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  1. Haha sorry bro I already put kingfish, which are a type of trevally anyway and my 2nd fav.
  2. Another thanks to @dirvin21 for a great day out, here is the video of the day that I have managed to compile.
  3. Upriver from macksville still in the nambcca river.
  4. Cheers for the great session, I have come away with some great memories and photos. I will link my youtube video of the day later on when it is up. Really fun casting sp's along the banks for some good fish. Regards
  5. I think they would prefer that to a plastic, bread is the best.
  6. They were really fired up about 500 and very hungry, put in about 100 casts into the school and only got 6. Just when they are really fired up they might chase the lure. Pretty rare to catch them in salt regardless.
  7. Had a great day fishing with @dirvin21 got a great bigeye trevally all thanks to the good spot change. Caught on a zman plastic going 42cm.
  8. Took a zman grubz in motor oil When they were busting up in nambucca river late in the arfternoon. 50cm centimetres in length
  9. Mad, this looks really good. Great GT and flatties yew!
  10. Have more spots in mind, if the first weeding cake does not work try some where else and then move again. Having a sounder helps.
  11. I like the idea of saying 'I once saw a 3 metre shark in the river'! That is great.
  12. Looks like something I am about to sign up to.