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  1. AP3

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    Thanks for the replies guys, and your excellent drawing Zoran! Looking at the exploded diagram for this motor though, it does look like it's supposed to be mounted the way it is: https://www.brownspoint.com/store/pc/BP_AP_AssemblyDetail.asp?ID=6394 I could try the other threaded hole, but from what I've been able to figure out, I think that one's for linking up another motor. Cheers, Andy
  2. AP3

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    Hi Frank, I went out and took a bunch of photos, hopefully this link will work: https://imgur.com/a/06JfzDC There is a second hole in the mount on the outboard that takes the drag link, slightly further away. You think this might be the problem? I've tried loosening the nylocs on both ends of the drag link, and it didn't help. I'm in the southeast of the UK, near Marlow, Bucks. Home to huge river boats, expensive marinas, and even more expensive marine mechanics! Boats are seen as a bit of a luxury here. 😕 Cheers, Andy
  3. AP3

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    I'm starting to think I didn't ream out the tilt tube enough, or it's just overly corroded, as I'm getting brown gunk coming out on the steering cable. Doesn't explain why it's easy to move with the drag link disconnected, but there is some play in the cable going through the tilt tube, which I'm not sure is normal?
  4. AP3

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    @Rick, it's the same length as the old. There only bends at the helm and motor, and neither are sharper than the diameter specified by Telefex. @Dunc, it's a 1990 Suzuki DT40C on an old dory. Pic attached! I'm really scratching my head on this one. I don't think that hydraulic steering is an (easy) option, given the transom cutout length, and also the screw clamps for the outboard. (I guess these could be cut off, and bolts used instead)
  5. AP3

    New steering cable and helm stiff?!

    @Frank, there are no adjustment holes, just a hole at each end. @Hateanchors, all was well before, except for the free play. Are there different ratios? The helm/cable are identical to before??
  6. Hi Everyone! First a confession; I'm from the UK, and my only fishing is done with a magnet, but the Aus forums seem a lot more clued up on boat stuff than the UK ones. I had a lot of play in my old Teleflex steering cable, but otherwise it turned fine, but I changed it to try and get rid of the play, as I also had now idea on the age of the cable. I changed both the cable and rotary helm for new. I reamed out the tilt tube prior to installing the new cable with a wire brush on a drill, and I greased the new cable with white lithium grease. I greased the pivot tube, and tilt tube grease nipples until new grease was squeezing out. But, I have a weird problem! With the drag link disconnected, the steering turns as smooth as butter, and the cable slides in and out effortlessly. Also, the outboard happily flops easily from lock to lock. However, with the drag link connected, the steering is very stiff, particularly to starboard! I can't think of anything I haven't done to ensure smooth steering. The drag link is the right one for the engine, and isn't bent weirdly. The cable isn't bent beyond Teleflex's prescribed limits. Any clue what my issue could be? It's driving me nuts! Cheers, Andy