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  1. Was great fun fishing with you @Pickles the Slimy Mackerel will be great eating!
  2. Well the different fishing setups are used individually to utilise different fish catching techniques. You could march around the harbour for a few months throwing soft plastics you would probably catch lots of bream and when you spot schools of kings you can usually get into them @nbdshroom makes youtube videos where he has caught kingfish on bream gear. You could also go and buy a larger spinning reel like a Saragosa and a long rod and march around the headlands of the harbour throwing much bigger lures with heavier leader trying to catch bigger kings. The positives of using the bream gear is that you will catch lots of bi catch like bream, flatties, tailor, maybe a whiting and then every now and again hook into a King. If you throw the bigger gear you will catch nothing for the majority of the time you fish but eventually you will have the chance to hook into a kingfish and depending on the lure size it will probably be a very big one as well. What I do is catch live bait land based on bream gear, setup a live bait and then use the bream gear to have fun while I wait. When I say bream gear Im referring to light spinning tackle like a Stradic spooled with light braid or very light mono and a thin flexible rod that is soft enough to absorb lots of vibrations.
  3. Do you want to target big kings or do you wish to catch more kings of smaller sizes. Also where will you target them?
  4. They are huge! Looking forward to fishing! Nobody can eat 5 legal Kingfish unless they have a massive family, and since they don't freeze I agree with the idea to drop the bag limit
  5. Bananas are great food for fishing, Nice fish.
  6. Braid is never trustworthy, 20lb braid could break at 20kgs or in your case far below its actual rating.
  7. Big tiger sharks are currently employed by the tax department
  8. Some good Squidding, cant wait to get out!
  9. I always do a uni knot even when making a loop. The trick is to pull the tag end towards the mainline away from the hook leaving a large loop, then place your finger in the loop and tighten the mainline and tag end really hard which after a bit of pulling will seal the knot in place so it does not slide down. the knot will also probably fully slide down when you hook a fish which is also good because it means there is no chance of a weird tangle in the loop with the end of the hook during the fight. Good fishing, tight lines.
  10. yea some areas were no good for the lures at even deeper depths.
  11. Just get lures designed for the depth your trolling. You want light line for more fish but the Flatties over 70 need around 12lb flurocarbon leader and then braid. As long as you play them correctly with a proper spinning reel like a Certate otherwise you will need to upgrade leader.
  12. Some of you may be wondering about what fish can be caught in Wentworth falls lake, I have been fishing there around 50 times now and I have worked out what is going on there. They say that trout can be caught in the lake because they were stocked there a few years back, water temperatures in the lake rise to temperatures above 25 during the summer which means that all the trout in the lake would die very quickly. Although an invasive species called Redfin Perch have been illegally stocked into the lake and since that introduction their numbers are probably in the millions. A small population of carp also live in the lake that I have seen, i have never intentionally targeted them so I cannot give information about them. To target the Redfin all you need is a small plastic that has a bit of red or green in them, Zman grubz amber and motor oil are really good. Small Redfin imitations are also great. Once rigged with a light leader albeit not necessary since my friend tried 50lb mono and caught one once all you need to do in wind it in slowly alternating your rod tip upwards to angle the lure from getting snagged when getting close to the bank. the North east and east side of the lake sees most if not all of the action. I have never had a day with no fish although the day before a big pressure change brings the fish to start schooling up and busting around the lake in big packs. Here is my new youtube video where I caught some Redfin there You may be wondering about why I released the Redfin. The law states that the fisher may return the fish immediately after retrieval if he or she so desires. It is my opinion that Redfin living in waterways where native fish reside should be killed but Wentworth Falls lake is only home to Redfin, some trout and literally 5 maybe 10 bass. The lake is sealed so there is very minimal chance that Redfin would get out, If large amounts of bass were stocked into the lake in numbers that would replace the great Redfin fisheries then I would happily remove the Redfin. My other reason is that there is no point in killing a fish you are not going to eat, I often eat the Redfin as they are very good eating but I catch the train up and keeping the fish cool is difficult also, I would rather not take a knife on the train even though its legal.
  13. What you have said is exactlay what we were doing yesterday, although normally we get chopped by tailor cockroaches but we didnt even see a tailor at all nor loose a lure so the fishing was definitly very off.
  14. Homemade and I think an xrap
  15. Went out from Mccars creek on the boat and ran up to the weed edges on the sand flats east of saratoga. Trolled small to medium hardbodies in 10 metres of water at 1.2 knots for around 2 and a half hours. Got smashed by about 6 massive flatties around 70+ cms but dropped them all very quickly. Started fishing as the tide was "supposed" to start running out but the run in the tide was extremely minimal due to the moon. Lots of weed around the water caused the trolling lures to get stuffed multiple times. Headed back with nothing and got very wet passing the Pittwater and Hawkesbury runout. It's called fishing and not catching for a reason