video up on this thread very soon once It is up!
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