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  1. yeah for sure, I bought an alvey yabby pump last year. I'm all for that. thankyou for the info
  2. hey everyone! I was walking through some local rocks recently and saw a guy pulling in a few luderick and am keen to give it a crack. all week I've been obsessed about learning and reading about this style of fishing. I really had no idea that it was a totally new kettle of fish in terms of how you fish and it's really interesting to me. so I've been reading many posts and have seen many rod options but for the reel, I did have my heart set on this alvey 475b that I was always reading about. it seems that they don't make them anymore. . ? could these 2 reels be the replacements? Al
  3. thanks so much. i really appreciate the help! on the weekend i bought a daiwa td black rod 7' 6-8kg. no reel yet i will keep the dinga website on my mind for next time thanks so much for the guidance, hope to get out this weekend to give it a run thanks :)
  4. thankyou, i will look at something else closer those specs
  5. i just wanted to go for something short and tough, something i can thrown a whole squid onto and go for a mulloway or decent kingfish. then i was thinking i could have my lighter rod for spinning a lure or popper etc. would the rod/reel selection i chose be the wrong choice?
  6. i have z-mans, berkley powerbaits & berkley gulps all in a little Rogue Soft Plastics Wallet and never had an issue with any of them leaking out of their original packaging. with the soft plastics wallet its like having them double bagged, so that is nice
  7. hey everyone. i'm a learner fisherman, got into it a couple years ago and currently have my 2 beach rods. one for bait and one for lures, have my squidding setup and a also a light spin combo. im planning on hiring a small boat with a friend soon and realised i dont have anything suitable to catch a big fish, on a boat. i wouldn't want to take my 12ft beach rod and look like a tool haha. so just wondering if i could have some guidance. rod im looking at: DAIWA SALTIST X 56-5/6S Length: 168 cm (5'6") , Action Heavy , Taper Regular, Lure Weight 150 - 300g, Line Rating PE 5/6 reel im
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