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  1. Don't suppose anyone reading this would have the (LM?) mark for Texas? Had it stored as this on my sounder but recently had to do a hard reset and it wasn't backed up. It was a nice little pinnacle south east of the main Texas mark.
  2. Cheers for the heads up mate. How far south are the other pinnacles? Any chance you could PM a mark?
  3. King, My mistake, I was getting The Farm mixed up with Texas. The Farm is further north, about 25 km out from Catherine Hill Bay. Heading out to Texas this Saturday (weather permitting) to drop some jigs/livies down. Fingers crossed
  4. King chaser, It sounds like I'm on the right track then. I recently upgraded my sounder for a Carbon with 3D structure scan and the last few trips I've been scouting fairly heavily. I'd have to agree with you on the live bait/winter situation,I had zero luck on live yakkas since last season out at the FAD's. I can always bag out on flatties as a fallback, but pulling them up from 40m just isn't as much fun as a red or king. I've been thinking of heading out wider to The Farm to target some kingfish but would love another boat out there for backup. Let me know if your interested
  5. King chaser, I just came across your post when looking for advice on exactly the same areas. Ive been fishing the same spots and techniques as you over the last year and have struggled to find any sort of consistency. I'm just not finding the grounds I'm used to further south. I'd be interested if you've had any more luck over the last two years and even if you'd like to team up and head out one weekend?