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  1. As per I said, non constant light is terrible, But. Constant light can actually be a really good thing!
  2. I never thought of using night vision equipment for fishing, great idea since torches/non-constant light can scare away easily spooked fish like bream.
  3. If you twist the rubber band the right way and uses a natural colour its fine, remember your attaching a metal hook that is very big. A small rubber band is not going to make a difference. Rubber band is stretchy so if the king misses the hook and grabs the yakka it is less likely to be ripped away from the bridle rig rather the rubber band will stretch and the king will come back at it again.
  4. No I do it so more hook is exposed, you loose lots of yakkas by getting ripped off the hook. The bait can also live longer when bridled. I fish land-based or on a boat at anchor usually and I almost always bridle the yakkas unless im in a hurry to get one in the water
  5. 5/0 6/0 or 7/0 Gamakatzu livebait or Mustad hoodlum livebait hooks. When running the yakkas its a good idea to bridle them through the nose aswell using rubber bands.
  6. Mate you're gonna need a 3 metre mat soon, by the flatties you are getting!
  7. I have noticed that they tend to school up and disappear quickly, similar to dogtooth tuna or frigate mackerel. You need to be in the right place at the right time really. Also watch out, dont muck around while bringing them in there are tax agents everywhere when toiletpaperus almostgoneus school up. They will be ready to take you're catch as soon as you hookup.
  8. The levelwind does not move when drag is being pulled.
  9. When drag is pulled a way from the spool and the line is on the opposite side to the small level wind eyelet on the reel the line gets turned at a really sharp angle creating a lot of tension an non smooth drag performance. The bait casters were not overly expensive but I did spend a fair amount of money on them. Is the level wind meant to follow the line as the drag is being pulled out? I have a much bigger level wind overhead that reverses when the line leaves the spool. I would be happy to chase big fish with them but I am just worried that the line will break as soon as I wind so the eylet goes left and the braid on the spool is off to the right.
  10. Most extreme, strangest or rarest experience you have encountered while fishing maybe it was catching a Dollie in lake mac or catching fifty, 30kg jewfish in a day. Tell us your best or maybe your worst experiences!
  11. Dart, you can eat them they aren't bad. Quite common north of the mid north coast.
  12. Daiwa hyper 3kg and Stradic fl 2500 spooled with Daiwa Grand J braid. It's only new but its the nicest feeling setup and it can catch pretty much anything smaller than a metre. Which is the main reason I like it. If I could only keep one rod I own it wold be that or my Saragosa, Terez 100 lb setup.
  13. I have a Penn rival 15kg stick that came on a combo with a less quality reel, that is on a lighter rod now. I put my Tyrnos 30 wide on the Penn rival rod which is actually a perfect combination. The setup feels so nice in hand and I have caught lots of kingfish and a few other species on it. The rod is probably worth 80 dollars but it performs really well.
  14. Thats a really nice looking setup.