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  1. James  Clain

    Shark Encounters?

    Yeah sharks and kayaks don't really mix.
  2. I have caught all of these accept salmon. The Leatherjacket, Trevally and Bream like Prawns. Tailor prefer the more oily meats like pilchards and I believe salmon are similar. The crux is to match the size of your hook to the size of your bait. then simply set up a rig like a small paternoster, running sinker off a swivel or a Texas rig. Trevally, tailor and salmon cruise in schools so you need to track them down along the edges of steep drops, current lines and eddies. the leatherjacket are really slow and hardly fight. They will be around some structure and come out to take a bite. (all these fish species will be present around structure. Bream are very schooling and hide around structure at low tide and then come out and move around sand flats at high tide. If your at the beach I would fish before the high tide and finish when the tide starts lowering. Also don't use heavy gear, fish as light as possible (tailor will bite through line so either use circle hooks, or use wire trace) If you use circle hooks you can just wait for the fish to hook themselves . If you use J hook you need to strike the fish yourself when you feel a small or big bite. Hope this helps, strong tides are better and fishing at night is usually minimally different but can help especially if you fish with the tide as well.
  3. James  Clain

    Jindabyne/Thredbo in April

    I am no absolute professional but I would say try a few of the more typical lures. Blades always work well so try a few if you not getting bites change colours. Or change lures to something like a Tazzie Devil. The little trout spinners also work well. I would have a look at the water and if its dark deep and murky i'd go with a small black blade lure and let it get down a little (since it will be morning the trout shouldn't be too deep). If the water is clear I would go for a more colourful lure but nothing to absurd. Just go with what you think will work, if that doesn't change and try something new. Some Powerbait might work and if you have flies and the cloud cover is good that will probably also work.
  4. James  Clain

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    Ohh cool, the ones near the national park?
  5. James  Clain

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    Thats really interesting, thanks for this site!
  6. James  Clain

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    Like on the beach, do you mean? or further inside the estuary?
  7. James  Clain

    African Pompano caught in Sydney Harbour. (Pennant Fish)

    A pennant fish is an African Pompano. is it not?
  8. James  Clain

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    Noosa? can you get big ones there?
  9. My friend caught a small baby African Pompano funny but I knew what it was. We released the fish after the photo and now i am also wondering if anyone els has caught these fish maybe even of a larger size? Are they rare, or rare or in Sydney? Or are they very common?
  10. James  Clain

    Big eye Redfish in Sydney Harbour

    Yeah thats the fish mate.
  11. James  Clain

    GT Fishing Noosa

    I am going fishing at Noosa and I am pretty keen on getting a GT. are there any techniques, spots, tides, lures, baits and Gear I should use. My Spinning gear is pretty light I have a 2500 Penn Sentinel (8.8 lb of drag) on a 6 kilo Shimano aqua tip rod with 20lb line. I already have some medium large poppers and stick baits around the 4 to 5 inch mark. I also have a Shimano Tyrnos 30 wide but I a sure that i don"t need to overgun like that? I will be fishing in July over a few days. Any tips and ideas are welcomed.
  12. James  Clain

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    I"m going to Noosa soon, should I fish rising tide at the river mouth?
  13. James  Clain

    Shark Encounters?

    Hey friends. I am very interested by sharks and for some trivial information I was wondering about everyones experiences and encounters they have had. What sort, where and when. Weather you were fishing, boating or swimming! I personally potentially saw a big whaler shark go for a seal yesterday although it could have just been the seals body imitating the head of a bull shark when swimming in a circular way.
  14. James  Clain

    Awesome Day no luck

    Very interesting!
  15. James  Clain

    Big eye Redfish in Sydney Harbour

    They are similar to a Nannygai but different.