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  1. Hey Ok so on my 4.3m tinny, I have one battery stored at stern that powers the nav lights, sounder and bilge pump. My 40hp 2 stroke yammy outboard is a pull start so it doesn't require any power to start. There's an alternator that charges the battery. I'm getting a electric motor on the bow and am torn about where to put the secondary battery. My question is - given my outboard doesn't need power to start, can I get away with using a single battery to charge the motor + all the above mentioned electronics? Not sure what my current battery is, it's a few years old now so I'd be happy to replace it with something with lots of juice. Cheers,
  2. At high tide is it possible to access the bay from the tingalpa creek mouth boat ramp at high tide and is it well marked? have a 4.2m alluminium boat. Looking for a quiet alternative to the other bay ramps. Have kayaked here at low tide and could hardly move it was so shallow. Would travel upstream but here there are a few hidden surprises underwater that I don't want to hit.
  3. Hey, Got a 4.2m aluminium boat with a 40hp on the back recently. Taken it around Victoria point a few times and am still getting used to the boat Ramp procedure - it stresses me out especially when busy. Is there somewhere else quieter some one would suggest to take my boat out for fishing until I learn and get used to boating a bit more? Redland and Victoria point seem pretty hectic and I obviously have still a far bit to learn about ideal Bay conditions - it was a bit hairy last time on the trip back. Thanks!